Madhubala 7th February 2013 Written Episode Update

Madhubala 7th February 2013 Written Episode, Madhubala 7th February 2013 Written Update

Part 1

Madhu wakes up and reads a note left by RK to her.. asking her to get ready n come to meet him..! He shares.. he is so lucky .. to have her with him at the onset of his new life..! RK has a rose left for Madhu (without thorns)

A red bridal saree is kept.. n RK calls n asks her to come soon Madhu says..she is coming soon!

Radha is packing lunch for Madhu when Dips comes and asks her about Madhu n if she noticed her behaving weirdly? Radha says.. she is not well..! Madhu comes all decked up ..n says.. no! Dips taunts that..Madhu is looking like a healthy sick patient..! Dips taunts that saree is loud for a wrap party.. n Madhu says.. its RKs choice..! Radha asks her to return soon n Madhu hugs her n gets emotional..!

She says…she never thought that

she will bond with this house.. but she did all coz of Radha n how.. Radha never let her miss her own mom! Dips looks bored but gets alert hearing Madhus words.. ! Radha says.. the feelings are mutual n asks her to stop crying n making her cry too!

Madhu says.. no one knows what happens next.. n Radha hushes her up..! Duo hug! Madhu looks at the mansion …BG- Khushiya aur ghum sehti hai..! She gets flashbacks of RK n herself! Dips comes and Madhu gets all emotional with her too..! Dips says.. ‘Madhu is getting ready for Shoot wrap party ..but talking as if is getting wrapped up’!

Madhu comes to the chawl..gets flashbacks of time spent there..! Paddo sees n hugs her .. n expresses that she waits for Madhu to come everyday..! Paddo asks Madhu if she is going someplace? Talks of wrap party..! Madhu asks for a cup of tea ..n leaves her note under the table mat..! She asks to see childhood album..!

Dips comes to RKs room and thinks something is amiss …and sees RKs note for his mom and reads it…! Paddo recounts childhood memories with her and talks of clicking family pic with RK n all of them..! Madhu takes the childhood pic of theirs..! Paddo gives Madhu a necklace to wear with her saree..!

Part 2

Radha find Dips with RKs letter and takes from her.. n reads..! Radha is shocked! Paddo is shattered to know the truth from Madhu .!

Part 3

Paddo tells Madhu that she is leaving all for her love.. n its not easy..! She supports Madhu in her decision!

Precap —
Madhu arrives at the lakeside..! RK meets her ..! He is wearing blue Kurti..n white pajama..! The whole thing is decorated like a wedding venue..!

Update Credit to: Armu4eva

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