Madhubala 6th May 2013 Written Episode Update


Madhubala 6th May 2013 Written Episode, Madhubala 6th May 2013 Written Update

Part 1

Dips returns to the mansion. .n notices Madhu in the hall n calls out to her..! She asks Madhu if she has decided what new drama she is gonna do for tonights rhearsal? The crying lady.. or the tit for tat vamp;…! Madhu said.. Dips is vamps.. n Madhu is heroine! Dips says.. a compliment for u.. u speak less. but when u speak. its like ATom bomb! Dips says.. so party plans in full swing? Madhu says… yes n that..all hell will break lose.. n Dips says.. there goes another bomb

Sur mundvaye to ole pade.. new saying.. dusro ke mamle me sur ghusaye to hamare naam ke gole pade..!

Dips says.. goles are gonna fall on her heard.. my dear Madhubala..!

Madhu comes to her room n finds RK all decked up. .n Madhu calls out RK .. n RK turns n says.. Lovely Singh Reproting

Madma..! Madhu says.. Lovely! RK says..have heard.. she is big fan of Salman ..cant make a fan.. just like that.. so like this..! Madhu says.. pati.. seems like thot u wuld be Mr. India n RK says. .cant.. disappear like Mr. India.. coz if he disappears.. someone will keep missing him ..n keep taking hitchki n stop his breath! Madhu says..nothing can be done of u. .n she turns n RK pulls Madhu close n says.. there is a reason to be Bodyguard …n that is to be with her.. 24×7 .. n he will be hovering around her.. all the time.. without any reason! Madhu steps away n says..he does not need reason to close in to her..! RK says.. he cant make himself big by saying this.. he can give.. his life.. in love.. but cant give.. Salman to her..!

RK saysd.. Radha is happy with her.. so why party Madhu says.. this party is meant for him. .to show the world how much she loves him! RK says.. correction.. ONLY ME..!

RK says.. keep saying .. that ..always.. i like to hear it… n that.. it makes him feel he has won n Sultan lost!! Madhu says.. RK cant lose.. n even if he loses .. Har kar jeetne wale ko bazigar kehte hain n RK says…correction . .kabhi na harne wale ko RK sir kehte hain! RK hugs Madhu..! RK tells Madhu for a favor n asks her not to invite her mom..! Madhu issurprised! RK says..coz he will feel weird n he will feel suffocated as they dun like each other..! RK says.. if she will boil his blood n risk her repute..! RK asks Madhu if she will agree? Madh unods..! RK goes away..!

Sultan is sitting n recollects the whole market thing.. Sikkys invitation to Madhus party… n the message on it…! Aryan asks him why he is not ready to go to Madhus party? Aryan asks what will he be? He says.. to make Kaka Krish n what will he be? Kaka says.. only elders can go! Aryan he wont be able to come? Kaka says no.n says..he will be there with Aryan.. n Aryan asks Sultan to go.. n that he will chose his outfit..! He wil be fun but Sultan says.. wont go..! Aryan says hwy not n that.. Madhu has invited him.. so why not. .n he gets so happy meeting Madhu..! Sultan says..wont go n Aryan asks why.. he does not like Madhu?? Sultan says..din say that.. n Aryan says.. so he likes her? He asks Sultan to attend! Sultan asks him not to worry n go n rest! Aryan says cant figure. ur words..! Aryan goes away sadly..!

Sultan recollects Rishbala hug.. in the bar..! He thinks of Aryans words..! RK says.. Bittu to tell all that party will be as per RK n not as per them! RK says.. Biwi ..first person to make me wait so much.. n stops in his tracks.. seeing Madhu decked up.. in retro style…! BG- Tum hi ho..! He drools on her.. n Madhu looks at him.. ! RK asks Madhu not to move.. n comes to her.. ! Rishbala eyelock..!

RK says ..he has no special relation with God .. so how did he get her? Madhu says..he din get her. .he snatched her.. forced her.. intimidated her… hurt her.. broke her.. till he won..! RK says not bad! RK-Madhu hug..! Madhu asks RK to go down n RK says .. dun want others to drool on her..! Madhu says.. why not? She is his.. n RK says. .dun forget.. n Madhu says.. he wont let her! RK says.. she has changed… she seems more like him. .. she is like RK .. to be with RK n to become RK are two things! Madhu says… in love.. two become one..! RK says. .something has changed for sure..!

Madhu says … RK says. . so she has accepted that she is his biggest fan n Madhu says..talking of Salman! They are laufing n Bittu comes n Madhu steps back..! Madhu tells RK … Mr. Lovely Singh come on duty on time..!

Part 2

Party is on at the studio .. n guests are assembled..n all are in Bollywood theme! Bittu comes laufing .. n asks.. when is Holi .. Topi Wale Sambha? He says.. when artists ..come late on shoot.. all say.. come on time or Gabbar will come! The guests clap! Bittu says.. the moment has come which all were waiting for.. presenting the REAL hero..! Sikky comes in Krish avtar.!

Part 3

Sikky trips n falls n all lauf..! Right then the spotlight shifts to the main entry n its RK entering with Madhu n Radha.. each holding his arm..! All greet the trio..! SCreen freezes on RK-Madhu

Precap — Dips is dancing on ‘Parda’ and Madhu is holding RKs arm..! Suddenly she sees something n her expression becomes serious.. n so does RKs..!

Update Credit to: Armu4eva

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