Madhubala 6th March 2014 Written Episode Update

Madhubala 6th March 2014 Written Episode, Madhubala 6th March 2014 Written Update

Part 1

Bebe reassures Madhu that her job is safe.. n tells Madhu that want to get AK married..! Madhu says.. people fight for AK …! Bebe asks if anyone is deserving of AK? Madhu says. no….Bebe says lets find the right girl ..!Madhu asks if AK doesnt agree? Bebe says will threaten him of my life..! Madhu says bad..! Bebe says.. its called emotional blackmail ..Pam breaksdown.. infront of  AK .. that he din tell her about quitting industry.. marrying . she says am an outsider only!

AK reassures her and says.. no matter who chooses the girl for me.. till u approve wont marry! Pam thanks him..!Lela wonders where Madhu works since they din find any evidence ..and swears to do all to dig out the truth.Madhu is cutting apple and Dolly says.. so no one is looking n u eating?

She says… i will keep watch on all .. n says these apples have fertilizers ..! She says.. am from Ludhiana not like u n Madhu says am from Mathura..chachi! Dolly chides her to stay in limit

Madhu and AK run into each other n Madhu asks AK to as it keeps doc away. .n AK says am just 37.. dun need doc..!Ayesha comes n greets Tittu and Dolly …and says was busy with group study! Dolly says.. forget that focus on wedding.. at ur age i was married! Tittu says.. wonder why this misfortune was tied to me..! Dolly fumes! Ayesha asks them to stop .. n asks for breakfast!

Golgappa vendor offers Lela golgappa ..and shares how Madhu has helped to increase his business by getting autographs of heroes..

AK is boxing ..n sees Madhu ..! He closes in on her.. n blocks her to the wall …

Lela wonders what is going on with Madhu n sees a news about girls from small town are getting lured towards prostitution in the name of money and fame..! Lela swears to throw Madhu out of home!

Part 2

Radha is coufing and Shruti goes to get khichdi for her! Lela calls Radha ..

AK asks Madhu if she knows why he takes diet food? Madhu says ..its written in ur ‘ahar pustika’

AK says.. its to prove to u fit i am!

Part 3
Madhu worries what she did to annoy AK … and he is frustrated with her..!

Lela shares she is worried about Madhu …! Radha says.. her boss is nice.. n helping with advance payment for my medication! Lela fumes that Madhu lied to her and sent money to Radha..!

Lela swears to teach Madhu a lesson ..!

Precap — Lela abuses and insults Madhu about the nature of her job and throws her out of the house!

Update Credit to: Armu4eva

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