Madhubala 5th March 2014 Written Episode Update

Madhubala 5th March 2014 Written Episode, Madhubala 5th March 2014 Written Update

Part 1

Pam tells Nikhil that he has lost his mind.. if she din lie.. AK wont have spared Nikhil ..n why hide Bebe’s med? Nikhil says.. wanted to end our troubles..! Pam says.. if anything happened to Bebe then? Nikhil says.. big deal.. its not a first time.. we did have found some other scapegoat like last time! Pam tells Nikhil ..ur nuts..! Nikhil says.. AK isnt home..! Nikhil says today u have to listen to me..!

AK is driving and Madhu keeps scratching her head.. and then says…can i ask something? Will it be this late everyday? AK asks why want extra money? Madhu says.. where i stay. .they wont like me staying up so late! AK says.. u work.. not steal.. n if there is a big issue.. will talk to them! Madhu says not needed..! She says havent told them i work with u..! AK asks why?

Madhu says.. people talk weirdly about film industry..! She says.. in small cities this is the way…so havent told them! Madhu asks to stop the car on an idle road and AK insists to drop her off at her home! Madhu hesitates! AK says.. after today.. if anyone asks u ..tell them.. as i have quit the industry now!

Nikhil says.. its been 20 years.. a lot of things changed ..but not the story… ‘Kaam kisi aur ka.. aur ilzam kisi aur pe.. ‘ Nikhil says what a story. . a son wanted to be the superstar.. but he dinno it wuld end his dads life..! Nikhil asks remember something? Flashback of Harshvardhan telling lawyer that my entire property is on AKs name! Pam swears to do something…! Harshvardhan and Nikhil come ..n he fumes about RK..! Pam asks the matter..! Nikhil reveals how Harshvardhan threatened to burn RK alive! Pam says relax and gave Pam meds ..! Nikhil tells Pam ..we cant fight with RK! Pam says.. no need to fight.. just play fireworks..! Burn the family down..! RK will end.. and on other side.. Harshvardhan will be over too! Nikhil asks why? The property will be AKs..! Pam says.. theres …something called.. power of attorney..! Flashback of how.. RK-Madhu were burnt alive..! Nikhil congratulates all for the work done about Rishbala..! Nikhil decides to inform Pam..!

Flashback of Harshvardhan being killed by streetside folks..! Pam says dun remind me of my lifes biggest mistake … dinno he named all money on trust.. for AK .. n for that sake had to be this fake idol of motherhood..! Nikhil says not to worry..and that they will solve the issues ..!

AK thanks Madhu for whatever she did for Bebe! Madhu says.. been helpful since childhood.. n says how she helped people to cheat..! She says.. just gimme a treat.. to thank! AK says.. u climbed.. 30 floors.. commendable..! Madhu says.. i am 20 yrs.. but u are so fit .. at this age! AK gets upset n drives off! Lela watches her from afar n wonders. .who kept to drop her off in this big car? Madhu wonders what she did.. n decides to tell sorry to AK when they talk .next! Lela decides to find out who is Madhus boss n who came to drop her off home?

Madhu checks the clock its 8am .. n she is in shock..! She is hurrying up to get ready n rues wont reach work before 10am..! She wonders whats for breakfast n Lela says paratha… achar / dahi..! Madhu says achar..! Lela asks her to eat peacefully n asks what will u take next? Juice or milk? Madhu says water..! Lela asks again..! She says.. ur staying with us.. so better to stay fashionable..! Lela asks her if she felt bad about advance..! Madhu says no! Lela says.. our house is such.. we have to beg for money! Lela asks Madhu ..where do u work? Madhu says Bandra..! Lela says.. wow.. all filmy superstars stay there..! Lela is ur boss? Is he evil? Madhu says no. .my boss is an elderly .. and was ready to give advance too..! Lela says.. u sold off the phone so ur boss must be upset? Madhu says. .will buy new phone with advance money..! She excuses herself. . n Lela says..she din spit out anything .. well a liar’s tounge is always wavering.. just like Madhu’s..!! She resolves to dig into the details..!

Part 2

Madhu calls out for auto but cant find ..! She rues that this is destiny ..! Sideways thugs comment about how its their misfortune that they have a bike instead of auto to give lift to a pretty one..! They sing.. ‘Main to aive aive’ and stop midway.. so Madhu completes the phrase saying ‘Main to aive aive.. aive.. PIT gaya’..! She walks off and the thugs friends .. tease him..! He fumes..!

Bebe tells Dolly ..why she is being sulky? She is not dead..! Dolly chides her..! AK comes and asks how she is? Bebe says am fine.. but some one is not! AK asks Dolly how r u? Dolly says dun wanna talk..! Bebe asks..what do u want? Dolly says. .nothing! AK says gud! Dolly says.. what? Will walk out now..! AK says.. if u do. .ur catering business wont work at all ..! Dolly walks off! Bebe says…she is grown up..but still so jhalli ..! AK says.. keep smiling like this..! AK says.. the house where elders smile.. there is happiness always..! Bebe says.. fine. .will keep smiling..just do what i want u to do..! AK asks what? Bebe says ur marriage..! U promised me..! AK nods..! Bebe says.. now need to find a beautiful bride or u..! Madhu comes n wishes them .. AK nods and walks off!

Part 3

Sweetie asks for breakfast..! Lela tells Sweetie to do her work first and tells her to check Madhu’s room..! Sweetie asks why? Lela says.. wanna know were Madhu goes to work..! Sweetie says but u got ur advance..! Lela says to shut up n do what is told..!

Madhu reads Bebe’s meds and says.. ur meds are for 3 months and only pills till 15 days ..! Madhu thinks… that if i buy in bulk will get discount.. ! Bebe says.. u do this to meds..what do u do to veggies? Madhu says.. veggie vendors are scared of me in Mathura..! I bargain..! Madhu says but wont for u. .ur like my Dida..! Bebe says.. ur words remind me of Dolly .. but u both are gonna fight a lot! Madhu asks why? Bebe says she is senti types.. n she din like u taking care of me..! She gets jealous of anyone coming near me..! Madhu is worried n says.. my job is in danger? She prays to PK to save her n her job ..!

Precap — Madhu asks what if Bebe doesnt like ur choice of bride? Bebe says.. will give my life’s swear.. n tell him to do what i want! Pam is in tears and AK assures her that no matter who chooses the girl for him ..till Pam approves.. he wont marry her..!

Update Credit to: Armu4eva

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