Madhubala 8th January 2013 Written Episode Update


Madhubala 8th January 2013 Written Episode, Madhubala 8th January 2013 Written Update

Part 1

Madhu recollects Radhas she enters bedroom! RK comes n says..he knows she wants to know.. how they will leave their family? He says..he has no idea. .n takes her someplace..! Makes her stand … in a dark area.. n then lights up a candle..! Asks Madhu to come n its a house layout .. with candles!

He tells her its a map of their home n asks Madhu to enter.. ! Before Madhu can enter.. RK says.. Gruh pravesh. .RK style n lifts her! He takes her to the living room ..says.. about sofas.. windows.. …n him making paintings …seeing his jungli billi ..making his world beautiful the kitchen!

RK takes her to the kitchen.. make 3 times food with ghee n masala.. n not to make karela.. else he will kill the vendor of karelas! A corner for Madhu to give him champi!

RK shows the bedroom .. where bed without wall (aka no pillow wall) n no interruption not even God! No photoframes! RK tells Madhu not to show their kids.. Mr Indias sad scene! RK asks.. three kids [2 daughters n 1 son].. having her face n his attitude..!

He talks of three rooms… n 2 kids in one room as fights keep love alive! Madhu asks about his dads rocking chair n RK gets emotional n hugs Madhu! BG- Tera ishq hi ..! Madhu wishes this dream to be a reality..!

Recruiter talks to Trish how she can quit? Trish says.. want to so but came as he requested..! Trish arrives… n hears Ballu eating noise.! Flashback of childhood! He offers her apple [aka Ramu kaka] to eat.. but she says.. dun like..! Paddo says..she is feeling strange.. n worried! Madhu says..before wedding proceeding start.. she has to do away with old darkness.. before new mornings..! Paddo with shaking hands..tries to take off her mangalsutra..finally Madhu helps to remove n says..she is free.. to leave her cage..!

Part 2

Paddo immerses the mangalsutra in the river..! She is in tears n Madhu gives her strength..!

Part 3

Paddo puts water on her head n it washes off her sindoor…! Madhu watches relieved..! Paddo feels free…! Duo hug!

Precap — Madhu talking on phone saying.. no need to worry n right then Ballu comes with a broken glass n is about to attack Madhu..!

Update Credit to: Armu4eva

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