Madhubala 8th July 2013 Written Episode Update

Madhubala 8th July 2013 Written Episode, Madhubala 8th July 2013 Written Update

Part 1

RK is walking out from the green room in anger n tells Bittu to get his car ready to leave..! Bittu asks the matter? RK asks if he has to keep a person to repeat his words: ? Get the car ready! Director says.. shot is ready n RK says not in the mood.. ! He announces Pack up! Bittu tells Reception to get the car ready quickly! Madhu runs after RK! RK fumes and asks if the car has gone to the factory to be assembled? Madhu asks RK to give him a chance! Bittu says..atmopshere is not good .. there is likelihood of storm! RK says that has coem already n have faced many storms will face this one too! CAr comes n RK gets in it! Madhu rushes to RK n asks for a chance.. n then runs n stands in front of RKs car..! RK keeps driving but stops! He keeps honking the horn but Madhu stands still ..!

RK again .. tries but cannot knock Madhu out of his way..! RK tries third time. .n Bittu is worried but he cant go thru with iht..! RK is furious n keeps honking the horn but Madhu doesnt budge..! RK gets out of the car n storms inside the hotel..! Madhu follows..!

Madhu tells RK .. sorry…! She says.. she should have told him that she is going to Sultans place. but it doesnt mean that .. he is bigger than RK for her..! Madhu tells RK that he asked her to chose between the duo but he forgot that..she has left her life. .her world. .n her family n chosen him long back..! RK keeps fuming..! Madhu holds RKs hand n says.. what she wants to tell him ..its bigger than the hate between RK-Sultan. n its important too! RK asks Madhu what is troubling her? Madhu stammers..! RK asks.. tell ..what is the matter? Bittu comes there as well..! Madhu stammers ..! RK keeps looking at Madhus eyes n Madhu recollects Radhas request…of not telling RK..! RK says..this is what troubles him the most. .she can hide from him..n go to meet Sultan but cant tell RK anything? RK tells Madhu that he has tried to ask her since yday but she has not shared her troubles with him…! RK asks.. yes or no? Madhu recollects Radhas order of not telling RK!RK says.. wont tell? Fine.. wont ask either..! RK tells Bittu to tell director to ready the shot n walks off! Bittu asks Madhu what happened? Madhu is speechless..!

Radha keeps looking thru drawers of closets.. thru books.. n files.. and is tired in the end..! Dips watches with a smirk ..! Dips says.. ek tufan tumhare dil mein hai. .ek duniya ke mehfil me hai. .jaye bhi to jaye kahan.. dhundte rahiye mummy ji …coz matters are heated up..! Lights go off and Radha calls servants to start the inverter..! Dips comes n lights the candle n Radha is startled seeing her..! RAdha asks he what she si doing here? Dips says.. its so dark.. so she came to light up Radhas life..! Dips says. .who knows. .maybe she will get what she has been searching for since long..! Dips says…Radha searched eerywhere.. .storeroom .. attic.. bedroom n now hall..! Radha asks Dips to handle her life.. instead of worrying for Radha.. ! Dips says.. with age ..her habits n nature are becoming like RK … beta maa pe jata hai. but ma ko bete pe jate hue pehli baar dekha hai! Dips asks Radha what she was searching for? Radha tells Dips ..that her wrods of kicking Dips off was not a threat..! She turns to leave n Dips says.. some proof of past.. some memory or some deep secret..??? Dips sings.. kahin woh ye to nahi? n shows the pic to Radha..! Dips says..seems even God is participating in this drama!! Radha is stunned seeing the pic..!

At the shoot ..also there is no lights n candles are placed all over …and RK is discussing shot with director! Madhu comes.. n looks at RK .. BG – Saiyan re..! RK- Madhu eyelocks..! RK turns his face away..! Spot offers tea to Madhu but she takes the tray from him n serves everyone..! Director calls for spot but he says no probs! Director says RK is lucky to get Madhu as life partner.. no tantrums.. ! RK takes the cup ..puts it down n walks off..! Madhu watches …!

Radha asks Dips from where she got the pic? Dips says.. relax..! She puts the pic away from RAdha n lights anotehr candle! Radha asks Dips to hand over the pic to her.. n Dips asks how come.. she needs to see whose lovely pic is this? She says..the face is pretty familiar..! She says .. this is Mohan Kundras pic… but who is this lady with him …seem to be close to him..! Seh says…this is not Radha.. so who is this? Dips says..seems like wedding pic..! Radha is nervous.. ! Dips says.. RK only considers MK as God .. and Radha knew all this? Definitely did .. but din have courage to face the truth..! Right? Radha is speechless..! Dips asks who is the lady with MK and why is she with him? Dips acts .. cant believe.. this is the one… that OTHER WOMAN .. Meera? Radha tries to snatch the pic from Dips n she says. .not so easily ..! She says.. have a condition..!

Part 2

RK comes to check the fuse wire and Madhu comes n stands next to him..! She says.. he should try connecting the RED wire and RK says.. those who are RED signal like RED only! He says.. should try GREEN wire..! Madhu says.. dun like green at all its not cute..! RK asks if she wants to start the lights or not? One of the unit person says.. there are two slots.. so both wires will be used n Rishbala both put the wires inside the fuse slots n the lights come.back.! Both smile at each other..! Everyone else leaves and duo look at each other..! RK turns n leaves..! Madhu calls out to him!

Part 3

Bittu asks what is the matte.r .why is RK so troubled? She is hiding something! Madhu says. .all is ok! Bittu asks her not to try n lie to him..! He says..have spen ages with RK n can see if he is happy or not. n can read her too ..that she is trying to hide something! He says. .dun wanna know what it is.. just know that RK is crazy about her.. n he can do anything for her. n that she too is crazy for him..! Madhu wipes her tears! Bittu says..what for this fight? Director asks light is on? Lightmen say.. one circuit left still ..! Director wonders what to do n one AD suggests to play antakshari ..! First song.. Maine pyaar tujhi se kiya hai..! RK is standing by the window fuming..! Madhu comes to him …n says RK! RK tells her to leave him alone..! Madhu tells RK that if he remembers how one night they were stuck at the studio badly coz outside it was water logged..! She says..that night he saved her life..! Madhu says..din think that the person she hated the most.. she would love him the most …one day..! RK turns to loko at Madhu ..!

Precap — Madhu sings.. Lag Ja gale … and comes to RK ..and as he turns to leave ..she holds his hand..! He frees her hand and Madhu back hugs him..!

Update Credit to: Armu4eva

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