Madhubala 2nd October 2013 Written Episode Update


Madhubala 2nd October 2013 Written Episode, Madhubala 2nd October 2013 Written Update

Part 1

RK pours drinks on the poster of his new movie ‘Shama’ and breaks the bottle..! He recollects Amars taunts and puts the poster on fire! He keeps looking at the burning poster!

Pabho offers milk and fruits to Guruji..! Its thundering outside! Pabho asks if all is well? He replies that yeah and asks if she is happy after meeting her nephew? He says ur still not fully happy! Guruji says i could sense that when i stepped in the house! He says there is something that is not right here! All are shocked! Guruji says na sukh na shanti.. ulje hue se rishte .. nirasha.. ghar ke har kone se sharyant! He says there is one relation that has withstood all exams ! Radha says talking of Rishbala? Pabho says maybe but am worried about Madhu.. please make her kundali..its

good for her.. her family and RK..cant see RK so troubled! Guruji says sure but want date of birth and place..! Radha replies.. Mumbai ..10th January, 1991 2pm..! Guruji confirms the details and says no way..! He says what is name of Madhsu father? Radha says Shamsher Malik..! Guruji says her fathers name? Radha says that is it..! Dips says no…Shamo adopted Madhu..! Dips says Madhus father was that crazy guy whom Madhus mom killed..! Guruji is disturbed..! Radha says dun recollect! Guruji sees Rishbala wedding pic on a table and says she the one ?? Radha says yes! Guruji says Madhu and sees all her past and how all the men in her life have been shot/killed ..! Guruji says Balraj Chaudhary… thats the name of her father..! He says he is from Motihari..! All are shocked!

Dips says he is right..! She asks how did u know? Pabho asks does he know her? Guruji says know her well … every man in her life is going to be destroyed..! Guruji says knew that when she wasnt even born..! Beta hua to tera naam hoga aur beti hui to jaise uska naam hoga. .tu sharam saar hoga..! He says finally he had daughter and what i said ..came true! Dips says he is right ..everything happened like this..only! Dips recounts how Madhu was responsible for Ballus death.. Sultans death.. RK being in jail..! Guruji asks where is this girl? Radha says RK must have called her..! Guruji says this girls every step is for destruction cannot be for peace!

RK is walking on the parapet wall on terrace with drink bottle and recollects Amars words repeatedly ..! He throws the bottle away and recollects heroine being the source of his finance and survival..! He is teary eyed and recollects how Amar said ..maybe he will do what his dad did..kill himself..! RK about to step and Madhu screams no RK .. dont..! RK says its my badluck.. i should pay for this.. why punish u.! Bittu calls RK at the end moment and he receives..! RK asks what does he mean?

Kuku says seems our bahadur sapoot ran off out of fear of imminent destruction..! Sikky talks of taking drink break..! Mehul comes and says sorry for keeping them waiting..! Reporter asks where is RK.. heroine? How long shall we wait? Mehul says wait is for special moments.. Chand to roz nikalta hai.. par jab Eid ho to Chand ki baat hi alag hai…! He says very soon.. heroine is coming in front of u all ..and u all are gonna praise her and say no one can be better than her! Guruji says ..wherever Madhu will go and whoever she will be with …in any form.. he is gonna be destroyed..!

Mehul says her beauty is amazing.. innocent..charming .. spellbinding and she doesnt know herself..! Guruji says she is poison for RK and his family and slowly she will destroy everything! Mehul says she will give life to the industry to RKs production..! Mehul says.. presenting to u …the one…

Part 2

Mehul says .. no names.. see the face! Guruji says that face is the eclipse on RKs life that will ruin RKs fame. .name.. success and life..! We need to stop that destruction! Radha is freaked out..!

Mehul says.. LIGHTS and the dance sequence for heroine introduction starts.. !! Song – Mil gai ..! Madhu comes in a flower shaped structure and has her back to the audience..! The flower petal moves and Madhus face is shown…! Media is excited..! Amar-Kuku-Sikky are shocked..!

RK comes and smiles seeing Madhu ..! Madhu smiles at hime..! RK walks towards Madhu and she towards him! Both are looking at each other and walking around each other..! Madhu leans on RK and both are in RK banner pose..!

Part 3

Guruji says there is only one way.. if thats not done.. RKs end is definite! Guruji says end this relation ..! Pabho says its not possible so easily..! Guruji says ye ladki RK ka ant hai n thats sure..! All are scared! Guruji says what has happened cannot be changed but what will happen can be changed..! Guruji says RK can be saved..! Pabho almost passes out and Radha supports her! Guruji says she is shaken.. once she is ok ..will come! Guruji is about to leave..! Dips asks u were to come to studio? Guruji says once storm passes will come!

Dips smirks that guess Radha-Pabho seem to believe Guruji ..using this can kick Madhu out.. for sure.!

Precap — Mehul says presenting.. Madhubala..! Reporters clap and cheer..! Kuku wonders what has happened..! Sikky says what had to happen has happened.. Bhabhiji khud Maidan me utar aai hai..! Amar says utarne do.. par main RK ko maidan nahi marne dunga!

Update Credit to: Armu4eva

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