Madhubala 29th March 2014 Written Episode Update

Madhubala 29th March 2014 Written Episode, Madhubala 29th March 2014 Written Update

Part 1

AK comes to meet Madhu and says have something urgent to tell Madhu n Lela says cant see her before wedding..!

AK-Madhu turn their backs on each other and discuss something but not spoken out loud

Madhu says divided over happiness and tradition ..what to do?

Madhu says am leaving the decision of mhy life on u …and drops Mopu on floor with Haan yah Naa written ..and it falls on No ..but Lela blows air on it to fall on Haan ..! Madhu opens eyes and sees it..!

The mehendi ceremony is on .. Sweetie puts Mehendi on Madhus hand .. BG-Mehendi hai rachne wali..and all are dancing including Madhu

Lela prays to Krishna Bhagwan n requests him to bless Sweetie with same fortune..! Suddenly the diya at Krishnas feet starts to waiver ..

Bebe and Dolly

notice ..the kalash at the mandap broken and worry about it being bad omen..! Bebe says Tamanna says lemme handle the wedding preps..!

Pam wonders what is up with Tamanna? She taps on Tamannas shoulder and she asks what u looking at? Pam says waqt badalte dekh rahi hun ..ek woh tamanna thi jo karoron ki tamanna rakhti thi aur ek ye hai jo hazaro ki tip ki tamanna rakhti hai..! Tamanna taunts her saying.. u may need tips coz ur son gonna get married..

Suddenly storms start blowing and Lela says guess u were born in a handi.. n hence rainy season … and sees her mehendi filled hands n says.. lovely .. ur inlaws will love u..! Sweetie says AK has sent lehenga of 5 lacs ..

Bebe blesses AK .. n says ur dad should have done all this but. .n cries n AK reassures her ..

Tamanna brings sehra and Bebe puts on AK ..!

Bebe asks about bride and Annie says Dolly has gone to bring them here!

Part 2

AK tells his dad in the pic that gonna avenge u … from today every pain that Madhu is in .. is gonna give u peace.. and Madhu prays for happiness and AK says will drive happiness away from Madhu forever..!

The wedding is on … Madhu is in the mandap and AK comes ..Wedding proceedings begin ..!

Pandit asks about who will do kanyadan and Bebe tells Titu and Dolly … and Titu does the kanyadan …! Pandit asks Madhu about her dads name n she says … Devki Nandan ..Lela does the gathbandhan ..Wedding is completed..

Part 3

Pandit asks to put mangalsutra and he does slowly n Ayesha asks asleep? He puts it..

Pandit tells to put sindoor n he does..

The bride and groom are about to enter the house and Bebe looks for aarti thal n AK says.. i will do the aarti ..All are shocked..!AK does aarti of Madhu n the groom .. all watch shell shocked ..

AK asks how did u like my surprise? AK asks the groom to show his face … n says ‘zara hum bhi to dekhe ke pyaare kanha ne.. iske kismat ki dor kiske hath me di hai’VDs character shows his face with a smile and AK is shocked…

Precap — Madhu opens the door to her room and sees (VDs char) playing with toys..! She is shocked..!

Update Credit to: Armu4eva

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  1. Hey guys wat iz VD’s character….

    1. I guess thy meant Vivian dsena

  2. what bakwas serial it has became not at all interesting

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