Madhubala 2nd September 2013 Written Episode Update


Madhubala 2nd September 2013 Written Episode, Madhubala 2nd September 2013 Written Update

Part 1

Sultan says today two deaths will happen one urs and another ur loves..! My bullet will take ur life and my hands will take Madhu ..! RK says ye hath mujhe de de thakur…holding Madhus life is only my right..! He says.. remember my dialogs..! Sultan says its rea life after actino no time to act.. straight way.. THE END.. pack up and girl with new guy..! RK says THE END..exactly .theres no story after this.. n whatever happens before that..! For now.. the story is girl is with hero and Sultan says u forget Madhu is with me..! RK smirks and says must be duplicate coz original Madhu is with me..! He points to Madhu standing behind Joshi..! Sultan is surprised..RK smirks..Madhu glares at him! Sultan points gun at Madhu .. All scream.. n asks him to lower gun! Sultan says today..

will do anything ..Joshi says. .u cant fire on Madhu n Sultan says this byllet will run on the life that i loved so muich.. n now hate it.. so will end it! RK asks to lower gun..! Madhu waks in front of Sultan n asks to fire n says remember.. whether Madhu dead or alive she will be RKs.. never Sultans..! All are shocked..! Sultan shoots Joshi at the knee and points gun at Madhus forehead and ! Paddo asks if he forgot Madhu saved his life n Sultan says todya she betrayed me. .the girl who i loved.. betrayed me so cant keep her alive for my life..sake! Sultan says if Madhu can put his life in danger for RK then in turn her life is his …so stay away! RK walks forward n Sultan says dare not. n waks out of chalw with Madhu n RK follows among gun fire! Madhu asks Sultan to let her go..! She screams RK ..! Sultan fires at people following n drags Madhu along..! Madhu asks him to leave her.. RK comes n punches Sultan..! He falls on the ground n Rishbala hug..! RK glares at Sultan…! Duo start beatihng each other up..! RK says told to stay away from my wife..! RK keeps punching Sultan..! Sultan fights back..! He picks up his gun and points at RK ..! Madhu is scared..! Sultan says. .now he has to end.. even if its of hate..their bond is formed! Madhu says he swore he wont d oanything to RK.. Sultan says.. told u.. dewana hun bewakuf nahi … n she broke promise! Madhu dare he say so.. is he her hubby he doesnt respect wishes! Sultan says neither she. did! RK has to end! Madhu walks towards Sultan n he says.. bullet will be fired.. but gun wont gbe down..! Madhu grabs the gun and asks him to leave it..! Sultan asks her to move. ! Madhu says throw it n it is thrown away..! Sultan asks MAdhu to leave..! Sultan pushes Madhu away n tears her blouse..! RK fumes..picks up the gun and shoots him ..! Cops and all reach ..! Madhu hugs RK ..! and RK covers her torn blouse ..! RK asks him to lookddown.. Sutlan syas Madhubala n RK says dun take her name. Sultan says cheated me… Sultan says.. she drew me to her.. and says.. Madhu is resposnible for hte fight.. Sultan says.. know that in fights one wins and another wins.. today is his day. n one day will be mine … when he will lose everything.. his love.. his Madhu …! She wont change.. ! RK asks him to looik down n shoots him again..! RK kicks him ..! RK Madhu hug! Sultan says dhoka diya..! He dies..! Madhu watches shocked..! Joshi checks Sultans pulse and says he is dead.. call ambulance..! He says RK has to come to the police station n Madhu says no no. .its not RKs fault he wont go to jail..! Joshi says.. know this is for self defense but for the sake of closing the case.. will have to come.. for paperwork! Madhu is huper n RK says. relax.. all is well ..!

Later in the night Madhu says am fine.. RK is not yet back from police station..! She tells to inform Trish and Roma..! Madh recollects Sultans words…n covers her ears..!

Part 2

RK comes and rests his hand on MAdhus shoulder! Madhu is in tears and asks how .. how Sultan? She says Sultan was a nice guy but dunno ..what happened in one night and his madness kept increasing.! She rues that Sultan fell to such low levels.. dunno how and why! RK says ishq.. ishq ek junoon hota hai. .usi junoon ne mujhe badla.. made me a better person n this ishq changed Sultan for bad.. n his ishq became anger.. n junoon n he wanted to take revenge .. n in this fire Sultan ended himself! Madhu asks if she is the reason? She did something wrong? RK says supporting someone in their bad times.. doesnt mean that u love them.. its about humanity. .about friendship ..! RK says Sultan was mistaken.. and i know that she is feeling bad but what about RK? RK says despite Sultans end am still not in peace..! He says had a deep hate. .and in one second all is over.. all emotions..over.! Madhu hugs RK …! BG- Hum hai dewane.. ! RK says all will be fine.. just for some time this gunshot will reverberate in our lives then all will be well1 Madhu says we will be well .. Madhu says i love u n RK says i love u ..!

Part 3

Radha chides Bittu for not informing her..! Bittu says compulsion n Radha asks what compulsion? Putting Madhu life at stake! Bittu says chief said no to share as RK was sure someone was helping Sultan from family! Radha is shocked n asks who? Joshi says yes… Bittu is right! He glares at Dips! Bittu asks who is it? Joshi says standing in front of her..! All look at Dips n she says what? What crap alelgation? Joshi says her deed is cheap…! Sikky warns Joshi for allegation! He says she is part of Sultans team1 Sikky says she doesnt know Sultan! Joshi asks then why waev Madhus hand in air in chawl? IT was to show to Sultan where Mahdu was..! He asks true or false n Dips says false.. was dancing..! She says Sikky made her dance. . din know Sultan was coming! Joshi says ..why she din ask.. sultan Dead or alive? Dips is quiet n Joshi says her silence is her truth! Madhu says enough Mr. Joshi..!

Precap — RK asks MAdhu to close her eyes.. n Madhu says u ..! RK says yes me.. He puts mangalsutra on Madhu n she smiles..!

Update Credit to: Armu4eva

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