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The Episode starts with RK defending Madhu and asking his sisters to work for Madhu. Agni and Tara refuse to work. RK asks Dau ji to tell did Madhu not do her work when Madhu is giving their heir, can’t they work. Dau ji says RK is right, you both will do all the house work. They leave annoyed. Dau ji blesses Madhu happily. RK has a peacock feather in his hand and says now I understand, nothing is big than trust, your trust won. He gives her the feather. She takes it and goes to her room. Tara says now RK has made us maids in our house. I will die but not cook. Agni says I will make food. Tara says what, are you afraid. Agni smiles and says no, Lord gave me a chance, now I will cook food for Madhu, and bring sweets.

She says no one will know which was the sweet by which Madhu lost her child. Tara

says are you mad, Dau ji will know this, we will be caught on cameras. Agni says yes, but camera is in home, but not outside. Tara and Agni smile. Bhanu calls Agni and asks her to listen. He says don’t tell anyone that you spoke to me, I ran away from jail. Agni is happy and says no one is here. She tells him that Madhu is pregnant. He is shocked. She says Dau ji’s heir is coming, He says it will be fun, keep a function, when everyone gets busy, I will come home and kidnap Madhu. She says we can’t keep function but I will clear the way for you.

Madhu talks to Bhabhi and tells how a saint came to her in the temple and listening to his words, she realized her mistake and changed her decision. Bhabhi says even RK is regretting his mistake, forgive RK. Bhabhi says it means you have to spend life alone, ask me, what is it to live life alone, I m just living, my life does not have any meaning, if you feel for me, then agree to forgive RK once, give RK and you another chance, why don’t you want to snatch RK’s love for his child. Madhu thinks about the family ill treating Bhabhi always.

Madhu asks Bhabhi to think about her life. Bhabhi says nothing left now. Madhu asks her to fill colors in your life, if you think about me, why can’t I, if you want me to forgive RK, then you to start your life again. Bhabhi says no Madhu, this can’t happen, try to understand. She cries. Dau ji asks RK to take care of Madhu for these nine months. RK says don’t worry, I will take her to best doctor in Mumbai. Agni and Tara bring sweets. Dau ji asks whats this. Agni does the drama and says she is very happy with Madhu’s good news. She gives him laddoos.

Tara says Dau ji, we have to go Godh bharai rasam, else the child’s life will be in danger, Bai ji said this. Agni says I know Bai ji died few days before, so we can’t do function in great way, but we can do it simple in just family. RK signs Dau ji yes. Dau ji says fine, do it. They smile. Dau ji asks will Madhu agree. Bhabhi tells Madhu that I can’t think so, why are you giving me this hope which can’t happen, its impossible in this birth. Bhabhi says you know how are they, they will burn me alive. Madhu says leave them on me. I will see them, you think about yourself. She takes Bhabhi and makes her don the color dupatta. She says see yourself like this, who says you can’t have colors in your life.

Bhabhi says no one will agree for this. Madhu says they have to agree, did your family ask how are you, please Bhabhi, come out of this widow clothes, live freely, think about yourself, I will tell everyone. She says you want me to forgive RK and start a new life, so you have to start a new life too. Bhabhi smiles and nods yes. Madhu hugs her happily.

Madhu comes to talk to everyone. Agni and Tara tell Madhu about the function. Madhu agrees to sit in godh bharai and says I will sit with my husband but on one condition. Dau ji asks what. Madhu covers Bhabhi with the color dupatta and everyone is shocked. Tara says this can’t happen. Dau ji asks whats this joke. She is a widow. Agni says bag sign. Madhu explains him why he is doing Godh bharai, who say the future, who knows what will happen, but why can’t they change the present, Bhabhi was of 18 years when her husband died, she did not become happy for even a day, can’t we think about her, she can start her new life. Dau ji says no, we don’t have remarriage tradition in our family. Madhu says we make traditions and break it.

She says you came here leaving your home, breaking the tradition, but you came for RK, as you love him more than your son, then why can’t you do this for her happiness. RK looks on. Madhu says forgive me if I said anything wrong. She says we should leave such tradition which don’t have any meaning. Agni says this won’t happen. RK says Madhu is right and we are culprits of Bhabhi, when Dau ji aimed at Bhanu, you got worried for Tara, as she can become a widow. She asks Tara to think of a widow’s life. He says Bhabhi spend so many years as a widow, don’t she have a right to live her life. Why do you want her to be in hell always. He asks Dau ji to think the day when he took baraat at Bhabhi’s house and blessed her regarding her his daughter. He asks Dau ji to keep his promise and make tears away from Bhabhi’s eyes. Dau ji thinks. Madhu looks at him for his reply.

RK asks Madhu to forgive him by her heart, else he will wait all his life. Madhu smiles.

Update Credit to: Amena

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