Madhubala 31st October 2013 Written Episode Update


Madhubala 31st October 2013 Written Episode, Madhubala 31st October 2013 Written Update

Part 1

Pabho is pacing at the mansion hall recollecting Madhus words and says.. Madhu cant win.. coz her victory is.. loss for me and RKs life! She wonders what she can do..?

Pabho says. someone should be with me..whom Madhu obeys..and that person obeys me…!

Madhu tells Mehul din like this scene …! Mehul says.. know u had an issue.. but next scene will be relax.. next scene .all will be well!

Mehul explains next scene..! Mehul calls out to RK but he does not respond! Madhu too asks him to stop joking..! Madhu notices blood on her hand..! She rushes to RK..! She tries to wake RK up. .but no response.. all rush to RK…! They call for ambulance!

Pabho comes to Radha.. and acts nothing important.. but Radha insists to share..! Pabho says.. Madhu

mite be shooting but a married cannot compromise her vrat like this …! She says i know u will say RK doesnt believe but compromising such vrat can create havoc..!

RK is rushed to hosp..! Roma asks Madhu to let RKs hand go. as he is rushed to emergency room.! Madhu feels guilty ..!! Radha-Pabho- Dips rush there..! Madhu tells all ..! She says. i stabbed RK..with my own hands! Radha is horrified..! Pabho tells Madhu ..she is right..she is to blame! Pabho says if Madhu had any guilt she would have stabbed herself..! Doc comes n asks to keep silence!

He says.. RK is in critical condition .. lot of internal bleeding.. next 72 hours are too crucial ..! News channels report .. RK is in hosp n serious..! They say maybe it could be a stunt too ..! Amar laufs out.. saying good if he dies..! Kuku is shocked..! Asks how did u do it? Amar points to Sikky ..!

Kuku fumes on Sikky ..! Amar says..told him not to tell u..! Kuku fumes on Amar n walks off ! Sikky follows..!

Part 2

Pabho tells Radha .. told u all is happening coz of Madhu ..n her stars..! Told u if we have to keep RK safe .. we have to do something with this girl! Radha is shattered.. ! Pabho says Madhu Rishabh ka KAAL hai..!

Part 3

Madhu comes to Bappa and recollects Pabhos words..! She prays her ill fate to go off ! She apologises to Radha..! Radha slaps her and blames Madhu for everything..! Pabho watches from afar!

Precap — Doc says RK is critical..! He says we have to pray that.. his situation doesnt deteriorate or else..! Madhu and all are shocked!

Update Credit to: Armu4eva

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