Madhubala 3rd March 2014 Written Episode Update

Madhubala 3rd March 2014 Written Episode, Madhubala 3rd March 2014 Written Update

Part 1

AK asks Madhu u accept? Madhu self thot.. Neki aur puch puch .. PK ur too fast! Madhu nods ..! AK says speak out? Madhu nods! AK says ..ur job starts right now..! He drops Madhu at her place to keep the veggies and Madhu is surprised! AK stops car outside Madhus home and says.. lemme and Madhu says.. what? Open the door..! Eyelock..! Madhu asks AK how he will manage burden of being jobless.. and her salary..! AK says.. hurry up before i fire u..!

Ayesha takes leave of Pam to go to friends place..! Ayesha kisses Bebe’s forehead and wishes her quick recovery..! Pam says all is going as per plan! Right then someone comes screaming Bebe’s name..! Pam says.. Dolly Bebe is alive.. not to mourn..! Her hubby Tittu says.. dun says such things..! They ask for Bebe and Annie

comes screaming.. who is this? She sees them and says.. chacha-chachi ..! They ask for AK and Pam says.. he is not around.. go to ur room.. n says.. Nikhil to call AK and inform about their arrival ..! Dolly-Tittu rush to meet Bebe!

Madhu self talk … thank u PK gave me job..! It will be fun to work with Bebe..! She notices Bittu and is worried that if he sees AK … it will be a mess..! Bittu spots Madhu and says.. Lela is crazy. .making u slog so much..! Madhu says have to go to work.. as have to earn extra for Radha’s treatment..! Bittu says fine.. lemme get rick for u..! Madhu says.. pointing to AK’s car and says..boss has sent car..! Bittu offers to drop Madhu to the car and Madhu is panic stricken if Bittu sees AK..!

Nikhil calls AK and says.. Chacha chachi are here. .n AK says coming in a while..! AK asks for Bebes meds and Nikhil says.. will ensure all is well with Bebe! Madhu worries that .. if she sits next to AK in front seat.. Bittu will be suspicious and if she sits in the back seat.. AK will fume! Bittu as the car windshield covered and tells AK drive safely …who is talking on phone! Madhu tells AK to drive off..! AK asks what is this? Madhu says long story!

Servant gives Nikhil the meds for Bebe and he says ..if i dun give the meds to Bebe.. she will die and AK will go mad.. and trust’s entire money will be ours! AK asks Madhu why called me driver? Madhu says.. long story.. ! AK says not interested.. and asks her to come in the front ..! Madhu wiggles her way to the front seat and says.. i am a bit weird.. but i care for Bebe..a lot! AK thanks her..! Madhu says not needed.. i care for my Dida too! AK say sorry to Madhu ..for ruining her veggies..! He tells Madhu to put the seat belt on .. she is confused! AK helps her. .n leans towards her..! Eyelock! BG- Adha ishq..!AK says.. paas.. aur paas.. ever since u came in my life.. i have changed..! Madhu is drooling! Suddenly AK says.. now i know what this stink is.. u..! Madhu asks what? AK says ur hair oil! Madhu says.. thats herbal oil ..keeps hair.. healthy..! AK says.. STOP .. means STOP!

Dolly comes and calls out to Bebe..! Bebe says.. my Sher-e-kaum is here! Dolly sulks …and says.. u r ur own fave.. like Karena.. u din call me..! Bebe says.. sorry will inform u before next heart attack! Dolly says..let Mogambo type of people get heart attacks..! Dolly- Tittu says. now we wont leave u ever! Suddenly Bebe coufs..!

Part 2

Dolly curses the nurses … for not caring for Bebe and Bebe says.. fire them all! Dolly says.. and that fat Pam too ..! Bebe says .. one side its u..caring for me.. and other side ..Secretary (Pam)! Dolly says.. dun say that.. caring for elders is inbuilt in me..! Nurse asks Dolly to get meds for Bebe..! She goes! Bebe apologizes to Tittu for keeping him .. tied to her for so many years.. and he says its ok..! They praise Dolly for her caring nature!

Part 3

Dolly taunts Nikhil and he says.. i tried to impress u .. but u dun seem to like me enouf..! Dolly says..tried but u din impress me..! Nikhil says.. u need something? Dolly tells him to stay in his limit.. he is a ghar jamai ..! She calls out for the servant..! Nikhil says.. ghar jamai nahi.. maine ghar me jaga jamai hai..! He says all to beware of him! Nikhil looks at Dolly-Tittus pic and says what if.. Bebe dies and u both are to blame? He tells security to inform him as soon as AK arrives..!

Bebe is struggling and nurse says get the meds..! Dolly wonders where is Nikhil .. he had the meds..! Nurse asks for meds.. ! She calls Doc to inform..! Dolly asks for Nikhil and Annie says.. must have given meds to someone..! All are worried for Bebe..! Bebe starts bleeding from the nose..!

Precap — AK is waiting for the lift but Nikhil blocks it..! Dolly and all are scared for Bebe..!

Update Credit to: Armu4eva

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