Madhubala 6th July 2013 Written Episode Update

Madhubala 6th July 2013 Written Episode, Madhubala 6th July 2013 Written Update

Part 1

RK asks Madhu all ok? Share.. if its about human problems..will solve n Madhu says nothing!

Madhu says.. ghar ki yaad aa rahi thi n RK says.. gharwala khada hai n thinking of ghar..! He says. .if Madhu wasnt here he n Bittu would be drinking n Madhu says..she would curse it to break! Madhu says. .mujhe tumhara peena pasand nahi n RK says. .mujhe tumhara chup chap jeena pasand nahi

RK says.. dun want Kaddu kumari. .want Jungli Billi ..!

Sultan feed s medicine n then water to Meera! She says.. the people in other house were so nice..they should have brought them here! Sultan says..this is there home too! Meera says.. he is lying.. they are angry on us.! Radha is very nice.. but they troubled them…!

Meera says.. these medicines make me sleepy ..! Sultan comforts

her! She says.. Radha was not well still came to meet n hugged her..! She asks why was Radha troubled? Dun remember! Sultan asks her where her bangle is? Sultan says not to worry ..he will find it out..n to keep peace..! Meera says..what if it fell there? Sultan says.. he will bring it back for her! Meera is hysterical n then falls asleep..! Sultan swears to bring the bangle back..n says.. she has lost enouf. now no more!

RK comes and back hugs Madhu n asks thinking what? Madhu says nothing! RK says. .feeling bad.. Madhu asks why? Is he ill? RK says. .in this romantic atmosphere no mood to shoot! Madhu says.. why? RK says.. very romantic climate.. first rains. .wanna take u out..! Its the climate to date . .not shoot!

RK-Madhu are closing in n Bittu comes. .n RK fumes ..n taunts n says. .if he was brought in 8th month? Bittu asks why? RK says..coz he walks in always.!

Madhu asks Bittu how did RK become superstar.. he always finds reason to not shoot always.. n Madhu asks RK to look in her eyes n he says.. he is ..! He goes to shoot saying wont leave u!

Bittu laufs.. n RK says. dun lauf will send u to Andaman Nicobar..! He books poolside tables..! Bittu says..rains? RK says.. will jump in pool if it rains!

Radha keeps looking for that pic.. n Dips watches her n smirks.. dhoondte reh jaoge!

Servant comes n tells Radha.. Madhu called n wants to talk n Radha says cant talk now..!

Dips wonders.. whats wrong as Radha din talk to Madhu ..n swears to mess all the things up..for the duo!

Madhu calls Paddo.. who calls her back..! She asks how is Paddo? She says missing her..! Madhu says yes. n will come to meet her! Paddo chides her saying..she is not remembering them also!

Paddo asks Madhu the matter..why so troubled? Madhu asks if one has to lie.. is it right? Paddo says.. depends what they are lying about..if its for someones can lie!

Paddo says.. dunno what she is lying about to RK ..but love is not so weak to fail before one truth.. so ..always tell the truth..!

RK is about to shoot n Madhu arrives on the set..! Actress says.. sorry to lie. .n RK says.. trust u as much as i love u why lie! RK looks at Madhu n says.. no one can love anyone as much as i love u..! He says a phrase n all clap ..!

RK asks for break!

Part 2

RK asks Madhu what she wants as drink? Madhu sulks.. n RK says… the trip is like honeymoon . but she is on moon n he is waiting for her..! Why so quiet?

RK asks Madhu if she felt bad ?? Madhu is in tears..! Her tear falls on RKs hand n he wipes her tear off.!

Madhu says.. i lied to u..!

Part 3

RK asks what?

Madhu says hid something .. ! She says.. he asked her previously where she had gone. .she had gone to meet Sultan!

RK fumes..

Madhu tries to explain n RK says enouf.. n asks Madhu how long he has to tolerate Sultan in their life.. ! He tells Madhu .. its not about her friendship with Sultan.. its about his dads reputation! He tells Madhu …she has to decide ..who she wants in her life.. RK or Sultan!

Madhu says RK …n he walks off

Precap — Bittu asks to get car ready .. RK fumes n comes to parking n gets in the car .n drives off but Madhu stands in the way..!

Update Credit to: Armu4eva

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