Madhubala 7th May 2013 Written Episode Update


Madhubala 7th May 2013 Written Episode, Madhubala 7th May 2013 Written Update

Part 1

Madhu tells everyone that she kept party to meet Radhas friends.. They ask what has Radha decked up as? Madhu says .. Superstars Mom!

RK comes n the ladies pull RK near Madhu n says.. now its pair of Hero Heroine n RK says. .Vamp too n Dips comes.. n so does Sikky! All praise Madhus decor at the party.. n Madhu says..its all by Dips!

Dips says ..real bomb-blast is about to happen! RK-Madhu r confused..!

There is a doorbell ring n Sultan returns.. n Kaka goes to set dinner n he says.. not hungry..! Kaka advises Sultan to go to the party…! Sultan says.. he doesnt care.. if anyone invites him or not.. nor cares for anyones words..!

Sultan notices Madhus dupatta.. lying on his table.. n recollects Aryans words.. of liking Madhu n her dupatta blowing over

towards him..shaking hands with her!

Madhu keeps a tab on the guests.. n meets n greets them..! Dips notices Radha-Madhu happily yapping .. n fumes.. ye chawl bala ka no. 2 hero aa bhi raha hai ke nahi?

She drags Sikky .. aside.. n rues that Sultan is not here.. n how will the fire be ignited without him ..n how will Madhu burn in that fire..! She asks Sikky to take Madhus moby n he ties.. but fails..! Finally .. Dips runs into Madhu n that way her purse falls.. n Sikky takes the moby …!

Sikky comes n asks her to come with him for dance…! Madhu asks Radha to take her meds n is about to call home when she notices her moby missing..!

Part 2

Sikky asks Dips from where she got 8×8 ka number aka Sultan ka number n she reminds..!

Dips sends a message to Sultan from Madhus moby telling how she is scared.. n asks him to come for HER Sake..!!

RK comes to Madhu .. n she says.. phone is missing.. n RK asks to forget the Dagabaaz.. n Madhu says..its Radhas med time n RK sings Maar dala. mumma..teri bahu ne maar dala..! Radha chides him n all three smile!

Sikky keeps Madhus moby on waiters tray n disappears ..!

RK – Madhu bump into each other.. n RK says..he needs to be around her for his duty n Madhu pulls his coat.. n says doing ur duty nicely Mr. Lovely Singh..! Asks where she was n she says… Radhas meds..!

Part 3

Dips greets.. everyone n takes credit for the theme

Dips says…one face is still missing… where is he.. who is he? Someone unknown..! Right then Madhu gets worried..!

Precap — Dips dancing on Parda… as Madhu closes on RK .. n suddenly ..she notices.. Sultan .. Madhu is shocked.. n RK is shocked too..!

Update Credit to: Armu4eva

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