Madhubala 30th September 2013 Written Episode Update

Madhubala 30th September 2013 Written Episode, Madhubala 30th September 2013 Written Update

Part 1

RK declares that the Mahurat of RK productions first movie is at 5pm at Sitara Studio and invites all ..including his enemies! All clap! Sikky starts laufing and Dips asks heard some joke? Sikky says.. heard a few days back now understood! Kuku says ur happiness has already been ruined.. the evening will be a shocking one! Pabho tells Madhu that her Guruji is coming in the evening and nothing should happen ..n says send car to receive him and do the welcome aarti too! Madhu says will ensure! Pabho tells Madhu did good aarti.. so 501 as blessing and Madhu says will be back after distributing prasad! Dips says only Rs. 501 can make a chawlbala happy! Pabho says its not the money but the blessing that matters dun stress urself!

Bittu welcomes Mr. Murti and says aarti

is over have prasad! He asks if Murti is bringing the cheque and he says yes …if they fulfill the promise, he will too! Bitu thanks him and Kuku says.. why thanking now.. let the mahurat happen and then we will see! He asks from where did u get the heroine so fast? Is she fair or dark? RK says trying to be James Bond? No need to stress on ur head.. ! He says Fokatlal and Family come in the evening ..coz kuch khilte hue chehre ke sath kuch jalte hue chehre honge to contrast aa jaega..! Bittu wishes them and leaves..!

Madhu is distributing prasad and the cameraman asks for more and Madhu gives! She give two to choreo and she says give to Badshah..! Mehul asks Madhu what can he say to make her agree? Madhu says lemme go! Mehul says when she came to him ..he said no for the movie but she forced him to work in the movie by saying that her hubby put all at stake.. and that remains now too! Madhu says came to remind u of ur passion .this is not my world nor my dun say this! Mehul says think once again ..for the one who can force u not agreeing himself.. tho he wants her to work in this movie.. coz that wish is less than the force of his love for her..! Madhu says sorry! RK asks why? Mehul din like the prasad? Madhu says he said he wanted prasad for home ..i forgot to pack..! Madhu excuses herself! Sikky is eating and Kuku hits him and says if u eat free ..u will have tummy ache! He says Amar has thot a great role for u! Sikky says so Amar realised my worth? Kuku says before that u have to give audition .! Bittu says why heroine is at 5 star? She should be here! Roma says he is jealous..! RK says main Bittu Sharma ye ailan karta hun ke main tumse Roma bahut pyaar karta hun! Roma blushes and says …yes he likes me! Bittu says only saying what is this to make heroine stay at hotel! Roma says its about beauty .. Chimpu ji! Bittu asks why calling me that? RK says if Roma says hotel ..then hotel..! Roma says Chimpu kya jane adrak ka swad. .and Bittu says Roma kya jane lehsun ka swad.. m so tired of her!

Simmy is getting her facial done and her mom tells all the helpers to ensure that she looks so awesome that even Aish asks what her mom ate to give birth to her..! Sikky says.. dekhe jo jalwe husn yaar ke and Kuku says speak from script..! Sikky says rubbish script and Kuku glares n he says.. sorry..m the idiot..! Kuku asks Sikky to call Simmy and he does and says am Hari Prasad from RK mansion …n says ur voice doesnt match Simmy and Simmys mom says its me..! Sikky asks to call Simmy on phone..! He tells her that RK gave her a package and that has a special thing for her..! She sees the package and its white chocolates ..! She asks how RK found out? Sikky says.. RK know his heroines likes dislikes… eat it for sure..! He cuts the call and Simmy eats them! Sikky says am one take artist. .how was audition? Kuku says..what was in the packet? Sikky says white chocolates..! Kuku says now found the connection!

Madhu comes to RK in the room and RK asks not coming to mahurat? Madhu says Pabhos guruji is coming so have to stay here..! RK says since Pabho has come ..Madhu has become Super Bahu ..not Super Biwi! RK says she is his lucky charm when she is not around bad luck comes to him..! Madhu says super lucky? Ever since she came in his life ..he is troubled and RK says..ever since she has come near..Super Romance becomes active! Madhu says overheard RK-Bittus convo..! Madhu says ..overheard that he is finalising a heroine.. he is not happy with! RK says.. shuushh ..till we are together.. majal hai. .thik ki .. ke woh thik na kare ? RK says she overheard their convo not their confidence.! RK says this movie is my lifes biggest fight. .my biggest dream. .my kid..! He says this movie will break all records.. RKs. .and Bollywoods and after this ..her hubby will be Super Producer! Madhu says mujhe tumhare vishwas par pura vishwas hai..! She says i love u .. n RK says i love u too! RK-Madhu hug!

Part 2

Reporter asks RK is it true he has put his all at stake for the movie? RK says life is a risk. .our birth is a risk..! Its only after taking a risk that we would find out if there is ‘dhul or phool’ ahead in life..! Kuku tells Sikky RK will realise the meaning of destruction … aab aaya uth pahad ke neeche! A reporter asks RK that is it true that he is forced to work with a flop director like Mehul coz the industry has banned him ? RK says pehla pathar woh mare jisne kabhi koi paap na kiya ho! He asks if anyone can say they have not failed ever in life? All fall quiet..!

Part 3

RK says this film industry is a game of one Friday…! One Friday bad.. all hell bent to make every day of his life a Sunday..! RK says in his life a Friday will come..and after that his every day will be Monday.. the first day of work..! All smile..! RK says ugte suraj ko to duniya salam karti hai.. thik aise hi the day Mehuls Sunday will become Monday. .all will say.. bunde me dum hai..duniya ne pehchana nahi .. wohi gum hai..!

Reporter asks Mehul if he is happy to work with RK? Mehul says its cliche to say …its his dreams. .but working with RK is like completion of a circle.. my first film was with his father Mohan Kundra and this is poetic justice that my comeback film is with his son RK ..! All smile!

Reporter asks Mehul if he is happy to work with RK? Mehul says its cliche to say …its his dreams. .but working with RK is like completion of a circle.. my first film was with his father Mohan Kundra and this is poetic justice that my comeback film is with his son RK ..! All smile!

Precap — Reporter asks where is RK?? RK breaks things in his room! Reporter asks where is the heroine? Is it that she has withdrawn her particpation? RK takes up a bottle of drink ..! Mehul stays mum in front of the press!

Update Credit to: Armu4eva

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