Madhubala 6th February 2013 Written Episode Update

Madhubala 6th February 2013 Written Episode, Madhubala 6th February 2013 Written Update

Part 1

Radha discusses about RKs likes n dislikes of food..n says..her gobi sabzi is done n Paddo says… a bit burnt? Duo smile about knowing RKs likes! Madhu watches n cries..! RK comes and asks Madhu to control ..or others will find out..!

Dips comes n says..nice… whats on? RK says..its not breaking news..! Dips says.. Rishte me.. to hum tumhare aapne lagte why hide? RK tells Madhu ..that.. they are kabab.. n Dips is… n leaves it open n takes Madhu n leaves!

Dips says.. RK mite be a good actor..but not Madhu..whose eyes..speak all..! Radha asks Paddo-Madhu to yap ..! Paddo says..she is getting late..but Madhu wont let her go..! Radha goes to get tea…!

Madhu hugs Paddo n says..she din wanna leave her n Paddo asks the matter? Madhu says..all ijj well..!

Paddo asks Madhu to relax.. n tells Madhu to tell Trish to focus on settling down ..rather than doing movies..!

Dips fumes that..something is going on..! Sikky agrees! Dips asks him to shut up..! She tries to connect all the things.. n resolves that HER HERO cant hide anything from her..! She comes in RKs room and finds RK taking out a suitcase..n asks where he is off to? He asks her to put eye drops.. as he is going to put the bag in his room..! Dips asks him point blank the matter..!

Paddo praises RK n his words he can convince anyone..! She says..that she will invite RK for Holi ..n that this time all is settled in their they can have grand celebrations! Madhu breaksdown! Madhu says sorry to Paddo…n talks about Ballu n her fear…! Paddo comforts her..n asks her to relax..! She invites Madhu over next day n leaves..!

Dips tells RK that she wont budge.. till he tells her all..! RK tells Dips that he is LEAVING.. FOREVER! Dips says..good joke n RK asks her to lauf n shooes her off..! Madhu comes into the room n is sad..! RK asks if she is ok…since she has not cried in 2-3 hours! Madhu says..she is in turmoil that they have not informed anyone! RK makes Madhu sit on the sofa..write a letter to her mom expressing her feelings ..! Madhu asks RK to write too n he does..!

Part 2

RK reads Madhus note… about how she says.. she has to go away from family for a long time…as her RK ..hasnt gotten love till date! It reads that she wont return for long..! RK-Madhu hug..!

Part 3

Next day morning.. Madhu wakes up.. n RK is not there..! She reads the note…kept by her bedside..!

Precap — Madhu comes to Paddo n as she puts a necklace around Madhus neck..she stops her n says. ..she n RK are leaving..! Paddo in shock..! Meantime.. Dips gets the note…n is shocked!

Update Credit to: Armu4eva

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