Madhubala 29th July 2013 Written Episode Update

Madhubala 29th July 2013 Written Episode, Madhubala 29th July 2013 Written Update

Part 1

Sultan tells Madhu that he wanted RK to shoot him coz he wanted to show her.. that there is no diff between RK and Sultan n that she saw na? RK became animal…killing a person..! He says.. knew that RK would burn.. his arrogance.. pride.. his life.. his happiness all..! Madhu says…she saw his body..his face.. with her own eyes! Sultan says.. money.. people can do anything for money n here only lie is to be kept alive..! Sultan says.. RKs half madness coz of his wealth. that give him all and take everything away from him as well..! Flashback shown where Sultan is in car. .its rainin n he bribes the senior cop! Sultan says..what did they think? Sultan lost? is dead? But Sultan.. every moment.. was tying them up in ropes to make them dance.. like puppet.. ! Sultan says.. said..cant deceit

death but did it.. for her n for RK n for the world! Sultan says..then this game began.. ropse were pulled..! Sultan says.. brought Shivdutt.. made him talk of bribe.. n got her trapped.. to break RKs case..! Madhu is stunned..!

Sultan says.. every chal ..dhoka.. every hurt.. every tear of RK .. he is behind it all ..! Madhu asks why? Sultan says for her.. all this game make her his… ! Madhu falls quiet..! Sultna ask her heart.. that has she been able to live with RK in peace after that night? No coz he din want..! Sultan says.. RK doesnt love her more than him n asks her to be away from RK and think of him .. only him..! Sultan says..think! Madhu says..thot.. thot that.. how can she not recoginse a person like him? Madhu says.. thot someone can stoop so low.. thot..that have so much hate for him n how much it will increase! Madhu says. .. Meeras heart will break when she finds out the truth…! Madhu asks..what will happen to Aryan who thinks he is his hero! Madhu says one more thing.. he wanted to .. separte Rishabal. oath on that love..wil lfight. .so mcuh.. that.. even death wont separate Rishbala..! Madhu sheds a tear..!

Sultan says..she has lost hte case.. n she is fighting a weak case..! RK shot hism ..she wanted to bribe Shivdutt..! Sultan says .. RK is charged with death..! Madhu says..what death? He is alive before her! Sultan says. .befoer her. not the world.. ! HE says .died for her. .n alive for her only.. not for others..! Sultan asks.waht thot is she in that she wil lteall sultajn is alive? Madhu asks done? Madhu syas.. not wanna see ur face.. ! Madhu says.. Sultan is alive but dead for her .. forever.! Madhu turns to leave n
Sultan holds her arm and turns her around n pulls her towards him …!He says.. look at me.. ur Sultan is back.. and says I LOVE U MADHU ..! Madhu tries to push him away but Sultan keeps closing in! Finally Madhu pushes him off and turns n sees ..he is gone! Madhu is sweating..!

Madhu is at the police station .. and tells the Jnr Cop .. Joshi ..that Sultan is alive..! She says .. she just returned after talking to him! Cop asks..

Sultan says.. weird world. .no faith in alive people. n faith in dead! Sultan asks.ready to hear the deal? Sutlan says.. star moon and HER ..!

Part 2

Sultan says all this suits RK ..! He tyells Madhu that she will come to meet him . at fisherman colony n says to wera something yello9w.. as it looks good on her..! He says..when she comes should have smile as his life lights up seeing her smile! He says. .missed the smile ..! Sultan says..wil lmeet tomorrow and cuts the call ..!

Madhu says.. tomorrow she will have a smile. .but of his destruction ..and that tomorrow in front of the world.. Sultans true face will be revealed n its promise of Madhubala Rishabh Kundra..!

Part 3

Next day morning, Madhu is combing her hair..! She is wearing yellow.. and recollects RKs words.. how she looks like his private sunshine in yellow! She recollects Sultans words! Paddo comes there n asks..if she is scared? She says ..if she doesnt wanna go. .its oik! Madhu syas. its about RKs life.. n there is no more impo than that! MAdh usays..should see Sultan he has suddenly become something else..! She says. .lost faith in ability to identify a person! She says.. remember.. first time she talked of Sultan n PAddo asked her to keep off n not forge a bonmd! She regrets. .of not having listened toher..! Sh e says then this Sutlan amed eclipse wont have been on her family n RK! PAddo says. i nlove when someone breaks faith ..crime is of the person breaking the faith ..! She says. .someone people fly high in love .n some stoop low n some make love fall low n sultan is like that! PAddo says. .is tno about Sultan! Madh usays is about RK .. her love! PAddo says dun udnerstand her fight ot her ways… but know that…whatever she is for her love..! She says.. its fight of her selfrespsect .. n so she wont lose.. she will win..! Paddo asks MAdhu to leave n bring RK back..!

Paddo n Madhu repeat the chant.. Hauslo se veer ho…! The mom-daughter hug..!

Precap — Madhu is walking in the fisher men colony n Sultan looks at her..! He is in all balack pathani…! HE is about to tap on Madhus shoulder.. when she nods at a cop ..and Sultan sees! He hides behind a fishermans net! Madhu turns n sees Sultan n screams.. ! All cops rush to catch Sultan but Sultan covers his face n runs! RK is surprised to hear that Sultan is caught..!


Update Credit to: Armu4eva

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