Madhubala 3rd October 2013 Written Episode Update


Madhubala 3rd October 2013 Written Episode, Madhubala 3rd October 2013 Written Update

Part 1

Mehul says presenting Madhubala All clap…! As the flashlight falls on Madhu ..she turns away from it.. but RK holds her hand Embarrassed n she recollects her life journey!

Kuku wonders how did this happen? Sikky says it happened.. n Amar says wont let RK win!

RK asks Madhu to look beyond the camera n hold her head high..! Media asks her to look at them and she asks where to look? RK says wherever she wants coz world has to look at her.. now!

Reporter asks Madhu questions and she is overwhelmed! RK says no interview now.. focus on face now and Madhus voice will be heard at right time! Right now.. dunno if right time or not but gotta say.. I LOVE U and Madhu smiles and is more confident! They walk out of the room arms in arm..!

Kuku cribs to Amar about

how his claims are falling by the sideway..! Sikky teases Kuku saying ur so pretty and Kuku chides him!

Amar says no matter how much a frog leaps cannot touch the sky..! He says every day there is mahurat here but not all movies are completed nor released.. so wait and watch!

Its raining and RK driving… asks Madhu why on stage all of sudden? Madhu says..coz he used to say she is a bad actress and he wont work with her and then says din want Simmy to be heroine .. n RK shushes her and says know u cant see me defeated!

RK says what she did for him…can do anything for u. n Madhu says drive fast wanna reach home… as missed meeting Pabhos Guruji ..! He says Bhagwan ne tumhe fursat se banaya hai.. Shakal di Madhubala ki aur Dil diya Mrs. Kundra ka!

Dips cribs about missing out on going to Mahurat..! Media calls her and asks for bytes! She says even i can be part of this movie..! Media says so family film. .. RK hero.. Madhu heroine and u too in it! Dips shocked! Bittu informs Radha and says how Madhu saved RK by saying yes..!

RK Madhu arrive and RK says.. God is clicking ur pics..! Dips meets them on the way and fumes on them ..! Pabho is lost in Gurujis words ..! Dips asks RK what he din see in her.. that he saw in Madhu She keeps cribbing and RK asks her to go inside!

Part 2

RK says i won half the war.. and for that my wife. .my new costar.. Madhubala has supported me..! Pabho shocked!

Part 3

RK says how Madhu helped him by stepping in for the heroine who din turn up! He says all happened coz of Pabhos blessings and says. .now whole world will see our love not just hear about it..!

RK says know u upset with Madhu .. coz she din meet Guruji ..but if Madhu din come there i did have been sorry on her behalf..! They take Pabhos blessing and she blesses..!

Madhu still upset and RK asks matter? Madhu says Pabho not happy..! RK reassures her..! Madhu asks is he sure of her doing this and RK says yes.. want u to and confident u will ..! Madhu tells RK that now my turn to say .. I LOVE U and she hugs RK ..! There is thundering and RK says. .thanks Bappa got ur blessings!

Precap — Dips says first time RK lied and broke our trust! Pabho says to think before saying anything or she will regret…! Dips says will show u.. and shows Pabho Madhus audition tape! Pabho shocked! …

Update Credit to: Armu4eva

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