Madhubala 31st May 2013 Written Episode Update


Madhubala 31st May 2013 Written Episode, Madhubala 31st May 2013 Written Update

Part 1

RK welcomes Neeta Lulla… n introes her to Radha as most famous designer..!

Neeta congratulates RK ..for the big day..! She says..she has come personally with Madhus wedding lehenga!

RK takes permission to see it.. n says.. its beautiful

Radha says.. what about her lehenga ..she gifted to Madhu n RK says.. its ur u wear it Neeta leaves.. n RK says THANK U so much…!

Sikky is talking to the mirror n says.. Hai m Sikandar Bhatia. u married? Right then Dips comes.. n he says. he should start wedding planner firm!

He says.. they will get all big celebs married.. agar GALTI se Firm chal jae.. Dips says.. all big celebs r married n Sikky says.. Salman n Ranbir!

Sikky says..firm name.. DipSik Sikiali ..

Bittu and RK are enjoying

n Bittu is high n RK asks to lauf softly .. as Madhu doesnt know..

RK says. .one sher..

main aapka chief ..dhum dham se shadi karne achala

theek se pakadke rakhiye apna glass.. main isme do jaam bharne chala!

Bittu says.. drank too much.. n m TUN ..if drink more..will be TUN-TUNA! RK makes Bittu sit.. to yap more but Dips comes n she gifts shampagne.. n says..advance congo!

Radha is on the phone talking to jeweler n Madhu takes her moby n says..sit down n rest.. n Radha says..still work n Madhu says .. talked to all ..! Radha grimace in pain n Madhu asks her to sit n applies oil to massage Radhas feet! She remembers her mom (Paddo) … n goes serious.. !

Radha says..she will talk to Paddo again… n till Rishbala are happily married ! Radha get married rightaway..! Madhu says.. m ready. .but her superstar son is sleeping n will take days to get ready!

RK says.. luck brings style.. for hi m.. people celebrate bachelor party with friends but his enemies are celebrating.. with him..! Bittu-RK hug n says.. LOVE U BITTU JI..!

Sikky says . .RK doesnt like him coz he married her ex g.f n RK says.. he deserves compensation for handling such a burden like Dips! Sikky helps Bittu to the guest room! RK asks Dips to leave. .but comments .. her silence is just as irritating as her talk.. ! Dips says.. wont say.. anything.. coz..action is better than words!

RK sneaks into Radhas room … Madhu hears noise n goes to check n Rishbala collide..! RK asks her to come to their room n Madhu sniffs n says..he is drunk n asks him to leave but RK picks her up forcefully and brings to room!

Rishbala lie down in bed side by side..! BG- Ek pal dur gawara nahi..! RK removes all the pillows n holds Madhus hand.. n falls asleep..!

Madhu is talking but turns n sees RK asleep! She says.. STUPID..!!

Part 2

Madhu is walking hand in hand with RK n cribs to him for waking her up..n also not talking.. to her n sleeping! She asks why he carried her forcefully?

RK says..important..coz.. he cant sleep without seeing her face.. n says.. if she doesnt wanna go before Radha wakes up.. she will call him . .n Madhu closes his mouth n hugs him n sneaks back in the room!

Next day morning.. Sikky is holding head n cribbing about headache..! He is in blue sherwani ..n Dips in white n blue..! RK comes down. .in gold-blue sherwani..!

Sikky asks Dips to put hand on heart n say who is more handsom . .him or RK? Dips says..put hand on head n answer..!

RK asks Radha not to put kala tikka its old fashioned.n says.. better says looking handsom.! Radha says..she is .oldfashioned … so puts tika on him ..! He puts on her too!

RK asks Bittu to take meds to cure hangover..!

Part 3

Sikky cribs of hangover. .n Bittu asks him to shut up

Jewler comes.. n Dips takes the jewelery from him..! Dips hopes the FAKE jewler comes too!

Precap — Madhu in bridal attire and in Rishbala bedroom n is in tears and tells Sultan that she was doing wrong..! Sultan tells Madhu that..he has come.. so RK wont do anything wrong with her..! Madhu asks him why he has come n Madhu take her back home!

Update Credit to: Armu4eva

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