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Madhubala 28th July 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Tara telling Dau ji that her anklet and earrings are gone even today. Agni asks why are you seeing me like this and starts crying as she is calling her a thief. She asks Tara to check her luggage. Dau ji shouts Tara. Agni takes Tara and says Dau ji I will make her check it. Madhu gets Rs 700 in RK’s pocket and says where did he get this from. RK comes and she asks him about it. RK says he can’t lie to her and says he has earned this by driving taxi. She says it means you did not sleep. He says no, I slept for three hours. He says the taxi is of the mechanic and they will share the fare into half. She asks him to take care of his health and not drive taxi. Bittu calls RK and he leaves.

Madhu asks Kanha not to test her love like this. Agni shows all her clothes and belongings

to Tara asking her to check everything. Tara asks her not to do this drama and think being on her space, who dared to do this, go and find that person. Agni says who is it who is coming in our house, I will be awake all night and see who is doing this. Its night, Leela asks Bittu about his earnings and is annoyed with less amount, while Madhu is happy. Hum hai tere deewane……………plays as she hugs him. The days passes and the amount increases. Leela is glad. Its morning, RK meets the mechanic and says I have to introduce you to some party. RK tells this to Madhu and says he can get late, so take care. She hugs him and says you too, all the best. He leaves.

RK comes for the meeting and sees the drama going on, between a couple, where the guy does not have money to celebrate his GF’s birthday. RK thinks about Madhu’s. He hears the director scolding the man saying my artist can’t jump in fire. RK says if you say, can I do this. The director says its very tough, you can’t do this. RK says I did this many times, I need money, I can take any risk. RK goes to costume room to change. He comes for the scene and its fire everywhere. RK does the scene well. The director says great, go to auditor and take the money by showing card. RK says I don’t have card.

The man says then it’s a big problem, its illegal. RK says I worked honestly, please give me money, don’t do this. The man says ok and asks his staff man to give Rs 10000 to RK.

Madhu asks Leela to bring Dida back as its her birthday. Leela says she is in camp and they will not send her back. Madhu says I have always celebrated it with her. Leela says this time you celebrate with RK. Madhu says no, I won’t, to save money. RK brings a single bed and says you will sleep on this bed and I will sleep on the floor, I did not had money to buy double bed. Leela thinks they don’t have money to pay rent, how did they get money to buy a bed. Tara is unable to sleep at night, and says I will be awake and find out who is stealing my jewellery. RK spreads a bedsheet on the bed. Madhu laughs and claps. He says wait, let the time come. She says him to say where did he go leaving the garage.

He says I will say when the time comes. Leela comes to Bittu with the accounts register and you earned Rs. 1500 by now, then how did he buy the bed. Bittu says pardon me, please I don’t want to get into this. Leela says I know the one who boasts about being honest, is always dishonest. She says he is cheating you. He puts cotton in his ears. She says I will find it how he got the bed. The same man comes to Tara to take off her anklet. Tara is awake and aims a gun at him, asking who is he, show me your face else I will shoot you. She counts and opens the light.

She is shocked to see its Bhanu. He smiles seeing her. He says great, you became bold when I was away, come on shoot me. She says you are my husband and came in my room like thief and stole my jewellery, why. He says because of your dad, I lost my cheque book while running from police, money ended, but from now on, you will become my cheque book, get money for me from the bank and give me. Tara says before she calls Dau ji and he kills him, just go. He is about to slap her and she holds his hand. She says don’t test my patience, I won’t bear your torture, if you beat me, I will call police.

He says I wanted you to become more bold and smart than Agni, and see you are better than her now. He says a wife does not have any meaning without husband, keep me with you for few days, forgive me, I don’t have anyone except you. She asks him to leave. He says no, I won’t go, you shoot me, wipe the sindoor and break the bangles. She drops the gun and cries. She hugs him and he smiles fooling her. He says you love me and asking me to go, now I have come and will make everything fine.

RK brings Madhu to give her a surprise. She sees the birthday cake and the decorations. She smiles happily. He says happy birthday Rani.

Madhu and RK dance and the BG plays Ishq tu hi hai mera……………. Madhu says this is my life’s best birthday.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. pls pls Dont kill paru in RANGRASIYA etha enala thagave mudiyala

  2. Wait ..i see this series once a while..can anyone tell me how did madhu get pregnant cuz raja and madhu had no relationship ,,right

    1. He raped her hello didn’t you see it

  3. but the story is going really fine now im so happy that madhu and raja are together and raja might be a superstar

    1. LOL! Iknow i’m missing RK (Risabh kundra) real bad! 🙁

  4. plz don’t end

  5. realstar is back

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