Madhubala 7th February 2014 Written Episode Update


Madhubala 7th February 2014 Written Episode, Madhubala 7th February 2014 Written Update

Part 1

At school the dance competition is on… n Madhu is dancing backstage..! Her friends ask her to dance onstage but she says no promised my granny ..! BG-Madhuben me..

Time passes and at school/college… the dance is going on and the dancers make a mistake..! Madhu who is dancing backstage.. her silhoute can be seen by audience and all enjoy the shadow dancing..

There is fire and the theater background burns and all can see Madhu ..! A photographer takes a pic..! All clap.. n Madhu is worried …what if Radha finds out..!

Radha comes n asks whats the matter? Madhu says… was working backstage alone so… ! Radha is coufing and Madhu asks about her health n meds..! Radha says will take from nearby doc..! Madhu says.. when i get my sales job will get u to better doc..n u will be FD – Fit Dida

Madhu worries about getting gud job …n Radha says who knows..n she says do PT.. positive thinking ..! Madhu asks one question. .who smiled more.. Dad or Mom? She realizes Radha would be hurt so says sorry

Later Madhu talks to Mor Pankh n rues that must have some relation to music n dance…!

Next day Radha asks Madhu to get up n she asks to let her sleep for some more mins.. to fulfill her dream of touching stars..! Radha coufs and Madhu says.. will get ur meds ..

Madhus pic is printed on paper …

Madhu is walking on road and Bittu-Lela arrive… n their cab driver asks for excess money and Madhu confronts him ..! Cabbie relents..! Bittu cant see her face..!

Part 2

Lela is not feeling well and Bittu goes to get meds..! Madhu is also there but they miss noticing each other..!

Madhu turns to leave and Bittu feels as if he saw Madhu n he says Bhabhi ji ..

Part 3

Bittu runs after Madhu and spots her at the market …! He runs into someone n loses track of her..!

Her friend Shruti shows Madhu the paper and she is scared. about Radha! Radha tells Sushma that Madhu has many wings but dun want her to fly too high!

Madhu says need to tell Radha all ..

Precap — Sushma asks Radha about her fear.. n Radha says like all moms ..have same fear..! Sushma asks what if Madhu wants to do all this? Radha says will chop her wings.. wont let her take such dangerous flight!.

Update Credit to: Armu4eva

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