Madhubala 29th January 2013 Written Episode Update


Madhubala 29th January 2013 Written Episode, Madhubala 29th January 2013 Written Update

RK says I am fine and says that you should not have been here as your mother needs you. Madhu says that why are you saying like this, did I did anything wrong. RK looks down. RK says its nothing like that. He says that I will tell Bittu ji to call the lawyer. Madhu says that the lawyer has came. She says that Why are you talking to me like this. Radha ji comes. RK tells madhu to leave as your family needs you more. Madhu hesitates and looks confused. Radha ji says that I am taking RK home so you go to your Family. RK insisits too. Madhu leaving. RK looks at her. Madhu turns, RK looks down.

Trishna tells Radha ji to speak. Shamo comes and takes her outside and yells at her that the more you will cry it will remind of us that you are behind all this. He says that you just stay here. Madhu says that you knew everything and still you were quite. You knew what he did with us so how can you stay quite. Trishna says that how could I tell everyone as it was my dream. Madhu says that your dream was more important then us. Trishna says that its not liek this. Madhu says that its all your mistake. Trish says that he was the one who came, not me. Madhu says that It was not your mistake as he found us, but your mistake was hiding all this. Trish says if its all my mistake then what about RK. Madhu says that what are you saying. Trish says that RK was the one who bought Ballu back in our lifes. Madhu has flashback of ballu being in the vaniety. Trish says that he was the one who was launching me in films and ballu was the producer. She says that think once that it could be all planned as he bought ballu back and he was the one who wanted to make pado and shamo married, it could be a big plan. Buttu ji says that its nothing like this we didnt knew this. Trish says that a producer you didnt even bothered about knwoing his idenity. She again tells madhu to think. Madhu leaves.

RK thinking about what happened and drinking. Madhu comes. RK looks down. Madhu comes and RK says you should not be here. She tells her that we need to talk and just look at me. Madhu says that did you tell ballu to produce Trish film and you hided this from me. RK says that I wanted to make everything perfect in trishna’s life and I hided this from you as you would not feel good. He said my intensions were not bad. He says that I cant even tell you…Madhu says that you are feeling guilty and thats why you are not looking at me. RK says that I dont knwo how to say sorry to you. Madhu says that whoch sorry, about what. Madhu says that you didnt knew anything about ballu. So how can you blame yourself. She says that he had to come here and we cannot deny that. “Hum hai deewane” RK finally wipes Madhu’s tears. RK says that whether you will leave me for this thing. MAdhu says no. RK says that I was very scared that for this thing you would leave me. Madhu says to keep quite. RK says that today in phone when you said my name. Madhu says that I was not scared as you told me that you will come so you had to comes. She thanks him a scoz of him she is all fine. “Hum hai deewane” Rishbala HUG.

Part 2

RK says you the hell was saving you. I am selfish as I was saving myself as if something had happened to you how will I live. Rk says that I wished Ballu died from my hands , as how dare he said that he will kill you.Bittu ji comes and says that tomm morning they have to reach the court. RK says ok. Bittu ji leaves. RK ask madhu whether Pado was able to speak up or not. Madhu nodes no. RK says that he hopes that she is able to speak tomm as she needs to explain everything.

Part 3

Outside the court the media is present. The reporter says that today is the case of superstar RK’s mother in law. On the other hand RK-BIWI coming with radha ji. Madhu tolding RK’s hand. The media surrounds RK and madhu. They ask what you have to say about it. Non of them answers just then bittu ji comes and says that he had already issued a press statement on RK’s behalf. They all proceed. Pado comes and everyone looking at her. Shamo, trish are present. The media questions her but she remains mum.

Precap: The lawyer ask Pado to speak But she remains quite.

Update Credit to: Dimple

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