Madhubala 8th February 2013 Written Episode Update

Madhubala 8th February 2013 Written Episode, Madhubala 8th February 2013 Written Update

Part 1

Paddo blesses Madhu .. she says..RK cant live without her..n can never go away from her.. n she is his world! Paddo says..she is proud of RK n puts the necklace around Madhu..!

Dips tells Radha.. that something is amiss.. n says that RK-Madhu are hiding something.. Radha tries to hush her but she keeps talking.! Radha asks her to let Rishbala live their life …even if Madhu acted strange! Radha says..the empty paper mite be RKs prank ..!

Paddo makes Madhu do the rasams for her Bidaai.while walking out of her room ..n the all watch shocked.! BG- Beti to hove parayi..! Duo hug n cry! Paddo blesses Madhu again..! Madhu leaves..! Paddo says that her chant for Madhu was for her protection ..but from today its for her blessing..!

Madhu recollects RKs words of how she is his ishq n junoon!

Madhu arrives at the venue. .. its by the lakeside. .all decked up.. RK waiting for her in blue kurta and paijama.. ! BG- Mere hath me.. tera hath ho..!

Madhu walks .. and RK comes to her..! RK asks Madhus hand n she gives..! RK tells Madhu he cant believe n she too! He says its a dream..n that a stone hearted guy like him got a beautiful, strong yet innocent girl like her.. ! She says..she too got an onscreen superstar.. n offscreen real life hero! She says..she cant thank enouf n RK says.she can touch his feet n she does!

RK says.. all 5 elements are present there – earth kissing her feet.. metal adorning her..wind caressing her.. fire in the agni kund. n water in the lake.. and the sky is the special witness of this moment..!

Duo proceed to the wedding altar..! Duo garland each other..!

Part 2

They sit at the altar.. n Pandit ties the knot .! He chants mantras..n wedding proceeds..! RK-Madhu eyelocks..! Pandit says.. for first 4 pheras.. RK will walk ahead.. n RK says.. sorry to interrupt… but cant take the 4 pheras… Madhu is

Part 3

RK says..coz they have taken the 4 start from 5th..!

Pandit says..girl to walk first.. then! Madhu walks ahead but RK stands still .. ! Madhu looks at RK n he has the same old sinister smirk

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Update Credit to: Armu4eva

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