Madhubala 5th February 2013 Written Episode Update

Madhubala 5th February 2013 Written Episode, Madhubala 5th February 2013 Written Update

Part 1

RK and Madhu come inside the room ..! Madhu puts her arms around RK..! RK-Madhu eyelock..! Madhu says..he is perfect husband material… though his mouth is stinking .. but still .. I LOVE U! RK smiles..! Madhu tells RK that she is eager to start a new life with him..! She tells RK that she wont refuse for anything..! RK puts his arms around Madhus waist. and pulls her closer..! RK asks if she will stop him? Madhu feels shy..! BG- Labon ko..! RK lifes Madhu up…in his arms and puts on the bed..! RK lies next to Madhu..! RK removes the bindi from Madhus forehead..! Camera keeps focusing on Madhus lips..! He removes her ear rings..! Madhu closes her eyes in anticipation..! RK keeps drooling on Madhu..! Madhu has a tear of happiness n RK wipes it off..! RK closes in on Madhu.. but

he stops ..! He says.. he cant..! Madhu says.. coz of the pheras? RK asks Madhu to forgive him ..and Madhu says.. I LOVE U and hugs him..! The houseguy knocks on their door n says.. the car is fixed but they gotta start next day early..! RK thanks him! Madhu asks if houseguy is his fan? RK says.. yeah like her..! Madhu says..she is his biggest fan.. n no one can love him as much as her..! RK-Madhu hug..!

Next day morning.. the houselady gives a traditional send off to the duo..! The duo take .. Houseladys blessings..! As she is blessing.. the houseguy stops her and asks her to stay away from RK! RK tells Madhu that its coz he fears..she will become RKs fans..! The houselady says.. Madhu loves RK a lot.. n RK says..he loves her too but the lady says.. no ..she loves him more! Madhu asks the houselady to come to Mum ..! RK says the ganesh visarjan lines n all lauf..! The houselady gives bangles to Madhu..! RK smiles at her..! The houselady says..its their blessing. .n till the bangles are adorning Madhus hands..her family her marriage.. her love..will be safe..! The duo hug..! The kid who met RK on first day …refuses to shake hands with RK as.. his autograph will be wiped off..! The duo are enroute.. to home..! RK suggests to spend the next day with family but Madhu says.. Roma-Shammo are going for outstation..shoot! Madhu says.. the previous day was most memorable..and RK says..coz he was getting troubled? Madhu says no!

RK says…he knows when she is lying..! They play a game..! RK asks Madhu he is handsome and dashing? Madhu says no.. ! RK says lie! RK asks Madhu if she is hapy to leave all and go with him? Madhu says..yes..! Madhu asks RK when he is happiest? RK says..when he is with her..! MAdhu asks RK if he loves her? RK says no..! Madhu says..thats a lie.. n he lies so well that his fans are fooled..! She says..she can read his eyes..and they say that ..he loves her..! RK says..he is dangerous..! Madhu says.. n he is trapped..! RK keeps looking at Madhu n Madhu turns his face away..!

Paddo tells Radha that.. RK-Madhu are delayed..! Radha says..yes. .n rues that the oppurtunity to hang out together.. is lost..! Paddo says.. next time..! RK-Madhu are about to enter.. and RK tells Madhu that..its for last time they are entering the house.. n after this they are leaving..! RK says.. the world will think of him as fool for leaving it all .. but for survive.. Madhus love.. two times scotch and chicken is enouf..! Madhu is emotional and RK says..its dialogue..!

Part 2

Sikky wonders where the duo disappeared..? Lost in jungle? Dips says..that real life is diferent than films..! RK says.. that.. if RKs life was a film ..not a single villain will be there! Paddo asks the duo ..if they are ok? RK says..yes..! Radha tells RK that..without them.. the whole house feels dead..! RK says…for now they are breathe easy! Paddo tells Madhu that.. she was waiting for them to return and now she is leaving..! Madhu says.. no.. and asks her to stay back for dinner..! Paddo refuses..and says..she has to do packing for Roma and Shammo! She says..she will be busy entire next day and will meet her in the evening! Madhu says..but…! All stare at her..!

Part 3

Paddo says.. then they can meet the day after..! RK says…she can do packing after dinner..! Radha says..she cant refuse RK! Paddo relents..! Dips notices…the expressions of Madhu and all ..! Radha-Paddo go to the kitchen..! Sikky asks Dips to come with him! Dips self thought.. something is definitely the matter.. but what?

Precap — Radha tells Paddo that..her cooked veggie is ready! Radha says..a bit burnt..! Radha says.. so Paddo knows her son in laws choice! Paddo says..coz son in law is such.! Radha says..yes.. her son is such ! RK tells Madhu that if she does not control her emotions..all will find out! Madhu says..she knows.. but ! Right then Dips comes and says..very nice.! RK-Madhu taken aback!

Update Credit to: Armu4eva

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