Madhubala 7th March 2014 Written Episode Update

Madhubala 7th March 2014 Written Episode, Madhubala 7th March 2014 Written Update

Part 1

Ayesha greets Bebe and she is sulking .. saying was waiting for u since so long

Madhu comes and Ayesha greets her ..n says.. ur Miss Kamli…

Ayesha shows AK’s pic in the paper… Bebe tells her to find a suitable bride for AK

Ayesha says.. how to find a girl of his level

Madhu wonders.. how AK will get a girl.. he is always angry… n scolding all ..!

Ayesha is surprised..! Madhu says.. no one can understand AK …

Bebe asks the matter?

Madhu says.. everytime he sees me.. he is glaring at me..n slapping me.. with his eyes..

Bebe says.. culd make tea to cheer him up . n Madhu decides to make it..

AK finds a cup of tea.. n thinks Bebe made..

Ayesha talks of making profile of AK on matrimonial site…


is lost in thots.. n Bebe asks the matter? She says.. AK is jobless.. and old.. how will he get a girl?

AK comes fuming and Madhu is in shock..

AK asks how dare u make Bebe work? U were to serve her not make her serve…!

Bebe asks when did i make? AK says.. i can smell n say u made it..! Bebe says i din make..

Madhu says i made it..

AK drinks ..! Madhu asks how is it? AK asks.. why made for men of my AGE?

Madhu asks.. do i look old? Above 30? Madhu says no.. u dun ..

Madhu starts blabbering. .. how anyone ur age can look so young? AK fumes…! Madhu keeps blabbering

Madhu reaches home but Lela confronts her n says.. stop here.. dun want u or ur shadow in my house

Madhu asks why?

Lela asks who did u spend ur time with?

Madhu is shocked? Lela says.. who all ? how many?

Madhu says went to work ..! Lela asks where? At hotels or mansions? Madhu is shocked..!

Lela says.. come in big cars… have costly phone.. and advance. .who gave? The ones who are in ur flesh trade? Madhu is disgusted..!

Lela says u lied to ur old dadi.. n came here so u can trade ur reputation..!

Lela says… ‘hume kya pata tha.. ye yahan kaam nahi. kand karne wali hai’

Madhu asks Lela to stop ..! Lela says.. u din stop .. so i wont..!

All say she is ur niece? Lela says no … old connect.. but no relation!

Lela throws Madhus stuff out..!Says dare u show ur face ever here!

Part 2.
Madhu is sitting outside and looking at the Mopu..n rues about the price paid for dreaming…She rues about the incidents…

Part 3

Madhu is still sitting outside and gets call from Shruti ..who informs Radha is recovering ..Shruti asks if she is ok? Madhu says.. miss u all n ur love n so crying and Shruti says tears are sign of weakness..Right then the landlord comes and tells Lela to vacate the she kept a cheap girl ..and gives time of one day! Lela swears to kill Madhu …!Madhu wonders what to do?

Precap — Madhu tells Lela dare not point fingers at me or my character..! Lela says.. dare raise ur voice on me and is about to slap Madhu when she stops her by holding her hand ..!

Update Credit to: Armu4eva

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