Madhubala 4th July 2014 Written Episode Update

Madhubala 4th July 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with RK showing the video to everyone that Bhanu lied to everyone about Bai ji’s death fact. Dhoom dhoom …………. Song plays as RK turns the laptop to Dau ji. Bhanu smiles. RK and Madhu are shocked. Dau ji asks do you want to show this. Agni says whats this new way to fool us. RK is tensed. Bhanu thinks he has exchanged the CD and took it in his room to see, but Tara called him to come out as Dau ji is calling him. Bhanu keeps the Cd in his room and leaves. Dau ji asks whats this joke RK, show soon what you want to show. Someone knocks the door.

The camera man comes and gives a pendrive to Madhu. Madhu thanks him and smiles. Madhu says the man who exchanged the DVD is a fool, he does not know that its saved in hard drive and is transferred in this pen drive, so it can’t

be hidden now. Bhanu asks whats this drama, he has nothing to show us, lets go. Dau ji gets up. RK says 1 min Dau ji. Madhu gives the pen drive to RK and he plays the right video of Bhanu and Madhu’s conversation where he admitted all his crimes. Dau ji is shocked.

Bhanu says all that he did to kill Madhu and RK. Bhanu tries to run but RK stops him by keeping is leg, Bhanu falls. Dau ji looks at Bhanu angrily. RK says he is your son in law, he is Bai ji’s murderer, now I will see how you do justice. Agni says you are not my brother in law, but a snake. She scolds Bhanu knowing his truth. Tara cries. Agni says we ca ‘t kill you, as if we kill you, Tara will become a widow, go and apologize, go. She signs Bhanu to apologize. Dau ji brings the gun. RK says he is changing his color. Dau ji aims the gun at Bhanu. Bhanu says I m sorry, forgive me.

RK says Bhanu did wrong with Madhu too, I will kill you if Dau ji leaves you. Tara begs to Dau ji to leave Bhanu, as she will become a widow if anything happens to him. She asys forgive him Dau ji, I have seen Bhabhi’s life, I can’t live like this, dying is better than this life. Madhu says now you know her pain. Tara says I will die. She asks RK to forgive Bhanu, just for her sake, ask Dau ji to forgive him. RK says great Tara didi, you did not see Bhanu’s crimes, he has to be punished. Tara says he is my husband, we have taken oaths to live and die together, leave him if you love your sister.

Tara takes a knife and says I swear on Dau ji, if you don’t forgive Bhanu, I will kill myself. Dau ji says Bhanu is Madhu’s culprit, is she forgives him, I will also forgive him. Tara goes to Madhu and apologizes for troubling her, please forgive me as a sister, I m always be faithful to you, save my husband. RK says don’t come in his talk, do what iss wrong, remove this thorn for always, he should be punished. Tara says no Madhu, give me my life. Madhu thinks about Bhanu’s lies. She says I would have forgiven him, but Bai ji died because of his lie, so he can’t be forgiven, he has kept drugs to frame Bittu, he tried to kill me and RK, law will deal with him now.

Madhu calls the police and Agni takes the phone saying how dare you. RK asks Agni not to do any drama and asks Tara to see two ways, either Dau ji will decide or the law, Dau ji will shoot him, if law deals, he can get few days and then death, he has to die in two ways. Madhu calls police. Dau ji asks Agni to take Tara inside. Tara cries. The police comes and arrests Bhanu. RK says he has accepted his crime in video. Madhu says here is the proof. Tara gives him the jewels and asks him to leave Bhanu.

RK says he will give the statement against Bhanu. Dau ji says stop Bhanu. Bhanu gets happy and says Dau ji I knew you will not let me get arrested. Dau ji slaps him shocking everyone. Dau ji says I gave you love and respect and you took my everything, if you show me your face again, I will kill you. Bhanu shouts he will not leave anyone, I will show everyone. Tara cries. Dau ji comes to Madhu and folds his hands. Madhu says what are you doing. Dau ji says what to tell you, I tortured you a lot, and you have bear everything, did not talk to me in loud voice, did not insult me, my head bends infront of you, I hope you will forgive me.

Madhu says don’t say this, please. Dau ji goes to Bai ji’s pic. She blows off the diya and says now no need to light this diya, Bai ji will get peace today. He goes to his room. RK stops Madhu to talk to her. He holds her hand and she frees it. She says we don’t have anything to talk and leaves angrily. Bhabhi comes to Madhu and says you did a big thing for this house today, now I hope to see this house’s darkness going. Madhu says it will go when you get free from torture.

The doctor checks Madhu and says she is pregnant, it’s a good news. Madhu is shocked.

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