Madhubala 5th October 2013 Written Episode Update


Madhubala 5th October 2013 Written Episode, Madhubala 5th October 2013 Written Update

Part 1

Madhu knocks on Pabhos door and then sees its open.. she enters and says din have a way ..doing all for RK… .!

RK comes and holds Madhus hand and says please forgive us.. especially me..! He says am ur to me.. he threatens to switch lights on.. if she doesnt reply ..!He switches lights on and sees bed is empty..

Duo look around for Pabho and ask Radha who is unaware about it..! RK asks Security who say.. she left..! RK is hyper..! Madhu asks him to cool down..!

RK goes to change to go find Pabho and Madhu says dun worry ..we will find her and bring her..!

Sikky asks Kuku what twist is this? Kuku says its RKs tragic story ..every moment there is a twist and this twist will make RK cry even more!

RK-Madhu out to search Pabho and

Bittu too ..! RK rues that all this happened coz of me. .i hurt Pabho..! Madhu says.. dun worry.. Pabho is a mom and wants only his good..!

Madhu thinks Pabho would be at some temple.. and duo go to different temples..!

Dips – Sikky crib about Pabho being a pain ..and Kuku says no gain without pain ..just see how Pabho gives more Pain to RK..! Radha asks to call RK . Sikky says out of reach

Bittu comes and Radha asks where is Pabho ? They hope all is well..!

Madhu comes to Ambe Maa temple.. and prays that Pabho be found..! She turns and sees Pabho sitting at the edge of the temple..! She approaches Pabho and she says wanna say some more? Madhu says yes.. SORRY for what happened! Pabho says not left home coz of u…left coz of what RK said..!

Madhu says will do what u say… Pabho says really? Then accept my decision ..dun work in RKs movie.! Madhu says tell me anything else.. not this… Doing it for RK …

Pabho says knew that.. coz u love RK ..! She says whole nite i thot about this

Part 2

Madhu says so u will come home?

RK says she will or will carry her home All public scream for RK and he says focus on God.. the super duper big star.!

RK gives Pabho a stick to hit him for his mistake..! RK says din have right to talk like that to u … so punish me!

Pabho says ur too big that u talk so much..! I still have right to pull ur ears…! RK says come home..!

Part 3

Pabho – RK- Madhu returns and Radha says relieved ur back.. and Pabho says dun fall weak infront of ur bahus..!

RK says its proven that.. when i forgot to bring my good luck from above.. God sent her in the form of a pretty face to me..! Radha praises Madhu too!

Pabho asks Dips to come with her… ! She asks Dips if she likes all this glamor? Dips says not anymore.! Pabho says u dance well .. Dips says wanted to come here so learnt on my own! Pabho says no wonder ur jealous of her.. coz she got what u wanted…!

Pabho says.. accept the truth and come and join me to kick Madhu out…!

Precap — Pabho says.. ready to support me? Dips says yes..! Pabho says no one should find out.. if they do.. i know how to set u right!

Update Credit to: Armu4eva

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