Madhubala 8th May 2013 Written Episode Update


Madhubala 8th May 2013 Written Episode, Madhubala 8th May 2013 Written Update

Part 1

Dips says one face is still missing…! Who is he? Wheer is he? All look at each other confused! Dip says.. that one unknown face..! Dips smirks at Madhu who is confused..! The song-dance starts ..! Dips starts to dance on ‘Parda’ with Sikky! Rishabla watch..! All clap and cheer for Dips-Sikky…! RK sings.. to Madhu .. ‘Monica.. oh my darling’!

Sultan arrives at the venue… decked up in bandh gala type Sherwani …! Dips is inside a cage n dancing…! Dips looks at Madhu who looks away..! Dips comes to RK n pulls him to her.. n dances around him n he stays stiff..! Dips moves away..! Sultans walks towards the party ..! Madhu keeps holding on to RKs arm..!

Dips says.. ‘Woh aa gaya.. dekho woh aa gaya’ as she sees Sultan…!

Dips keeps dancing and stands in front of Sultan.. as a whiff of white smoke covers Sultan n suddenly the smoke sheds and Rishbala are stunned to see Sultan..! Dips smirks happily as Sultan glares at RK …! RK-Sultan keep glaring at each other .. n Madhu comes to Sultan and asks what he is doing here? Sultan says she invited him..! Madhu looks nervously at RK n Radha..! She says.. when did i call? Sultan says.. she sent him inivite thru her servant..then smsed him to come over! Madhu says..she din! Dips intervenes n says..Sultan is her well his number must be in Madhus moby. .n she must have sent message..then why would Sultan come? Madhu justifies to RK that she is telling the truth… she din invite! Sultan says..he should leave..! RK says.. NO..

RK sings . ‘Abhi na jao chodkar tumne kuch khaya peeya nahi..!’ RK says.. he is in RKs party..without drinking or eating he cant leave..! RK caresses Madhus face and says.. his sweet wife.. doesnt think of any difference between him and Sultan..! All are stunned..! RK says.. Madhu doesnt have a beard to find a spot on it.. as in.. his wife.. considers hubby parmeshwar n guest as Bhagwan..! He says..considering her feelings and belief.. he has to stop Sultan..! RK asks Madhu why the anger? Sultan came to the party? Sultan came late or he din give Madhu chance to secretly meet Sultan n so he had to come in front of everyone n put her in trouble? Madhu says.. she has asked Sultan to leave.. so please.! All watch the drama! Madhu asks RK not to craate drama!

RK says.. hum aah kare to khata ye meri. .aur tum agar katla bhi karo to kehna pade.. kya ada hai tumhari..! RK calls for a drink n says.. lets toast the guest..! He offers a drink to Sultan..! Sultan looks away..! RK says. he forgot .. sultan doesnt drink .. but he remembers the priniciple.. Sharab aur Ladki sambhle nahi to hath nahi lagana why only following half the priniciple! RK fofers the drink again. .but Sutlan pushes away..! All are the glass breaks..!

RK asks Madhu to relax.. as he has kept it together but now its broken! RK asks Sultan how did he like the party? He must have seen such a great party first time.. as such he is not worthy to come to such a party! RK says relax.. so enjoy the party.. n asks..what theme clothes are Sultan wearing? RK asks Madhu n then says.. Roadside Romeo ..! Madhu asks RK to stop it..! RK says.. all must be wondering.. who has come to his party.. well. .he may be superstar but can he applaud.. his BIWI ..! RK says.. he thinks he is a good actor but his wife is a better actress.. n Sultan is her co actor..! RK says..his wife is doing two movies.. one with RK n another with Sultan…! RK asks what is his surname? RK says.. sorry.. people like him dont havea surname..! RK says..his wife knows this man.. better than him .. n he knows only one thing that Sultan has a pistol..with which he scares everyone..! RK asks everyone to be scared of Sultan.. especially people like Dips.. coz whoever dare hurt HIS Madhubala.. Sultan doesnt spare them..! Radha asks RK to stop! RK says.. to let him speak.. even if Radha slaps..! Madhu asks him to stop..! RK says..why so anxious? Coz he is not allowing the party to end.. so Sulbala cant meet in secret? RK says…she will get a chance! Sultan fumes n tells RK not to speak further or else.. all hell will break lose..!

Part 2

RK says.. NICE … an unkown woman whose hubby is standing with her.. Sultans blood is boiling t osave her repute?? Sultan asks RK to say whatever he wants to Sultan but not to Madhu… he cant bear..! RK says.. Bahut yarana lagta hai…! RK tells MAdhu . how sweet! Sutlan says.. he was right…this is not his place.. as its very different from his place.coz in his world.. neither are woman are slapped..nor are they humiliated in front of all..! Sultan turns to leave n RK punches him n Sultans lips bleed! Sultan-RK glare at each other..! All are shocked..! Sultan is about to hit RK when Madhu shakes her head in a no and he does not hit RK..!

Part 3


Update Credit to: Armu4eva

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