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Madhubala 3rd July 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Madhu coming in RK’s room ad seeing someone trying to kill him. She says leave him. She says you wanted to scare me, but I will not be scared as you are human and have a shadow. She says go from here. The man says first I will kill RK and then you. They hold Madhu and suffocate her. Madhu tries to scream. RK gets up and beats them up saving Madhu. Madhu coughs and sees RK fighting. One of them runs and RK catches the other. RK runs after them. Someone pushes Dida and RK runs to her. He asks are you fine. Dida says yes. Madhu looks on.

Dau ji, Tara and Agni come out. Agni asks Madhu, how can you do this, now the souls will be angry, don’t know who will die now, now bad signs. RK says no souls, humans came in being souls, they tried to kill me even today, I have the proof

too. Bhanu comes there. RK says I have the proof and will present to Dau ji tomorrow. Bhanu and Agni look at each other. Agni asks Bhanu what proof does RK have. Bhanu says don’t know, maybe the men we called, they left something for RK, maybe he will tell that. Agni says call them. Bhanu says I can’t call them, as I told them to keep phone off for few days, we have to go and meet them. She says fine, we will say we are going for puja and go. Bhanu says we will take Dau ji with us.

Its morning. Dau ji and everyone were going to temple. RK asks where are they going. Bhanu says temple, as this should not happen again. RK says I guarantee it. Agni says lets go now. They leave. RK calls someone and asks to come upstairs fast. Madhu comes to RK. He says thanks for saving my life yesterday night, if I thank you, you will say you did it for humanity, I m sure Bhanu called those men and the puja idea was his, support me for last time to bring his truth infront of Dau ji.

The man comes to keep cameras everywhere. RK says fix camers everywhere, with sound too, fix mic too. He says take much money but the work should be done good. RK tells his plan to Madhu. The man asks where to keep monitor. RK says the place where no one goes. Madhu says in Bhabhi’s room, no one goes there. She leaves. RK says its good she started talking to me. Bhanu and everyone come back home. They see the man leaving and asks who is he. RK asks him to leave. RK says it was courier man.

Bhanu is in his room. Madhu brings tea for him. Bhanu laughs and says I will drink even poison by your hand. RK sees them. Bhanu sees red ink in the tea cup and throws it. He asks whats this. Madhu asks why did you get afraid, you are great in killing people, be it Bai ji, you have sent people to kill RK, RK has got them and will present them infront of Dau ji, how will you be saved now. Bhanu laughs and says no one can catch me, you think Dau ji will agree, I made Dau ji what he is, all his property is on my name. Madhu says such a big fraud. If I tell this to everyone. Bhanu says so what, did everyone agree about Bai ji’s death, when RK was going Mumbai, I attacked him. RK fumes hearing this.

Bhanu says as I wanted to kill him, hut he got saved, I made him a 5 year old child, I send goons to kill you too, even RK came there. He says even my goon attacked you at Kaal Bhairov mandir. He says go and tell, no one will listen to you, I will make you bath with blood. Madhu leaves smiling. RK gets angry.

Bhanu goes out too. RK thinks of Bhanu’s words. He gives an angry expression. He thinks that Madhu told the truth and he did not believe her. He sees Madhu and stops. He says sorry and thanks, now you showed me the meaning of humanity, thanks as you exposed the lies and opened my eyes, and sorry for I did not believe you. She says no use of sorry and thanks, I did not do any crime, even then I got punished, now you know the truth, I will see how you punish Bhanu now.

Dau ji packs her bag. RK comes and asks where is he going. Dau ji says going back to village, this city did not suit me, I m leaving you here today, don’t know we will meet again or not. He says I love you more than your dad would have done if he was alive. RK says no Dau ji, you can’t go from here, first see who is ours and strangers, come with me, see the proof and then you decide, if your son was alive, he would have not loved you as much I do. Dau ji smiles and holds him.

Everyone gather in the living room. RK works on his laptop to show them the video. Dau ji says show us fast, what did you bring that you stopped me from going to village. Madhu and Dida come there with their bags. RK asks where are you going Dida. Dida says this is house matter and I don’t want to interfere in this. RK says you are also family member, explain her Madhu. Dida says no, I don’t want anyone here to be ashamed infront of me, so I will leave. She greets everyone and asks them to take care of Madhu. RK says yes. Dida leaves. RK puts the CD. Madhu thinks now everyone will know the truth.

Bhanu apologizes to Dau ji. RK asks Dau ji to do justice. Dau ji aims a gun at Bhanu.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Wow what a amazing epi plz don’t end this serial
    @colors if u want to end some serial finish beintehaa and rangrasiya

  2. Why will they end it while they have already finished Bani

    1. for shastri sisters i guess.

  3. Sharan you are right plz meiej end mat karo koi serial khatam kar na ha too rangrasiya karo plz pagal ka show.

  4. You guys are just mad. How dare you to say to end rangrasiya for this idiotic serial madhubala.

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