Madhubala 8th March 2014 Written Episode Update

Madhubala 8th March 2014 Written Episode, Madhubala 8th March 2014 Written Update

Part 1

Madhu is worried and wonders what to do? She calls Sunny and says wanna talk to u..! Sunny and Bittu are at Pune and asks what can i get from here? Madhu says nothing ..wanna talk but the phone gets cut..! Madhus cell rings.. its Ayesha. .n she tells Madhu to come fast as she is late already by 3 minutes..! Madhu rushes to reach..and trips on the road..! AK calls Madhu n says.. its 9am ..where are u? Madhu rushes..! Dolly taunts.. God knows where is the caretaker? Its 9am and she is not here yet..! She bumps into Madhu and says.. why being Chennai Express? Wanna trip me? Madhu says sorry aunty and Dolly says last time.. am ur boss’s aunt not urs..! Madhu talks of Kada and Dolly says i made it and Madhu says i had made already last nite..! She rushes to Bebes room and runs into AK ..and

spills it on his coat..! AK says.. ur late.. rushing to Bebe .. n spilling on me? What is ur problem? Madhu says sorry! AK is surprised why Madhu din justify anything! He spots blood on his coat..! Madhu is sulking and Bebe asks what is the matter? Madhu says got late so..! Bebe asks why lying..! ? Madhu says no nothing n says time to get ur fruits..! Madhu again ends up dashing into AK ..and AK says dun fire me.. please listen to me.. am sorry..! AK glares at Madhu and drags her to his room..! Madhu tries to explain..! AK asks her to keep quiet! He holds her hand and spots that her arm is bleeding..! AK makes Madhu sit and applies meds on her injury..! Madhus moby rings and AK switches it on and its on loudspeaker..! Its Lela.. who taunts Madhu about her act of flesh trade.. which cost her her house and says.. even witch leave their own home..! Lela asks is ur old granny really sick or ur faking? Lela tells Madhu .. do what u can.. sell anything .. get me another house …! AK fumes ..! Madhu is in tears..! AK gives Madhu his hanky to wipe her tears..!

AK says.. its not my right and nor do i want to know. .who that woman was. .but theres one thing.. ‘duniya tab tak sunati rahegi jab tak tum sunoge. par jis din tumne awaz uthaliya.. tab sabke sur aur nazre neechi ho jaegi.’! AK says.. u told me.. to fight pain now.. its ur turn.. fight the pain and the fear of that pain will be gone..! Raise ur voice..! AK says.. ‘Himmat karne se hi halat badalte hain’!

Part 2
Madhu is walking on the road and recollects Lela’s shameful words..! Lela and Sweetie are packing stuff ..! Lela asks Sweetie not to complain and go strangle the woman who is cause of it..! Lela tries Sunny-Bittu’s phone and wonders where they are? Sweetie asks where will we go? Lela says .. told Madhu to find a home for us or we will go live at Madhu’s granny’s home.. and tell her.. she is in flesh trade..! Madhu comes and says ENOUF! Lela says.. u gonna silence me? Madhu says ENOUF .. i din come here for my pleasure but to earn money to cure my Dida’s illness..! Yahan aana meri marzi nahi . .meri majburi thi..! (I didn’t come here with my choice, it was my compulsion). Madhu tells Lela.. u abused and used me.. took advantage of me.. but i kept quiet..coz i was raised laerning to respect elders not insult them..! U scold me.. insult me. .but not my character.. coz that means ur insulting my Dida’s upbringing..! When a guy goes out to earn money he is able..and when a girl goes out its characterless? Lela says.. u were doing wrong things only .. btw so the dumb ..started to speak now? This is the true nature of her..! U go messing ur reputation and character and asking me to shut up? Madhu warns her not to speak one more word..! Lela says how dare u and is about to slap Madhu and Madhu holds her hand in time..! Madhu says.. ‘Awaz uthana mujhe bhi ata hai. .aur haath bhi’ (I know raising voice too.. and hands too) .. so mind ur words..! Lela says.. chudail .. u shallow person .. flesh trader.. ..right then Bittu comes and slaps Lela..! All are shocked..!

Bittu warns Lela not to speak one more word and says was standing here and listening to u ..! Accusing this girl ..of all rubbish things .. how dare u? Lela asks.. do u know what she has done? If all find out…Sweetie wont get married..! Bittu says.. so Sweetie has reputation and Madhu doesnt? Lela says she is the reason we are homeless ..and Bittu says u are the reason..! The neighbors come and watch the showdown..! Lela says.. till date u culdn utter a word in front of me..! Bittu says and i regret that..! Madhu asks them to quieten all neighbors are watching..!

Part 3

Sweetie asks what? Lela says where will u stay? Sunny says anywhere.. but wont leave dad and Madhu! Lela says great.. u must be happy Madhu..! Madhu tries to explain ..but Lela says no need and walks out with Sweetie..! Madhu apologizes to Bittu.. for whatever that happened! Bittu says i should apologize.. dinno .. Lela was troubling u since so many days or whatever happened today..wuld have happened earlier! Sunny tells Madhu to forget all and have faith in God..! Madhu asks what to do now.. where will we go? Where will we live? Right then someone comes and asks Madhu to sign the papers of her new house..! All are shocked..! Madhu asks my house? The person says.. yes bought on ur name..! Madhu asks who bought this? The person says the one u work for! Madhu says i cant sign .. u must be mistaken..! Sunny says.. ur boss must have arranged it..! Madhu’s cell rings and its AK ..! AK tells Madhu to sign the papers.. ! Madhu is surprised..! AK says already paid rent and sign and shift there…! Know u stay with ur relatives.. whether u want to shift with them or alone ur choice! Madhu asks u did all for me? AK says so u can focus on ur work.. hope u wont be late..! Madhu is surprised..!

Precap — Madhu- Bittu – Sunny arrive at the chawl ..where Madhu (senior) used to live and Bittu sees AKs poster in place of RKs poster.. ! He enters the house and wonders.. the same house from where Madhu bhabhi started her journey .. Madhu is here now..wonder what destiny has in store!

Update Credit to:Armu4eva

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