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Madhubala 31st July 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with RK drinking the juice. Madhu smiles and thanks Kanha for giving her idea to mix medicine in juice and make RK drink it. RK asks Madhu to drink now and she drinks it holding her nose. Leela talks to Bittu and asks why is RK resting if he fell from two stairs, ask him to work so that we get money. Bittu asks her to stand by someone’s pain and sufferings. He says have pity on me now. She says I want my money then I won’t come to you. He leaves. She says your garage will get fire and will be shut soon. Madhu sees RK sleeping and cries thinking about doctor’s words to arrange Rs 2.5 lakhs.

Bittu works in the garage and says RK is not well and should take rest. RK comes and says Madhu has let me come here on the condition that I won’t work but can make you work. Bittu

asks him to sit and guide him. Madhu reads the newspaper and wants to give the interview for the call centre. She says she is ready to work in night shift. He asks about her experience. She says yes I have, I was superstar Abhay Kapoor’s secretary. Madhu asks RK to come and have the veg juice. She gets worried as he runs on the stairs. He asks what happened. She says I m afraid since you fell off the stairs.

She gives him the juice and he says first you. They drink the juice. She says I have to go to doctor today. He says I will also come. She says no, I will go alone. He says fine, but let me go to garage. She says fine, you can just sit there, no work. He says ok just sitting. RK sees Bittu working and asks him to open the tyre first and pull it out. RK says I will do it. Bittu says you are not well, don’t do it. RK does the work. Madhu comes and reacts seeing RK work. She says the doctor asked you to rest, then why did you work after I went. RK says I was helping Bittu.

Madhu scolds him and Bittu too. Bittu says I asked him not to work, and gives explanations. Madhu cries and says if he faints againm, come home now. RK says I m not a kid. Madhu says you are making me angry. RK says even I m getting angry, don’t try to control me. Leela hears this fight. RK says if I don’t work then who will work. RK says come, lets go to doctor and ask what happened to me that I do as you say. He says she is joking of my innocence. Madhu says please come home. Bittu asks him to go and take rest. RK says no. Madhu says fine, be here. She leaves.

Agni asks Dau ji to have kheer after food. He says I will get fat if you give me by so much love. He says I m missing RK a lot. He asks her to call RK. Agni says he should have called you daily. Dau ji says he is worried and starting new life, he is busy. Agni calls RK and he does not take the call being upset. Dau ji says call again. Agni calls again. RK cuts the call. Dau ji says call Madhu, lets talk to her and find out. Madhu cries talking to Kanha ji and says how to explain RK, I can’t tell him as doctor asked me not to tell him. RK calls Madhu and she cuts the call. She says I m also angry and won’t come to you now. Dau ji calls her and she says I don’t want to talk to you. Dau ji says its me Dau ji, what happened, did RK do anything. She says no, he was calling me again and again, so I felt its him. Dau ji asks is she fine. She says yes. He says did RK tell anything, tell me, I will pull his ear. Madhu stops from saying about RK’s illness. She cries. Dau ji asks is everything fine. Is RK’s health fine. She says he is fine, I will tell you if anything happens. Leela hears this last time and thinks Madhu is complaining to Dau ji, now see how I make this spark a big fire.

Bittu tries to explain RK to see the situation, as Madhu is going to be mum, and her mood swings will be there, she can get unwell if you fight with her. RK says I know this, but she can’t control me. RK says she stopped me from driving taxi as she did not like it, she made me have veg juice and now shouted here on me infront of everyone. RK says from where will the money come if I don’t work. Bittu asks him not to be angry and patch up now. He asks him to have rest. RK says leave me alone for some time, I will go. Bittu says fine, take care and leaves.

Agni asks Dau ji what happened. Dau ji says Madhu was crying, she is in problem. Agni says RK left all this property to do honest work. Dau ji says its not easy. She asks if he wants to come back, say no to him. Dau ji says its his house, he can come anytime. Leela brings tea for RK and fills his ears against Madhu saying she does not respect her husband, as she feels you are useless and won’t earn money for her. You are not giving her a good life. He says don’t create a scene, I know Rani very well. She says I heard her saying this, Madhu has complained to Dau ji about him. RK confirms and is shocked. Leela says I request you not to tell anyone, else Madhu will go to Bittu and cry. Then Bittu will get angry on me, so don’t tell her, have tea, your head ache will go. She leaves.

RK doubts Madhu seeing her talk strangely on phone hiding something.

Update Credit to: Amena

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