Madhubala 5th January 2013 Written Episode Update

Episode starts with Padmini calls madhu n inform her that malik has left them.
Padmini cries saying how could malik leave her like this.
Madhu tells Padmini to go home n she will meet her there n she shouldn’t worry as they will find malik at any cost.
Madhu prays 4 malik’s safety n leaves.

Rk sees madhu’s tensed face n ask what happened. Madhu says malik left home n she’s going to meet her mother.
Rk says not to worry as he’s there. Rk ask madhu to relax n keep her phone with her.
Rk also leaves to search malik.

Padmini runs in d roads searching malik.
Padmini in chawl ask some people if they know anything abt malik. People r tensed n trying to contact malik with his mobile.
Madhu reaches chawl. Padmini hugs madhu n cries. Padmini says he left them n won’t come back again. Padmini shows madhu malik’s letter. Madhu is shocked reading d letter.
Madhu ask sudhagar if he tried maliks mobile n replies he’s trying.
Madhu ask if they searched in studio’s n Padmini says no. so madhu n Padmini leaves to check in studio.
In studio security informs them malik deosn’t come n informed d asst director to get other men as he wouldn’t come.

In chawl trishna enters home n see roma back from outdoor shooting. They hug eachother tightly. But trishna breaks d hug n ask she came back from outdoor shoot.
Roma replies yes. N her outdoor was good.
Roma: ( holds her ears) sorry I was wrong. Ur my lovable heroine. I love u so much n I promise u that this mistake would never happen again. Hug me once more na.. 1 2 3 action.
They hug each other again. Roma ask abt Padmini n says malik’s phone is switched off. Trishna also starts to search 4 padmini. Padmini n madhu reach home. Padmini starts to cry sitting in floor.

Roma tries to convince Padmini n ask abt malik. Padmini says he left.
Roma takes letter from Padmini n reads. She is shocked, ask madhu n trishna what happened in home when she wasn’t there.

Trishna: maa the way u behaved with him y’day, he wouldn’t have left another chioce.
Madhu: how could u talk to maa like this?
Trishna: madhu u don’t know. Maliks heart was broken hearing maa’s words. He felt ashamed.
Madhu: it was a difficult situation 4 maa n malik. Its not right to blame anyone now.
Roma: some one tell me what happened??
Padmini : every thing happened coz of me.
Roma tries to stop Padmini crying n promise her malik will return.
Padmini: he left n would never return. How could he leave me when I understood him, n everything. When I wanted expose my feelings towards him.

Rk: sasuma when feelings r buried inside heart, it may become weak. So what ever u think n want say from ur heart then say it to him.
Rk opens d other side of door n malik stands there. Both roma n Padmini moves towards malik but Padmini hugs him before roma does. Rk , madhu n trishna r happy n roma smiles with a confused look.
Malik hesitates n hugs Padmini.

Padmini: where u went n why did u leave me?
Rk: lady beem before u gets angry n starts shouthing I’ll tell u what is happening here. We want to marry sasurji n sasuma.( roma’s eyes r widened with shock n she looks at malik n Padmini) when we said this proposal they both started to fight me, insulted n slapped me too. Finally ending is good so picture hit. Sasuma he troubled me more. He was sitting in a Bhopal bus. If u don’t mind ur very lucky. Coz u got another chance in life. So whatever is in ur heart just blast it to him.

Trishna puts a hand on padmini’s shoulder n nods her head.
Padmini: ( folds her hands) first u forgive me. I never realized this. U did so much 4 me. Took care of me n my children n I didn’t even thank u once.
Malik tries to stop Padmini thank him.
Rk: no sasurji. I’m telling this with my personal experience. U shouldn’t stop a woman’s emotional dialogue in middle. Then they will make u listen those from d beginning again. Especially the women of this house.
Madhu smiles at rk’s comment.
Padmini : trust me. I never said this to u. but my heart knows how much I respect u n trust u. I know this trust n respect will be continued always. One more thing I want to tell u. I want to take one more chance with my life.
All r smiling. Madhu says thank u to rk n he smiles at her.

Roma hugs malik n Padmini says she’s very happy.
Roma comes to rk n ask if he did all those things. Rk says yes.
Roma : tell u sth I never thought u would do this. But u won my heart by doing this. I can’t even let u know how much happy I’m.
Rk: then don’t say it n I didn’t even asked u lady beem.
Roma: u know what, u did all this na for that n only 4 today u can call me lady beem ok.
Roma thanks rk n says they should enjoy this moment n give sweets to all. Roma n trishna takes malik n Padmini downstairs. Madhu n rk stay behind.

Rk wipes madhu’s tears n holds her hands.
Rk: what did u say in morning?
Madhu: I will trust u. rk: always.
Rk: everything is fine now. I was thinking whether its necessary to take 7 pheres. For 4 pheres only I’m troubled this much. For 7 pheres then my life would be gone.
Madhu puts her hands around rk’s neck.
Madhu: but I’m ur life na? ( rk holds madhu’s waist) if u don’t do 7 pheres then a small problem will come.
Rk: problem??
Madhu: u promised urself. ( rk remembers him saying they will start their life as husband n wife after proper marriage) till 7 phere marriage doesn’t happen …
Rk: ( brings madhu closer to him) till then??
Madhu: till then… madhu push rk n stand aside.
Rk: where is love these things would happen. God is watching this.

Bittuji brings balraj to chaawl.
Balraj: u don’t understand my words. She said no to agent n yes to me. She’s in confused state of yes n no. more beautiful girls r available.
Bittuji: ya more producers r also available. If chief says trishna is heroine then its her only. Convincing her is ur job.
Balraj: how could I convince her, say bajan or dance infront of her. I’m in her father’s age n have self respect too.
Bittuji : don’t say that if u want to do film with chief. She lives in d chawl. Go n meet her. Remember that u never know me.
Balraj: by god promise I don’t know any bittuji.
Balraj abt to enter d chawl but stops n reads the name. balraj remembers celebrations 4 madhu’s birth, Padmini is taken by him, malik stop them.

Precap:: roma give sweets to everyone sharing Padmini n malik marriage news. Balraj watch Padmini n malik comes n shocked. Right after them madhu n rk also come down/ they take a group photo. Balraj fumes looking at them.

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Your comment will now be reviewed first before it's published. Read more here..