Madhubala 5th February 2014 Written Episode Update

Madhubala 5th February 2014 Written Episode, Madhubala 5th February 2014 Written Update

Part 1

The train is moving towards Mathura! Radha wonders this train.. this destiny ..dunno where it plans to take me! Radha self thot. .that maybe this is right…the city that took my kids away from me..Madhu wont be safe..! Radha breaksdown! She sits on an empty berth and looks at Madhu who is fast asleep! She recollects the namkaran ceremony .. all the happy moments and then the blast! She asks aloud why Bappa did this to me? She rues that RK was ur best friend and Madhu was ur biggest follower.. then why? She rues how Madhu made RK believe in Bappa..! She rues..
that Bappa is called Father.. how can a father do this to their own kids? She rues that.. Bappa ruined her all.. destroyed her world..! She says.. ur Bappa by name only! Madhu cries and Radha says am with u..! She

says.. Madhu is hungry..where to get Milk from? She rues that i dun have anything.. my everything is lost! She rues that..ur happy seeing my baby hungry.. and cry! Radha rues that baby who was destined to live like a princess..! Radha rues that.. Lord makes  a mom as he cant be everywhere.. but u snatched her from her..! She says.. from where to fulfil her hunger? Right then a toil of Pandits and Bhakts come and sit in the same berth ..! They are carrying an idol of Lord Ganesh! Radha glares at it! Coz of the train moving… the bowl they carry tilts and milk falls in Madhus mouth..! Her hunger is sated! Pandit says.. seems the baby is hungry.. and offers the milk to Radha to feed Madhu! Radha says this is from pooja? Pandit says.. nothing bigger than satiating someones hunger..! He says.. Bappa is seeing her and so send us to help out.. even Bappa will be happy if the baby drinks this milk! Radha
is hesitant but relents!

The shok sabha of Harshvardhan is going on…! All talk how he was a great guy ..did all to make Abhay a star.!
They say how Abhay will get sympathy and popularity from this..and will be a big star! Abhay fumes! Nikhil calms him and says…keep in control..we have been defamed a lot..! Leave it to me to handle Bittu! Abhay says.. i need RK house too.. at any cost! Bittu is walking out of hosp with the asthis of Rishbala..! Nikhil pushes them off his hand! He says.. why ruining urself over this..! Bittu says.. will ruin u.. u killed RK..! Nikhil threatens him and
says.. who will ruin whom only time will tell ..! If Abhay wants can kill u .. but sparing u coz RK gave him 9 months .. so for that. .sparing u.. get lost..!
He says.. keep off from this industry else ur family will meet Rishbalas fate too! Bittu says.. Rishbala are not here so there is no meaning of this industry! Nikhil says.. good.. n turn to leave! Bittu says.. jane se pehle ek
baddua deta hun .. u will never flourish … and Abhay will never get peace of mind.. coz he stole someones destiny …!! Nikhil says.. u speak more than u can!

Right then the train comes to stop and Radha wakes up…and rues.. forgive me ..! Pandit says.. seems the baby is happy being here..! Radha asks what station is this? Pandit says Krishnajanm bhumi .. Mathura..! He says the baby is looking around happily guess looking for Kanha..!

On the other side.. Nikhil gets Bittu beaten up by his men.. but Bittu clings on to Rishbalas last remains! Nikhil says.. if u wanna keep urself and ur family alive.. become a shadow.. one that has no identity! He leaves! Bittu says.. sorry Chief .. sorry!

Pandit asks where u planning to go? Radha says no idea.. ! He asks no relatives? Radha says had everyone now lost all..! Pandit says ..u boarde this train to go someplace? Radha says.. dunno where my destiny will take me! Pandit says.. u dunno but Lord knows and he has some destination for everyone and till then come with us! 

Part 2

Lela is trying to silence her son and right then Bittu comes..! Seeing how he is bleeding, Lela asks what is this? Bittu is silent! Lela asks what? Bittu says Lambhas men beaten me..! Lela says this was gonna happen .. u must have insulted them..! Bittu says had gone to get Rishbalas last remains .. have to immerse them. .but no more courage..! Bittu cries saying. .totally broken ..never thot.. will lead life without Rishbala..! Lela says. fine.. then live without us..! Bittu asks what? Lela says .. u left us alone earlier and now clinging on to these ashes? Lela says lived ages without u. .now cant.. please understand ur responsibilities and support us..! I and ur son need u… see how he is looking at u..! Bittu smiles ..!

Part 3

Lela says felt as if he was waiting for u..! Lela says in all this forgot to tell u that RK is no what will happen to his huge house? Bittu asks what? Lela says.. RK has such a huge property .. after him all would have been on Madhus (baby) name but she is no more.. n now only u remain…! Bittu asks Lela to shut her crap and says be ashamed of urself.. ! Lela says.. u r thinking from ur heart n me from head..! RK is no more.. n u are RKs closest and most loyal worker so all is urs! Bittu says.. RK is my brother..! Lela says so legally all is urs! Bittu asks her to shut up .. n says.. pack up and come with me to our place..! Lela pouts!  Radha with Madhu arrive at Nam Yog Sadhna Mandir ..! The Pandit leads her to her room ..n says.. u have a place to stay now will find u work! Radha says anything.. embroidery ..stitching .. et all ..! She says.. only want a decent living for myself and the baby! Pandit says.. please rest .. will come back..! Radha says need ur help in something.. need to arrange a havan!  Abhay swears infront of Harshvardhans pic that.. ‘RK aur Madhu ki virasat ka namo nishan mita dunga’

Precap –— Radha is tying Madhus choti and she says.. i was up in the sky and then came down ..! Radha asks who told? Madhu says PK! Radha asks PK kaun? Madhu says Pyare Kanha! Radha smiles! 

Update Credit to: Armu4eva

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