Madhubala 28th January 2013 Written Episode Update


Madhubala 28th January 2013 Written Episode, Madhubala 28th January 2013 Written Update

Part 1

Police comes. Ballu Gunpoints Madhu. Madhu screems RK, RK tells Ballu to leave Madhu. Pado screems not to do anything. Ballu smiles. A noise of gunshot comes. Blood coming from Madhus head. Trishna screams Madhu. RK and everyone shocked. Madhu shocked too. Then she realizes its ballu who got shot and ballu slowly leaving madhu. Everyone shocked to see Ballu shot. RK stares at Madhu. Madhu all scared. then Ballu turns and Pado is revealed. Ballu died. Shamo gets happy. Everyone looks at Pado.

Scene shifts to Police station. Pado arrested for shooting ballu. RK Madhu and everyone comes behind. Trishna and madhu crys and says not to do this. Shamo tells the police men that you were present there and you knew everything how all this happened. Radha defends too. Police men says that he understands but right now he has to do this. RK calls bittu ji to call the lawyer. RK tells madhu to relax. Pado says let them do what they are doing.
Rk is not feeling good. Madhu is scared and tells what happened. RK tells her nothing and tells to leave as they need her right now. Madhu leaves. RK again about to faint Radha comes and holds him, bittu ji comes too. RK tells we will go to the hospital but no one will tell madhu. RK in car unconcious. They leave for hospital.
Shamo gives his words to police what happened. Roma comes and tells pado to say something.
Bittu ji talking on phone, Madhu is scared and says you guys lied to me where is RK. Bittu ji says that nothing serious its just a small injury. Madhu restless. Shamo tells her to go to RK as he needs her. Madhu leaves.

RK in hospital room. Madhu comes and is so restless about RK, Radha ji slaps her and says that he was not able to breath properly thats why docs have given him oxygen. Madhu says are you saying the truth na, he will be fine na. Radha ji says that we all are with him nothing will happen. Radha ji and Madhu sits. Radha ji tells her to say that prayer. Madhu says. Radha says nothing will happen to my son and your husband. She ask about Pado.

The lawyer tells pado to do what he is saying. He tells that our case is very strong. Pado not responding. Trishna tells her to speak, but she is not answering. Lawyer comes out and tells bittu ji that we can win this case but for that she has to speak and she is not even speaking. Roma says that person just killed a person so how can she be normal. Lawyer leaves and tells bittu ji to call him when she is able to speak.

Part 2

In hospital, Radha ji says that she will be normal as its just a shock for her. Nurse comes and tells to come with her to do some formalities. Radha goes. Madhu comes inside the room. RK sleeping. Madhu crying and puts her hand on his forhead. RK hands move and he wakes up. RK ask Madhu you here. Madhu comes sit with RK. RK stares her and about to wipe her tears “Hum hai deewane” but stops. Madhu shocked

Part 3

RK ask why you here. Madhu says that you were in such a condition how can I leave you and you didnt even told me, RK says that you should not have been here as your other needs you. Madhu says that why are you saying like this, did I did anything wrong. RK looks down.

Precap: Madhu screaming at Trishna that coz of you Pado did all this as he was your producer. Bittu ji also present. Trish says that before saying anything to me just ask your husband first as he was making me launch in the film, he bought Ballu into our lifes as a producer. She says that ask him, as this could be a plan also to destroy us.
Madhu ask RK you bought ballu as a producer for Trish film. RK not able to say anything.

Update Credit to: Dimple

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