Madhubala 6th February 2014 Written Episode Update


Madhubala 6th February 2014 Written Episode, Madhubala 6th February 2014 Written Update

Part 1

The havan of Rishbala and Harshvardhan is going on ..! Pandit says.. time is medication to all wounds.. ! Radha tells same to Pandit …! Radha says.. jeungi to RK ke sath.. Marungi to bhi usi ke sath..! Radha talks of Rishbala love that kept them inseparable even in death

Pandi asks Radha to start her life anew for Madhu …

Madhu notices the Mor Pankh and tries to take it.. n cries for it..! Pandit gives it to her.. ! Radha decides to wipe off all past memories and says … will keep baby Madhu away from the world of films!
Abhay tells Lambha to buy every single dvd.. poster ..mag with RKs news and destroy it.. n says.. from here on RKs identity is over and AKs ..identity and life begins!

Radha comes and wakes up Madhu telling ..get up tooti footi and

Madhu says lemme sleep Dida.. n she says .Dadi..

She gets Madhu ready n asks about her dream and she says.. was holding two stars n they were gonna fall n PK was gonna come to hold them..! Radha asks who PK? Madhu says.. Pyare Kanha..!

Its time for Madhus school .. n she rushes to take the mor pankh ! Radha says cant stay without it? Madhu says Ahan n Radha remembers RKs style to say Ahan..!

Radha hugs her.. ! They get on the rick and the driver puts music on …and Madhu taps her foot..! Radha stops her.. n says focus on news ..! Madhu talks about how her friends ask her about her parents n talks of Devki and Nandalal ..

Madhus teacher praises Madhus talent as dancer .. n says want her to particpate in dramatics n dance n in future she can get chance in films but Radha rejects n says only want her to focus on studies..!

Radha asks Madhu her schedule n she parrots.. it saying .. will study.. then go to masis home .. do homework. n not watch TV..!Radha promises to make kheer…!

Bittu looks at Rishbalas pic n says Happy Birthday Chief..! His son asks why so sad? Lela says.. ur dad is never happy ..n asks for school fees.. ! She takes all the money from him .. instructs him to stay put at home .. n leaves..

Part 2

At masis place.. Madhu is doing homework but she hears TV playing and joins in to dance..!

Radha comes to take Madhu with her .. ! She notices TV playing there and fumes…

Part 3

Radha asks Madhu what she did after homework? She says .. sat.. n Madhu crosses her finger.. n says no..

Radha says.. dun trouble me like natkhat Kanha…

She asks why made kheer? Madhu says..that u wont scold me? She asks permission to join the school drama.. but Radha firmly says no.. but agrees if she can work on backstage ..n agrees..!

Radha swears not to lose Madhu ever..!

Precap — BG – Kis liye Radha jale. .n Drashti’s shadow shown.. on backdrop of Red Curtain.. dancing.. as light shines on her..!

Update Credit to: Armu4eva

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