Madhubala 4th February 2013 Written Episode Update

Madhubala 4th February 2013 Written Episode, Madhubala 4th February 2013 Written Update

Part 1

RK tells Bittu on phone that.. the name of the village is.. Pend..or something..! He screams on Bittu to find out the place n slams the phone..! The bullock cart rider gets coins for him …so he can make any number of calls..! RK is bemused and walks off..! The kids.. keep repeating RKs steps.. n he ends up falling on haystick heap..! He fumes!

The houselady goes to give.. food to the cows..! Madhu is cutting potatoes.. n makes veggies..! She makes..rotis..! RK comes and says.. she is his personal property and became.. personal assitant of others..! Madhu says…they din make…she doing on her own..! She says..they are nice people..! She reasons..she is practising for future life..when they will live a simple life..! She asks him to practise..! RK says..he knows

it all..! Madhu asks.. RK which song Bittu will sing.. ‘Yaad aa rahi hai..’! RK blows the fire in the fireplace n the flames go in his eyes..! Madhu watches.. and smiles..! RK says.. Lag gai aag..! Madhu says.. that happened long back..! RK-Madhu eyelock..! Madhu says..talking of the fireplace! Madhu says..she used to play.. ghar ghar.. as a kid. . n RK says..he used to play ghar-lat-mar-ke-tod! RK offers to help..! Madhu says.. no need! The houseguy says.. to get milk from Nandini! RK offers to get it.. Madhu tries to stop ..! RK says.. he is RK ..he can do all.. n goes to get milk..! RK comes out and screams… Nandini n the houseguy says.. the cow is Nandini . ! RK says.. i cant .. n then sees Madhu smiling n says.. i can..! RK comes near the cow.. n the cow keeps moving..! The houseguy ..teaches RK how to get milk..! He tells RK that he needs 2 litres..!

RK goes near the cow.. n says.. Hauslo se veer ho.. Gai se zyada balveer ho.. Come on ACtion hero. .think its Comando Mission ..get in ACtion..! RK keeps moving behind the cow n the cow moves..! Madhu laufs.. ! RK asks..why is she laufing . .n if she knows how to milk cow? Not to lauf … as cow will get hurt.! Madhu says.. a while back.. kids wanted ! RK talks to the cow.. calls it Nans.. n says..he is RK .. he is english cow..! He says.. he has never done such a thing so request to keep his repute.. ! RK starts to milk the cow..! Madhu watches..impressed..! MAdhu tells RK that its a new life.. new world..! RK says..which looks beautiful .. with her.. ! RK-Madhu smile.. eyelock..! BG- Tere ishq pe jaan kurban! RK blows some milk on Madhu..! Nans groans n RK says.. to its his Baiko .. a bit nuts.. not as mature as Nans..! RK Madhu smile..!

At night.. the houseguy is drinking.. n he calls RK to join him..! He tells RK that..he has fixed the bed.. n that.. he doesnt know how he keeps calling him with different names..! He offers RK to drink n he says..doc said not to drink so..! The guy says..his doc said no too..but he got the doc hooked to drinks..! RK agrees to take a sip ..! RK is high.. n says.. that.. if God cant manage.. why stick so many stars.. in the sky.! Houseguy says.. the biggest star is on earth. .Rishabh Kundra..! RK says..he knows his name? Why calling weridly then..! The houseguy says..coz his wife is big fan of RK! The houselady is decking up Madhu…! She shares…she loves Rajesh Khanna…n wanted a hubby like him! The houseguy says..his nuts about RK n made him go to Mum! RK says.. biwi o biwi..kisi ki nahi sunti..budha ho ya jawan..! Houseguy says.. his wife.. went nuts .. seeing RK in shooting..and made him wear.. the same clothes n she wore Mumtaz clothes..! Madhu asks the houselady how she looks n she says.. like Mumtaz..! The houseguy says.. thats why he calls RK weirdly! RK says.. nice n then excuses himself..!

Part 2

RK comes inside the room and its dark..! He calls out Madhus name..! But there is no answer..! He finds a gajra on the bed.. n sees it tied to a long series..! He keeps pulling at it.. and comes out… n finds Madhu holding the other end..! Bindiya Chamkegi.. stars.. n Madhu dances..! RK drools..! Madhu does all cute ada.. n twirls in RKs arms..! She leads RK under a tree..! She pushes.. him .. and he fumes..! Madhu jumps in RKs arms n he puts her on the ground..! RK fumes.. n Madhu pulls her ears..! She keeps dancing..! RK suddenly holds her hand..!

Part 3

RK closes in on Madhu..! RK-Madhu eyelock..!

Precap — Madhu says.. he is perfect husband material .. even if his mouth is stinking ..! She says..she is dying to start a new life with him.. and today wont refuse.. him for anything..! RK carries Madhu to the bed n is on top of her..! Screen freezes on RK-Madhus lips..!

Update Credit to: Armu4eva

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