Madhubala 30th October 2013 Written Episode Update


Madhubala 30th October 2013 Written Episode, Madhubala 30th October 2013 Written Update

Part 1

Madhu tells Pabho not to worry! Pabho fumes! Madhu says we have to do this nivaran! Pabho says wont do this as its crap! Madhu asks about the earlier nivarans and Pabho says that is crap too! Pabho turns to leave and Madhu stops her by her arm and asks did i hear it right? All this is crap? Madhu says i know all this is drama.. and fake.. ! Tell me? Pabho glares at Madhu ..!

Someone comes to meet his office! Focus on the persons shoes! Amar tells the person that what he is gonna do is huge.. if she is ready? The person nods! Amar warns her and says even ur shadow should not know what ur doing and no one should have any doubt that she is part of RKs team but working for amar.. not even RK! Now go on the set!

Pabho asks Madhu if she is blaming him? Madhu says

trying to ifnd that out.. why ur doing all this? U know how much i love RK.. and the home..! U harassed me..troubled me. .so i leave this house.. i did all u wanted.but why u did all this? Pabho asks Madhu if she knows what she is accusing Pabho of? She says what i did.. i did for RK.. n have no other interest! Madhu asks Pabho to swear on RK that all that she made Madhu do was right? Pabho is quiet!

RK tells a costar that Anamika cant behave like this with me.. ! The girl says dunno where Anamika is! RK says..enough.. tired of Anamikas behaviour. she has to decide. .if she wants to fulfil this love or not!

Simmy comes on set and Roma says.. ur mom was waiting for u..! Simmy turns and bumps into the choreo who is wearing same shoes as hers..! Simmy walks off! RK continues screaming on the costar..and Mehul cuts the shot!

Madhu asks Pabho why she cannot swear ? Coz al lthis is fake but not her love for RK! Madhu turns to leave and Pabho says u cant prove anything..! Pabho says.. douse this fire.. before u burn in this..! Pabho says u cannot prove that i did all this..! Pabho says.. RK is ur hubby but my son.. if he has to choose.. he will choose me..! Pabho says if u dun wanna regret.. stay quiet..! Pabho says take a lesson… in the jungle.. a persons silence.. can save them.. coz if there is noise. dunno which animal wil attack..! Madhu comes to Pabho and touches her feet! Madhu says ur forgetting.. told u what is between between us. .no third person will find out! This isnt a jungle.. nor do animals live here.. its our home and humans live here.. so better we keep it as a home! Madhu says. .wont come between u and RK ..u can break my body. not my heart .. nor my courage.. u cannot separate me and RK ever..! Madhu says .. nor from this family coz i wont leave this home.. ever..! Pabho glares at her..!

Mehul checks a knife and says. .perfect. .needed this kind of knife..! Mehul asks about Madhu and Bittu says. on the way.. she din have any scenes. .called her for one shot! Mehul asks if RK read the shot? RK says. .fulfilling his wishes… making Anamika..stab me? Mehul says.. if life were film ..u would have been stabbed 13 times and RK says. .and u would be villain of the film! Madhu appears right then! The shady person shown closing in on RK..!

Mehul says sorry to Madhu for calling her for one shot! Madhu says no probs! Mehul describes the scene.. of Karan seeing Anamika appraoch him and stabbing him! The shady person is walking with knife towards RK! Mehul says.. Karans dream will break and he will realise it was a dream! Madhu says.. din have such a scene before. .why now? RK says.. can say that he got this idea while chopping veggies for salad! Mehul says u know me well! Madhu says this doesnt justify Anamikas character! Mehul says some things are unrelated .. and says how this will make Anamika-Karan come in closer! Mehul suggests to rehearse..! Mehul enacts..! when he stabs RK ..Madhu screams.. n asks if RK is ok? RK says.. yes..! Mehul says..this is fake knife.. Anamika wont react like this..! RK will scream in pain and Anamika will smile! Roma teases Bittu and he fumes! Madhu reads the script which says.. U DESERVED THIS..! Mehul says.. then the dream will break..! Mehul suggets to break for lunch ..and goes to ready the shot..!

Madhu checks RKs stomach..and RK tells Bittu to tell Madhu to remove her hand.. lest she hopes i will say.. MAIN TUMHARE BACHCHE ka BAAP banne wala hun!

Part 2

Rehearsal time..! Madhu tells RK i dun wanna shoot this! RK says to relax n says. .its a good scene .. i liked it..! RK says i know Mehul is nuts. but he has a junoon. which is beautiful ..just like i have..! RK says.. Mehul has found this chance for her.. take out all ur frustrations..! Madhu says.. ok! Mehul says ACTION ..! Madhu and RK walk towards each other and Madhu stabs RK and says.. u deserve this.. ur end should have been something like this only! Mehul says go change. .we will shoot this scene today! The shady person .. comes near the knife.. and changes fake knife with real knife..!

Part 3

Madhu and RK are ready for the shot..! [Madhu is in black saree-blouse and RK in white tshirt and denims! ] The spot gives the knife to Madhu ..! Mehul tells Madhu to relax as its fake knife! He says again that its fake knife..nothing will happen to RK..! Mehul suggests to rehearse and Madhu says no need..lets shoot! Mehul says action and RK-Madhu walk towards each other..! Simmy is standing watching the shoot and so is the choreo..! Madhus hands are shaking! Mehul cuts the shot..! He asks Madhu not to worry..and give the shot! Second time shot is cut..! Mehul says do it with full passion..! Another take .and Madhu stabs RK on the right side of his chest..! RK is shocked..! Madhu says the dialogs and RK collapses ..! Mehul cuts the shot..! Madhu walks off..! All clap..! RK removes the knife but no one notices him lying on the floor..! He passes out..! Madhu feels weird but doesnt turn back!

Precap —- Madhu comes rushing to RK ..and he does not respond..! All rush to RK ..! Madhu asks RK to open his eyes..but he doesnt..! They call ambulance!

Update Credit to: Armu4eva

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