Madhubala 30th July 2013 Written Episode Update

Madhubala 30th July 2013 Written Episode, Madhubala 30th July 2013 Written Update

Part 1

Radha asks Madhu to go ahead.. while she breaksdown
Paddo asks her to calm down n keep faith .. but she rues.. nothing left to have faith on!
She rues..that upon being released RK wont talk to her.. n Paddo reassures her.. that Madhu will convince RK to talk to her..! She thanks Paddo for giving birth to Madhu! Paddo reassures.. Madhu will teach Sultan a lesson n Dips overhears!
Radha tells Paddo ..that Madhu asked her to keep it a secret..!
Madhu arrives at Fishermen colony n Bittu says. .doesnt look good but Madhu says all will be ok!
Madhu is holding the Ganesh idol ..n prays to it..!
Madhu walks inside the colony n feels Sultan looking at her..! She turns but he hides..! Sultan is about to reach out to Madhu when she nods at someone and Sultan gets

He hides. .behind a fishermen net and fumes on her..! Dips calls Sultan n warns him about Madhus plan! He says. .not ur PYAAR but her PLAN has brought her there!
Sultan says.. giving late news.. already saw that..! Dips asks if heartbroke or burnt or heard some noise? Sultan asks anything more n she says..she talked of teaching a lesson n Sultan cuts the call n rues.. why did u do this?
RK says to cop if anything happened to Madhu .. he will set the world on fire..and that she put herself on bet to catch Sultan! Cop says .. CBI unit protecting her..!
Cop asks Madhu to be careful.. as he can kidnap her! Madhu says.. he could have if he wanted.. yesterday .. came here for RK n will get his freedom at all cost!
Sultan comes near Madhu … glaring at her..! She turns n screams.. ! All cops rush to him but Sultan runs with his face covered..! He fights a few cops away from his way..and runs off..! [Cops keep chasing him thru streets]
Sultan hides in a corner and when he starts running.. he gets caught..! Cop asks Madhu to identify but Bittu tells her to go home n goes to identify..!
Cop tells RK the news and RK is bit apprehensive..!
The CBI arrives with cop and beats up a man thinking he is Sultan..!
Paddo – Radha are relieve to get the news …of Sultans arrest from Madhu..! Paddo says its by Gods grace n asks her to go to Mandir..n come!
Bittu arrives .. and cop says.. beat the guy up..for troubling RK..! They check the guy and its not Sultan..!
The cop asks guy posing as Sultan why was he running n he says.. he is a fisherman who was scared of cops so ran for out of fear..! RK says.. knew Sultan wont get caught so easy..! RK worries for Madhu n tells Bittu to call Madhu ..!

Part 2

Bittu tells the news that.. Cops din manage to catch Sultan n warns her.. about his anger..! He tells her to reach home! Madhu tells driver to take her home..! Car comes to halt n its Sultan.. in drivers attire..! He says..whats left at home? Came here so darshan!

Madhu shocked! Sultan asks..who can she play this game with him? Madhu tries to run but Sultan grabs her arm n says..cant leave her n go! Madhu bites his hand n runs .. n Sultan chases..! Madhu trips n her hand is hurt n Sultan says..told.. dun run hurt every time she tries to run..she will get hurt..! He says. .din leave anyother way. .! Sultan lifts Madhu up and walks .. She asks to leave her n he says. .NOT THIS TIME!

Madhu asks Sultan to leave her n he puts her on the table! He asks her can she think..he can hurt ther! Madhu says.. whatever .. she thot of him turned wrong! Sultan goes to lock the door n Madhu tries to find a way out! Sultan says .. totally sealed place!
Sultan asks.. she din ask.. how did he play the game? Well easy to get arrested.. .. n says his man.. diverted the cops..!
He says.. reached to her car.. saw driver talking.. she should feed him.. as one hit on her driver n he crashed. ..n then he wore his uniform..!
Madhu is crying! Sultan says.. the man she is sheeding tears for doesnt deserve it..!
Madhu says. .my tears.. my life.. my smile. .my all .. was .. is n will always be RK ..!

Precap — Sultan holds Madhus hand and this hand will never leave her..! He says .. want u to crush RKs heart.. and leave him ..and come to me n be mine! He says..want Madhu to tell RK.. that his Madhu wants divorce from him! Madhu is stunned..!


Update Credit to: Armu4eva

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