Madhubala 29th October 2013 Written Episode Update


Madhubala 29th October 2013 Written Episode, Madhubala 29th October 2013 Written Update

Part 1

RK tells Bittu to arrange other artists so he can shoot with them! He turns and sees Madhu standing and says.. ur back? Ur puja done? Madhu tries to answer and RK says no need to be surprised.. no need to come on set..! He says u rather go ringing the bells on all the temples! He walks off! Madhu cribs! She lies down and falls asleep!

Pabho comes in the room and checks Madhus body temperature..! She covers her with a blanket! Pabho says ur too big .u have beaten me and universe..! Today ur body broke.. tomorrow ur heart..n then all ur relations..and then u will be away from this home..n for RK ..u have to go away from my RK..! She leaves.. Madhu stirs but doesnt open her eyes!

Kuku tells Amar that his life is cold like an ice cube! He says ..the pace at which RK is

shooting..think RKs shoot will be over soon! He says.. seems ur cold like the fire ..RK doused..! Kuku says. diwali belongs to one.. who creates loudest noise. .n i have broken someone from RKs team ..! He says… chandi ki chappal pade to gunga bhi bol pade! He says.. in an action scene.. the villain will break RKs bones!

Madhu wakes up and looks at the time. .its 6pm ..! Madhu rues that she was asleep whole day! She finds RK gone ..! She recollects RKs harsh words to her from past few days! Madhu asks Bappa if RK doesnt care for her ?? She rues that only wanted peace at home but seems all are upset with me..! She wonders if her horoscope is not right.. she says am breaking from within. .dunno what to do? She recollects Pabhos words!

Servant shows Madhu a mala.. n Madhu asks its of Pabho..she was here? He says yes..came in the morning ..while u were asleep..! She recollects all the incidents..with Pabho ..and is shocked..! She says. .all this to separate us (aka Rishbala) .? Why? Madhu swears that wont let this happen ..! Pabho chides Radha for running around n asks to rest..! She says i will handle! She rues that in this age also we have to work.. coz Madhu is busy with film ..she cant do work at home! She asks Radha to rest!

Part 2

Dips praises Pabho for her politics..! Pabho says first learn that..we have to the time of work! Lights go off..! They come into the hall ..n find Madhu sitting near a havankund…! Both are shocked! Pabho asks what is she doing here ?? Madhu says.. thot to think with u to end my horoscope problem..! She reminds ..the elements. .n says ..turn is AGNI …!! Pabho says cant do two nivarans on same day..! Madhu asks why? Guruji said? ?

Part 3

Madhu says my Guruji said.. i have to do this nivaran at all costs..! Madhu says he told to extend hand infront of fire.. n it will end all bad in the horoscope! Pabho says surely..!! Madhu says… most important thing is that till RKs mom supports me..! Radha is sick.. so only Pabho can support! Pabho says.. no way all this is crap..!! She turns to leave n Madhu stops her..!

Precap —- Pabho says u wont be able to prove anything.. better douse this fire .. or u r all will be burnt out! RK is ur hubby .. n if he has to choose.. he will choose being a son..! Amar tells the villain to give him good news of injuring RK!

Update Credit to: Armu4eva

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