Madhubala 4th February 2014 Written Episode Update


Madhubala 4th February 2014 Written Episode, Madhubala 4th February 2014 Written Update

Part 1

Radha is shocked as the mansion is on fire..! People run towards it ..! Radha too but is stopped by people..! Baby is crying ..and Radha says all will be ok! She tries to go in and says my family is inside.. my son and his wife..!! Harshvardhans men inform him that all is done.. and RK and his family is over..! Radha overhears.. those men say. if anyone is alive.. will kill them too! Radha runs from there to save the baby!  She wonders how to escape from there but rushes off..! Bittu is informed that he has become father of a son..! Bittu is delighted and rushing to Lela but sees the news about RK-Madhu being blown out at the party..! Bittu runs off.. Lela wonders the matter? 

Bittu tries to enter the place but cops stop him..! Firebrigade is trying to douse the

fire .. Bittu keeps screaming CHIEF! . Harshvardhan hears the news …right then Lambha comes and shuts it off..n says.. if RKs destiny is to live.. then he will ..! Harshvardhan asks to call his lawyer…! Bodies are recovered from the site and Bittu watches in shock ..! He spots RKs hand..with the tattoo of Madhu.. ! Bittu breaksdown..! He also spots Madhus arm with RK tatooed..! Reporter says that.. todays date will be called Black Day of Indian Film Industry.. n announces that RK-Madhu are dead but Radha-Baby are missing! 

Reporter further informs that there was short circuit at party hall.. and caused accident! Bittu says.. its not accident. .its a cold blooded murder..! Reporter asks who did it? Bittu says Harshvardhan Kapoor..he was harassing RK since past few days and tells all..! Radha too hears this on news…!!Reporter asks how can u accuse him like this? Bittu says am witness of this.. have his threats recorded on CCTV ..! He rues that had he gotten Harshvardhan arrested this wont have happened..! Radha wonders what to do..n decides to leave from there at any that no one can hurt her..! Radha swears that she will do all to keep baby Madhu safe..! 

Lawyer asks Harshvardhan if its true he is responsible? Lambha says..we need to silence Bittu! Lawyer says.. dun or we will be in trouble! Harshvardhan says.. yes. threatened RK ..he was causing us loss..! Lawyer says u told this part..but what about the blast? Harshvardhan is quiet! Lambha says he only threatened.. din do anything! Cops come and ask Harshvardhan to come to police station he has arrest warrant..! 

Radha is at the platform and a train to Mathura is on half there! Radha recollects Bittus words..! She wonders how she reached there..! Baby Madhu keeps crying and Radha tries to quieten her..! Its thundering..and Radha tries to quieten the crying baby .! She sings lulaby for her..! Suddenly some goons come and corner Radha n talk of making her sing in trains to earn! Radha begs to be let off..! They threaten to harm her and the baby ..! Radha gives up all her jewelery to them but they still force her to give them the baby! Radha pushes them off and runs off..! 

Part 2
Harshvardhan is brought to police station .. n RKs fans keep agitating! Harshvardhan asks to call his lawyer and says that din do anything! Reporter say wanna ask Harshvardhan questions! Repoters ask him why he killed RK and his family ?? Why punished RKs innocent baby ..? Why ur son Abhay is not back from foreign yet? RKs fans start throwing stones at Harshvardhan..! They break the police barrier and beat up Harshvardhan..! 

Part 3

Harshvardhans lawyer comes and checks that he is dead..! Cops watch silently! Radha is hiding from the goons at the station ..! She hits the goons and rushes..! The train to Mathura starts to leave the platform and Radha boards it just in the nick of time..! Radha tells the baby that she will do all to keep he safe..!!

Precap — A pandit is travelling with Radha and says we have arrived at Mathura..! He asks her where she is going ?? She says no idea…!

Update Credit to: Armu4eva

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