Madhubala 4th October 2013 Written Episode Update


Madhubala 4th October 2013 Written Episode, Madhubala 4th October 2013 Written Update

Part 1

Dips comes to Pabho and says something important …n says whatever Guruji said is 100% true..!

Dips says today RK has lied to all .. Pabho asks what lie? Dips says and all coz of Madhu..! Pabho asks Dips to not try and instigate her..! Dips says have proof..!

She says RK said Madhu came in last minute? Well Madhu has given audition even… n shows the tape to Pabho and she is shocked! Dips says Madhu had rushed from Puja to give audition ..while Pabho preaches that women of the house cannot become objects of display..!

Pabho hurt to see Rishbala at the studio …!

RK at dining table tells Bittu that amazing weather.. thundering outside and people thunderstruck inside! Kuku says enough and RK says quitting food coz he is succeeding ?? RK says as film progresses..

u will progress towards the exit door!

Pabho comes and says made a decision Madhu wont work in ur movie..! All are shocked! RK says but she was happy about it ? Pabho says he did what he had to and then shared .. ! Pabho says if he cared for her opinion..he would have asked..

Radha opposes and Pabho chides her saying when she had to speak she was mum and now arguing? She says its her duty to control Madhu .. but she din have made up my mind!

Pabho says ‘Ghar ki bahu parde me hi aachi lagti hai.. parde par nahi’ ..!! She says cant read scandals etc and RK says Madhu is doing all for me.. working with me.. for me ..n dun care for the world..! Pabho says so she is wrong who did all for him and Madhu is right?

RK says Madhu did this for me.. fulfilled duty of wife and proud that she is my wife! Pabho says Madhus horoscope are gonna be reason for RKs destruction!

Pabho fumes and says Madhus past is not even know.. Madhu tries to answer and Pabho says .. tumhe beech me bolne ka koi adhikar nahi ladki ..!

Part 2

RK says enouf… she is my wife .. ‘Saat pheron se zyada pheron ki biwi hai’ ..!

RK says whatever u wanna say…tell me.. but no one has right to tell anything to Madhu ..! Pabho is hurt and locks herself…

Part 3

Kuku sends Bittu off and Bittu answers him back

Madhu comes in the room and sees RK drinking and Madhu says this is not solution to the problems and RK says atleast it doesnt increase the problems..!

Madhu tells RK that Pabho is elder of family … this is not way to hurt an elder..! RK says then a mom can point finger at sons wife? Madhu says RK is right but theres a way to explain … !

Madhu says lets say sorry but RK says no ..i wont! Madhu says fine..i will go!

Precap —- RK-Madhu come to Pabhos room and see she is not there..! They wonder where Pabho is? They ask Radha too..she is unaware!

Update Credit to: Armu4eva

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