Madhubala 3rd February 2014 Written Episode Update


Madhubala 3rd February 2014 Written Episode, Madhubala 3rd February 2014 Written Update

Part 1

All are excited for the function for Rishbala baby..! Right then Harshvardhan comes clapping n says.. after ruining us.. u r celebrating?

Harshvardhan asks what he will get by ruining him? RK says am a parter in the film. .n m losing money too..!!

Harshvardhan says.. ur sick RK .. but ur messing with wrong person! RK says.. u started..n i promise will end it..! RK asks Lambha what he said in the conference? RK is insecure?

RK asks them to go tell press..! RK says .. u gambler.. u think u will write RKs destiny?? RK says dun need Abhay Kapoors help .. RK used to walk alone n will in future..!

RK says.. gave 15 back to back hit films…n then became superstar..! RK says.. bragging.. RK is insecure? RK says.. tomorrows headline will be.. RK has replaced

Abhay …! Lambha asks who will work with u?? RK calls Pai ..!

Says wanna do the film … wont take advance ..give bulk dates for shoot n promotions too..!! Pai agrees to give him the film ..!

RK says to Lambha dun build misconceptions … n tells Harshvardhan .. am the king of this empire..! Harshvardhan swears to ruin RK ..!! RK says used to all this… only famous n successful people have enemies..!

RK says.. not scared of anyone .. n Harshvardhan says..must be scared of death atleast? He says.. my son is my life.. n i will end u forever..!! Harshvardhan says.. start counting..ur days! RK claps..says ur dialogs are recorded in CCTV! Harshvardhan.. says.. will destroy u RK..!!!

All are worried for RK! RK tells his daughter.. dun worry..RK is like that.. think its ur dads movies scene..! Madhu is very worried..! RK says.. now all focus on namkaran function ..

RK says.. handsome papa ki beautiful beti… she is like me! Bittu is like her mom ..!!

Lela comes to the function …! Baby Rishbala cries..! Bittu plays with her..! Madhu says now both kids.. will grow up n play together! Lela is more interested in Madhus jewelery …

Suddenly she feels labor pains.. n Bittu .. she.. head for hosp!

Harshvardhan swears that.. RK will die a painful death..

The namkaran function starts..! RK says.. its Madhubala..

Harshvardhans men enter the function ..

Sikky says.. music n dance.. n RK says.. yes ofcourse.. RK will dance..!! Radha says its cold here.. n Madhu brings in scarf she made for her..!

Music starts.. Rishbala dance on Mere Hath me..!! All watch ..! Rishbala back hug n look at Radha holding Jnr Madhubala..! They caress her face n kiss her..!! Madhubala Jnr is crying so Radha takes her out.. for a walk..!!

Part 2

RK says need a promise… u got ur daughter.. but need ur promise.. if u had to choose out of two.. who will u choose.. RK or daughter? Madhu fumes.. n says.. u both r my life..

RK says.. uski biwi sirf uski hai..! Madhu says.. am with u.. n will b with u always.. will live with u.. n die with u… thats my promise..! RK says i love u.. n Madhu says i love u too..! RK asks what about second kid?

A black jeep comes.. Harshvardhans men take the bombs from there..! Radha notices from far..!

The men put the time bombs in the hall n leave from there..! Radha is about to go inside but baby cries so Radha stops..!!

RK says i love u Biwi n Madhu says i love u too ..Suddenly the bomb explodes and Radha looks around horrified!

Precap — Radha is cornered by goons . .n they ask her to give them the baby ..! Radha offers all her jewelry but goons still ask for the baby!…

Update Credit to: Armu4eva

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