Madhubala 30th May 2013 Written Episode Update


Madhubala 30th May 2013 Written Episode, Madhubala 30th May 2013 Written Update

Part 1

RK says.. round 2 .. Madhubala

Dips cribs that whole life she lied. .n no one caught her. .now she is telling the truth n no one is believing

Radha asks Dips to apply Haldi on Madhu …

Dips comes to Madhu … n says.. dun except blessing of .. ‘Happy Married Life’ .. n Madhu says.. she din.. [Milavati Ghee .. aur Milavati Ashirwad .. Sehat ke liye bura hota hai] n Dips says.. in that case.. gifting a curse.. ‘Sada DUKHI rehna’ … Madhu says THANKS

Radha asks RKwhy is he fuming .. hurt that he cant see Madhu after this? Madhu laufs..! Radha says.. BADMASH..! Bittu applies Haldi on Chief..! RK asks him why crying.. not my Bidaai..!

RK thanks Bittu …for staying by his side… always.. n Bittu says..he din come back on his own.. Madhu send him

back! RK is

Bittu says. ‘Itni chot kha kar bhi bhabhi ji aapse pyaar karti hai Chief aur itni chot dekar bhi aap unse pyaar karte hain’

Rishbala eyelock.! RK is all serious.. Madhu is

Madhu asks Bittu why is RK so sad tell him to smile. .n that its about 1 day n she will be with him. .forever..! Regarding bet.. no chance to win

RK says… Shart to main jeet ke rahunga!

Sultan calls on Madhus moby n Sikky receives the call ..n introes himself as jeweler ..! Dips overhears.. ! Dips takes Madhus moby n realises it was Sultan. n smiles!

Sikky says.. every time she gives KAMEENI type expressions he is anxious

The haldi ceremony ends.. n RK tries to apply Haldi on Madhu n Madhu calls Radha.. She chides him n says..she will beat him now ..

Radha asks Madhu to go upstairs .. in her room n tells RK to go to other room! Madhu says she wont let him break the tradition! Radha says. .Madhu is mature.. n RK .. Gadha.. ! Madhu apes her!

Dips understands the temple ritual .. n smirks

Dips make Sikky call Sultan .. again . .n he thinks he is talking to jeweler n tells the time . .of 5 to 7pm ..!

Kaka asks Sultan to be careful .. n Sultan says.. dun care what happens .. but have to reach to Madhu to bring her from RK mansion ..dun want her life in danger!

Part 2

Madhu is dabbing her face after the haldi rasam. .n hears footsteps.. n covers her face.. n says .. he cant come inside..

She reminds RK .. he lost.. Mr. Kundra.. RK .. Superstar .. urf LOSER

RK smiles n goes away..! Madhu opens the door to look for him .. RK surprises her.. n Madhu keeps her face covered..n says he lost . so leave!

RK says..she lost.. HERSELF n bet too!

RK makes Madhu rewind to morning.. n he put haldi behind her ear while putting her earing on..!

RK says.. won in morning n Madhu asks why the acting? RK says. DRAMA .. else how wuld she enjoy (RK pulls Madhu close)

Part 3
RK says.. moral of the DRAMA is …

RK ko kabhi challenge mat karna..
kyunki challenge khud RK se darta hai ke woh har jaega
Aur ye kabhi mat kehna ke jab main chahun main tumhe nahi dekh sakta!

RK is called n Madhu pushes him away.. RK leaves.. singing.. ‘Main wapas aaunga.. ja raha hun main yahan jaan apni chodke’ ..! Madhu smiles..!

Precap — Paddo asks Sultan why he is not doing anything n not stopping Rishbala wedding? Sultan says..he will try to convince Madhu .. n if that doesnt happen then…! Trish is shocked..!

Update Credit to: Armu4eva

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