Madhubala 4th July 2013 Written Episode Update

Madhubala 4th July 2013 Written Episode, Madhubala 4th July 2013 Written Update

Part 1

Sultan says he has no complaints with Radha. .but destiny has pitted them infront of each other! Radha says she can understand his n Meeras pain…! Sultan asks her why she is there?

Madhu says.. they are feeling bad..about what all Meera went thru ..n says.. wish humans had power to go back in past to set it all right!

Madhu says..they can set right now and the future..! Sultan looks at Madhu! Radha says..she is ready to do whatever she can.. to set it alright..! Madhu asks Radha to explain..

Radha stammers..n then says..she has decided that she will do all she can in.. responsibility of Meeras treatment! Madhu is stunned..! Radha says.. even in foreign country …! Sultan grinds his teeth …!

Madhu tells Radha.. they din discuss this.. they discussed

something else..! Radha cribs ..that the woman who can destroy her hubbys reputation ..what more to expect..? Sultan asks.. if she came to apply oinment on wounds..or apply poison on wounds?

Sultan says.. MK was cheap guy .. and she cares for his name. .what about his mothers reputation? He says..Meera was alone before..n left to die but today he is there with her..! She wants to call Doc to cure Meera? If he could..he would bring God.. ! He says..she knows what he wants.. n that wont change.. n thanks for coming.. dun return with any such offer..! LEAVE!

Radha leaves.. Madhu calls out..! Sultan fumes that he is not in this for money..its his mom here! Madhu says..they came to talk something else!

Dips gets up .. and servant brings tea…and gives newspaper to her..! Right then doorbell rings ..n Dips ask who is it? She says.. Madhu-Radha! Dips cribs …how could she miss this Sultan drama. .its very important..!

Madhu follows Radha and asks what is the matter? Dips says. interesting..! Madhu asks her why she backtracked? Dips eavesdrops but cant hear anything!

Madhu says.. Radha said to give justice to Sultan n his mom! Madhu is stunned Radha says.. din commit a sin ..did what i could..if Sultan doesnt need help .. what can they do? Madhu says.. she wanted to bring Meera back n give her the right that she deserves..! Radha says.. is she crazy? She would have lost her hubbys repute.. for that.. n if she said it .. it was in emotions..!

Madhu asks.. is she not troubled anymore? What is her heart saying? All is ok? Good din bring them? What ?? Radha says.. did ..what is right.. its her duty to protect Mohans name..! Radha tells Madhu ..this all shouldnt reach RK! Madhu walks out of her room!

RK comes back from work and calls out to Madhu ..who is lost in thots and slips and is about to fall when RK holds her in time!

Madhu asks when did he come? RK says..when she fell as in when she was ignoring him! RK asks what thots were she lost in? Madhu says.. Radha..! RK says.. thot she will say Salman Khan. .his jungli billi wuld make him jealous but she gave politically correct answer! Madhu smiles!

RK asks wheres the FIRE?? He says..we havent fought properly .. ! He says.. going outdoor.. n they will fight a lot there! He says.. he only has to close in on his heroine! Madhu says..dun wanna leave Radha n go..! RK says.. changed location for her now what.. Madhu insists.. n RK says.. condition. n he whispers something n Madhu hits him saying SHUT UP!

Part 2

Sikky is cribbing that got one client n he is gone..

Dips notices the torn papers.. n asks what trash is it? Sikky says his life is trash! Sikky says.. thot Sultan would stay here. n he will get him married.. but all dreams crushed! Dips asks what does he want?

Dips says.. wondering where Radha-Madhu had gone.. n rushes when she hears Radhas voice to check on her!

Sikky call Bittu . but he cuts the call !

Dips comes to Radha!

Part 3

Dips says.. she was worried for Radha ..! Radha says ..just needed rest!

Dips says..she felt shocked hearing about Sultan-Meera.. n was more shocked finding out about MK n Meera!

RK tells Bittu not to cancel tickets even if Madhu doesnt agree!

RK looks at his Dads pic.. n says.. not for a moment.. trust Sultans words..coz world can be wrong.. God too but not his dad! RK says.. was is n will he my dad n Radhas hubby! Madhu overhears..comes to RK n backhugs him!

RK says ..seems Madhu is ready to come along.. thats the charm of Kundras ..! Madhu says .not gonna come! RK says shall see!

Precap — Radha walks out of store room and Dips goes thru the things and finds a wedding pic of MK-Meera…!

Update Credit to: Armu4eva

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