Madhubala 31st July 2013 Written Episode Update

Madhubala 31st July 2013 Written Episode, Madhubala 31st July 2013 Written Update

Part 1

Madhu tells Sultan.. he was the one who used to talk of ideals.. principles n now he has forgetting all that he has stopped so low.. n getting lowre..! She says.. he has cheated.. all . .his mom son all …! Sultan says she chated him .. asked her to come to meet but she got cops! Sultan says no probs.. not caught yet. n no one knows.. he is alive . n still now.. RK is behind bars for killing him n till now ..he has not talked of hs deal! Madhu says dun wanna make any deal.! She tried to walk out n Sultan pulled her hand n says.. can go away with hr.. rightnow but RK wont sest till finding her.. Madhu asks.. Sultan to leave her hand n Sutlan says. .wont leave the hand.. he has dreamt a beautiful dream for them n she has to be his..! He says.. want her to break RKs heart.. crush it . .by

divorcing him n coem to him n start life afcresh with him coz.. he wants .. to see RK suffer.. n break his head.. n realise that his Madhu is no longer his ..but is Sultans..! Madhu psuhes Sultyan away! Madhu says. not in his biggest dreams or her nightmare this will come true. so no way in life n Sultan says..have fulfileld all dreams n this too! Sultan says. RK is sunky .. he is crosse sane arms n only she has stopepd him from going totally insane.. only she has kept him calm..! Sultan asks what will hapepn when RK fouynd oyt thatr the girl he loves is not with him . n the girl he is craz about .. is not lov him n his world os love is empty . he will .. go insane. \or die! Madhu says. .if god tells RK ..then also he wont belive..! Sultan says not God.. someone else.. Madhu asks who? He says U ..! Madhu is stunned! Sultan asks ..what will havppen if she .. RKs life goes n tells RK shre wants divorc from him? Madhu says divorce> Sutlan says. .to go away from RKs life.. to be free from this dhoka. .pride world n come into his love fileld world to be his forever..! Madhu says cant happen ever! no matter how many tiesm he tries! Madhu says Rishbala ..cannot be separeated.. Rishbala re bornt for each other.. n wil lnever divorce him! Madhu says. he is asking to be away forever . butc ant for a second minute hour or day..! Madhu says he can trye but she wont go away frojm him! Sultan says.. she wil lhave to ..for him .. only him.coz thats his deal.. for RKs life n freedom..! Sultan says.. Madhu leaves RK n RK leaves jail ..she has no other option! Madhu asks..what will he do? lill her.. then do…! Madhu says if her death.. give RK life ..she is ready to die! Sultan holds MAdhus hand which is on his colalr n says. .this is the tthing… that make shim go crzy .. to do anyting to save the person she loves..! Hate tyhis love n love it too . ..what is use of taking her life..! If she does not listen to hhim ..he willkill RK! He says..just thot.. btu can dos..if she doesnt listedn! He says. .how to kil him? First.. wont come before he suffers n she too n then .. if he comes out.. to finish him off.. .as such.. inside of outside ..easy to kil lhim! Madhu is scared! He asks MAdhu wana save him? Leave him .. n be mine..!

Madhu sstunned..! Sultran says. .he will go nuts but will be alive..! Sultan asks Madhu not to think so much .. n says go n talk to him .. ! He roomises.. notthing will happen to RK..! Madhu stps back n opesn the door n runs ..!

Madu tells Co pthe details at Mansion n Cop asks how come? Paddo says. .is Madhu lying? Suiltan kidannped her n took her .. what if anyting happen to her? Dips smirks.. that.. if anytihg happene..she dod thro biggst party! Co u but its not possible.. ! He says..she is going thru.. stressed times so thinking all this is true.. which is not..! All this is her imagination! MAdhu asks.. is she nuts? Dreaming of Suiltan? Cop says.. they are forced to think..what5ever..she is thinking.. is not real.. They followed th guy she singalled to n it was not sultan..! He says. .the guy lied..sayign he was fishermen n then said.. he n his friends fooled her.. as Sultan.. ! Madhu says.he is mistaken..! She says saw him . .n talked to him.. ! Madhu tll Paddo to do ssomthing tos avehim! Dips says.. for her sake if they believe her.. then why did he let her go ..both times? [Left the biggest weakness of his biggest enemy?] Dips asks Madhu ..if Sultan din think .. that sh wil ltell all to cops if he lets her go? Sh asks MAdhu if she has any idea? Cop says . this rather proves.. Sultan is not alive..! Dips says.. OMG. ! Dips says. if hurting RRK was Sultans intention Sultan coujld have shot him that day.. then.. why he create this fake drama? Cop asks..why did Sultan jneed to do this! MAdhu says.. for him believing or not.. it wont cahnge facts.. if Sultans is not stopped RKs life wil be in danger..! PAddo reassures her.!

At night.. in the prison … RK asks lawyer to speak everythin clearly not add drama! He says. wanna fight. but Madhu has weakend case a lot..! He sayss cop thinks.. wife wanted to save hubby …n so cop not taking interest to investigate! Cop says. Madhu is misktane..! Sultansi over! Lawyer says.. all can be kept ok if Madhu is kept away.. from it..! He advises him not to meet Madhu n try n keep his image good in jail..! Lawyer.. says .told cop to not discriminate n symapthy helps .. first target to get him bail..! Lawyer leaevs.. saying wil lmeet next day with case papers..!

Part 2

RK is sitting in his cell n recollects Madhus words abotu Sultan being alive n lawyre asking him to stay away from MAdhu! He says Madhu n Madhu screams out.. RK . n she says.. felt RK called her n needs hr n she has to go to him! Paddo asks her to calm down n hugs her n says ..all will be well ..!

Next day morning, Madhu is standing in front of mirror… and recollects Sultans deal … Divorce RK .. n Come to me..! She holds her hand n the ring RK gave..! Bittu comes.. and MAdhu says.. ready lets go! Bittu is quiet..! Madhu asks the matter? All well? RK well? Bittu says all well .but.. Madhu asks but? Bittu says … she cant meet RK for few days..! Madhu asks why? What is he hiding? Bittu says. .their lawyer.. Deshmukh ..! His cell rings its from polic estation! Madhus cell rings n its Sultan. n says.. felt sad to know she cant meet RK ever… lambi judai..! Why did it happen? Herad her silly eforts.. mad case worse for RK n he walked towards.. his downfall .more! Madhu fumes .. Sultan says.. get used to this! Sultan asks Madhu.. if she has decided already to divorce RK n becomes Sultans forever?

Part 3

Madhu says now n forever Madhu is RKs n will always be! Sultan says not to say.. atleast give last warning coz this ersult n Madhu asks..what? Madhu syas he cant do anything..n says. .he n his men leave.. coz result she will show them ..coz they cant touch her RK! MAdhu says no power is bigger than God and stronger than love n her RK has .. Gods blsesings n love..! MAdhu tells Sultan ..if he can match up to God..then do..! She says. .till she is laive she is RKs n

Sultan says.. she is challening Sultan ..coz.. now .. RKs bad time started. .she will regrets.. her words! Sultan says.. bewteen her love n her God. .who wil listen.. wait for RKs bad news..! Madhu screams Sutlan? MAdhu keeps trying Sultans number n its unavailable..!

Precap – Madhu tells Radha that Sultan will hurt RK ..coz he said.. in one hour he wil n her cell rings n she receives it n is shocked!.

Update Credit to: Armu4eva

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