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The Episode starts with Rk talking to Bhabhi and telling his concern for Madhu. She says even I m angry and hurt with what you did that night. He says I was not in my senses, I was drunk, Bhanu mixed some tablet in my drink and I lost my senses. He says he regrets what he did, but what happened to Madhu now, did she get any big disease. He asks Bhabhi to tell what Madhu is hiding. Bhabhi says nothing, she is fine. RK says you are lying to me, tell me the truth, swear on me, tell me what is Madhu hiding from me. Bhabhi says Madhu is pregnant. RK is shocked and can’t believe this. He gets happy and smiles.

He asks really? Bhabhi smiles and nods yes. RK says I m going to become a father, I will give sweets to everyone. RK comes to Madhu and sees she is not in her room. He says I think she went to

thank her Kanha, I will give her my congrats by my style. Madhu talks to Kanha and says you took my tests always, but this is the tough one. She says I know only you have right to kill someone, but how can I give birth to this child, I can’t love this child ever, whenever I will see him, I will see RK’s crime. She says show me some way, I have time till tomorrow, I don’t have any option left now, help me in this decision.

She cries and prays. RK comes to Dau ji and says bless me, you are becoming grandpa. Dau ji is happy and hugs him. He asks RK to have sweets and distribute in whole building and in poor people too. He gives him money and says I m very happy, I feel Bai ji is returning. He asks where is Madhu. RK says she went to Kanha to thank him. Dau ji calls Tara and Agni and give them the good news. Dau ji says I will get my heir now. He sees Falguni come and shares the news. Agni says but where is Madhu. Bhabhi asks why did you tell everyone RK. RK says its good news, why should I not say. Madhu walks in.

Agni asks Dau ji to be quiet and lets see whether Madhu tells us or not. Madhu goes to her room. Agni says see, she did not see at us too, she will not tell us as she regards us as strangers. Dau ji looks at RK.

Madhu comes in his room and says how did the family know, I did not tell them. RK comes and says congrats Madhu. She says you are doing this to trouble me. She starts messing up the room and asks him to leave. He says its enough, why are you showing anger. She calls the doctor and says why did she tell about her pregnancy. The doctor says I did not tell. Madhu says only we both knew this. The doctor says you can’t blame me, I did not. Madhu says then who told them. Bhabhi comes and says I told RK. Madhu apologizes to the doctor and ends the call.

Madhu asks Bhabhi how did she know this. Bhabhi says I heard everything between you and doctor, I did not ask you, but when RK asked me to swear on him and say, I had to tell him, I know I would have not told him. Madhu is angry and says Kanha showed me the right way, now you all know I m pregnant, so know it that I m aborting this child. RK and Bhabhi are shocked. RK leaves angrily. RK talks to Dau ji. Dau ji says this is city, she won’t stop, but I won’t let her kill my heir, my blood, we have one solution, take her to our village, keep her there for nine months, lets take the baby and then free her.

RK says life does not run with force, but my love, see I m begging for my child, nothing happens by guns and bullets, its by love. Madhu says I m going. RK stops her and says I know its your right on this baby more than me, you can give birth or kill it, I swear I will not touch gun ever, and will never hurt anyone, I swear on my child. I will throw all guns and then won’t do any wrong work, this is my promise. Madhu leaves.

Agni thinks RK did big mistake, you will need guns and bullets RK, a lot. Agni comes to meet Bhanu and says she has great news, RK took oath not to take guns and bullets again. Bhanu says I will kill RK and Madhu making them run. She gives money to him. He says I don’t need, I spoke to inspector, I will be free in two days and will punish RK and Madhu. Madhu calls the doctor and says she made her decision. She sees a temple and stops. She prays to the Lord. A Baba comes and says he knows everything what she is thinking. He says about his mum Madhubala, his Nani, who was pregnant and run to save her child being pregnant. He says how Dida saved her when she was a baby. He says you will be giving birth now, how can you fail so, they did not think you will do this, let the child come, we can just give birth but not kill, as only Lord has that right. Madhu cries and takes his blessings. She apologizes to Lord and says I was doing a big mistake, I will give birth to this child.

Dau ji asks RK to save his heir. RK says I troubled Madhu a lot, but could not break her, same way if the heir has to come, no one can stop him from coming in this house. Madhu comes back. Bhabhi is happy seeing her and asks did she change her decision. Madhu nods yes. Everyone is happy and smile.

Madhu says I have one condition. Dau ji asks what. Madhu covers Bhabhi with Red dupatta shocking everyone.

Update Credit to: Amena

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