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The Episode starts with Madhu firing on Agni. Agni’s hand gets hurt and she screams. RK says wait, let me see. He says don’t shout, it just touched you. Agni scolds Madhu. Dau ji comes and asks what happened. Agni shows her wound and says Madhu shot at me. He is shocked. RK says stop Dau ji, its not Madhu’s mistake, but Bhanu’s. I was awake, Madhu will not kill her, she would have died if I did not turn the gun, so the bullet shot Agni. He says Bhanu loves to play with risks, he gave Madhu the gun, see now what happened. He says Agni would have died because of you. Dau ji asks Bhanu. Bhanu lies to him. RK says you are doing many mistakes these days, be careful.

Dau ji asks Tara to take Agni inside. They leave. Madhu comes in her room. Dida sees her disturbed and says Madhu. Madhu says every

night, they blame me for wrong reason, but I won’t be scared, and I won’t bend infront of anyone. Dida thinks of RK’s words. Madhu asks Dida not to worry. Dida says I m thinking that RK is your biggest enemy, but I m seeing only RK is supporting you, defending you at every step. Madhu says don’t talk about RK, what he did is known to everyone. Dida says I feel he is a puppet of his family, he does what they tell him. He says RK can change, don’t hate him, but try to change him, maybe everything gets fine.

Its morning, Agni cries. Bhanu comes and asks hows your hand. Agni says it was my good fate that I got saved. He laughs and says you show some good ways sometimes. She asks what. He says see what I do today, I will make this night dark and dangerous. They smile. RK and Madhu argue as he holds her hand to bring her to Dida. He asks her to listen to him. Madhu says I don’t want to talk. He says I know I did mistake, hut I can regret. Dida signs Madhu to listen to him and leaves.

RK says every night has a morning, I want you to bring that morning in my life, I know what I did that night, was worst than animals, I was not in my senses, I want you to punish me, I want to regret. You saved my life, whereas I have hurt your soul, forgive me. Madhu leaves. He turns and sees she has gone. RK comes out and asks Bhanu whats this new game. Bhanu says I m uniting the souls of our family, we will have Kal Bhairov puja, and it will be a dark night and Madhu will have to water that Peepal tree all night where the souls meet.

Madhu is shocked. Bhanu says till the water is put on it, the souls will not hurt anyone, else anyone can die. Dau ji says this puja is done in graveyard, not at home. Bhanu says this is city, not our village. RK says do it yourself, why Madhu. Bhanu says I m doing this for Bai ji’s soul peace and only she can do this as she is blamed for Bai ji’s death. Bhanu thinks the night will be very dangerous and smiles.

Its night, RK thinks why does Bhanu want to keep this dangerous puja. Bhanu brings milk shake for RK and asks her to drink it. RK asks are you playing game with me, did you mix anything. Bhanu exhcnages the glass and asks him to drink. RK says I was joking, give my glass back. They again exchange the glasses. Bhanu thinks RK’s bad time has come. RK drinks it and faints. Bhanu says you have only few hours RK, you can’t see your last time. Bhanu smiles seeing him.

He says the night is still there, its going to be very dangerous and you can’t save Madhu here, lets see how Madhu fight with the soul’s tandav. Dida comes to Madhu and gives her strength asking her to believe in Kanha. Agni asks Dida to come with her. Bhanu says come, you can’t stay here. Bhanu asks Madhu to do as he says and water the peepal plant continuously. He makes a border with sindoor and asks her to be inside and not come out till morning. Madhu starts the puja and he leaves smiling. Suddenly winds blow and Madhu sees some shadows passing.

She gets worried and thinks of Bhanu’s words. Dida asks Madhu not to worry and ask the souls not to scare Madhu. Maddhu says there is someone behind you and Dida sees no one. Someone throws a ball. Dida asks Madhu to think of Kanha. Dida falls and Madhu rushes to her. Dida says I told you I will not leave you, this is not souls, I have jaap Mala, this is something else. Madhu sees someone going inside the door and says yes, I saw it having a shadow and going in RK’s room, they tried to scare us and failed, now they are running, but I won’t let them run.

Someone tries to kill Madhu by suffocating her with pillows whereas RK is unconscious.

Update Credit to: Amena

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