Madhubala 29th May 2013 Written Episode Update


Madhubala 29th May 2013 Written Episode, Madhubala 29th May 2013 Written Update

Part 1

As Sultan is about to reach out to Madhu, RK speaks out that Madhu has forgotten something at home! Sultan is shocked to see RK and hides behind the tree! Madhu smiles hearing RKs voice n turns n says RK?? RK smiles at her..! Madhu asks him what he is doing there? RK smiles at her! The kids start screaming his name and rush to him! Madhu says..’Tum to gaye’ RK asks ‘Kyun aisa kya girne wala hai?’! RK smiles at her n then greets the kids..! Sultan sees Madhu standing aside n is about to walk to her when she walks away..! RK is busy shaking hands with the kids .. ! Sultan sees there is a call on his moby and its Paddo.. n he informs her.. RK is there n so he could not talk n that he will wait n find chance to talk to her! A kid tells RK that he saw RKs movie Qayanat.. n he liked

it! The NGO supervisor greets him n says.. happy to see u here! RK says..lets increase the happiness n calls out to the driver and gives a cheque to the NGO . .n he calls Radha.. but Radha says. .Madhu ..u give! Madhu joins hand with RK n give a cheque of Two Lakhs 38 thousand Six Hundred n One rupees..! They says its from Madhubala family ..n big wishes too! The NGO supervisor thanks her!

Sikky asks Dips if she will give the saree n all to Madhu n she says. not a servant..she will see herself! We love u.. n RK says.. me too..! Madhu tells RK that he had asked her what gift she wants. .well she wants them to come to her wedding ! RK says.. Chintus n Chintikas.. all of u are invited to our wedding on 31st May. .wanna come n they scream yes..! Rishbala turn to leave …! Madhu tells Radha to go with RK .. n she wil come after shopping..! RK says.. she will come with him .. n they will go shop..together..! Madhu says..his fans wont let her shop..! Radha asks RK to jatao all haq..coz they wont meet after haldi..! Madhu says.. lets see. .n they walk off..! Sultan fumes..!

Dips chides a servant ..for almost ruiing her dress! Bittu comes and says.. such a simple dress.. if its spoilt who cares. it Rishbala wedding. .if people take eyes off them only then they will see! Bittu call Mangesh.. to call phul wala..! Dips tells Bittu that he is smiling too much.. hope they wont get addictd to it..! Dips reminds Bittu that.. RK Madhu wedding is too but wedding hasnt happened yet.. remember that!

Madhu is stiching button on RKs sherwani n she chides him.. for not telling from before..! RK asks why din tell before? RK says..then cant see u this way..! Madhu asks when willshe get ready.. n RK suggsets to wear bathrobe n as such after haldi. .she wont have to wear all this.. n that he will accompany her! Madhu asks RK who will pick up.. stuff on the bed. .n RK says. .no need.. n closes in on Madhu for a hug..! Madhu is shy .. n eyelock.! Madhu tells RK that she is going to get ready n till she returns.. the room has to be clean..! RK gives Madhu the yellow hanky n makes her put it in his pocket..! Madhu puts n goes to get ready..! RK removes one of Madhus ear ring..! Radha comes complaining that they r not ready? RK says. .m ready.dunno where her bahu is! Madhu says. .ready. only jewellery left..! Madhu goes to put her jewllery! RK asks MAdhu to get ready fast..! Madhu is looking for other ear ring. .n RK finds it for her n puts on her ears..! Madhu asks RK ..if he wil lmiss her lots? RK says.. he will miss only when she is far.. coz.. they will have only dhai foot fasla between them! Madhu says..he wont come in the bedroom he will lose bet! RK says..

Jo dekhte the hume harane ke sapne. .woh khud jhuke.. aur chale aaye apne ghutno pe..

Madhu says..we will see. n leaves from there!

Rishbala walk arm in arm.. to the ceremony n all admire..them..! RK takes a bit of haldi n is about to put on Madhu when she screams to Radha.. n she comes n Madhu tells all! Radha chides RK n asks Bittu to take RK away from Madhu! She takes Madhu along with her…! Dips fumes seeing them… n grinds her teeth..! RK keeps drooling on Madhu .. from across n she drool on him too..! Madhu asks Radha to keep her phone..! Radhas phone rings n she tells someone a bout Haldi rasam starting..! A servant asks about Haldi n Radha starts to mix the haldi.. ! Radhas phone rings n she asks Sikky to receive .. n Radha asks Sikky to tell him delivery to come next day . Sikky says..its beautician .. n Radha tell to come next day afternoon! Sikky offers to help more n Radha asks him to assist guests..!

RK-Madhu are sitting across the candle stand n eyelocks..! All start clicking pics.. ! RK tries to close in on Madhu n she keeps going away..!

Part 2

Madhu asks Bittu to tell his chief n RK completes that. .today he will win the bet! Madhu says really? RK closes in n extends his hand to apply haldi on Madhu n Madhu calls to Radha n he turns back quickly! Radha chides RK .. ! Madhu tells RK .. ‘Hone wale pati .. ‘ round 1 is won by Madhubala .. n RK lost..! Radha tells the guests that its haldi today .. n wedding next day. in evening! The guests ask about temple visit! Radha says yes they will go for temple visit n Madhu will be at home! Dips asks why? Guest says..since Madhu is staying here thats custom. for boys side!

Sikky is on the phone n tells jeweler to ensure delivery next day! He sees Madhus moby too n gets confused.. between her n Radhas moby!

Radha tells Madhu that she will apply a lot of Haldi on her.. for a mom n for a mom in law..! Radha is in tears… and Madhu tells her that if she cries…she will cry too! RK watches the duo.. ! Radha kisses Madhu on the head..!

Part 3

Radha applies Haldi on RK n is crying! RK asks her to keep crying as he wont cry.. n he says..he isnt stopping her coz these are tears of happiness! Madhu smiles seeing them! Guests too apply haldi on her! RK tells Madhu ..that.. fine .. Round 2 … Madhubala..! Rishabla smile at each other!

Precap —- Dips tells Madhu to not expect a blessing of a happily married life.. n Madhu says. even if she had not said. .she doesnt expect that from Dips..! Dips that case.. can deffo curse.. so … (while applying Haldi on Madhu) … Sada Dukhi rehna…!…

Update Credit to: Armu4eva

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