Madhubala 28th February 2014 Written Episode Update


Madhubala 28th February 2014 Written Episode, Madhubala 28th February 2014 Written Update

Part 1

Media wonder what the matter is? AK says.. will live my life from henceforth and spend time with my family …!

AK says have decided to end my film career here..! AK says.. u got ur headlines.. Abhay Kapoor Quits Acting! All are shocked..!

Madhu is worried about her job and Radhas treatment!

Media ask why all of a sudden?

AK says .. this superstardom was a burden .. n am relieved without it..! This was my dream but no more…!

Pam and Annie are surprised..!

AK says… ‘Aab mujhe sapne nahi ..apno ki zarurat hai’

Annie says. .so AK considers us our own..! She is touched..!

Pam asks Annie if she believes AK for real? She says yes! Pam says..AK is an actor … right from childhood..! She instigates Annie saying AK is doing all this for PR! Annie is shocked!

AK gets up and leaves and Madhu and media all try to reach him…

Pam swears to fix this mess! She instigates Bebe saying ..AK has broken ur trust.. and quit acting..! She makes Bebe watch the news and she is shocked..!

Pam keeps instigating Bebe saying.. ur own blood ..has failed u today..! Before throwing dirt on others.. notice ur hand get dirty too!

Bebe falls down ..and Annie-Pam rush to her.. call doc..!

Lela corners Madhu n asks for advance..! She says…culdn ask..! Lela taunts Madhu .. how she is blowing up ..eating for free..!

Lela throws Madhu out saying. .either pay up or stay out..!

Doc informs.. ..Bebe had heart attack… ! AK tries to convince Bebe .. but she turns her back on him ..!

AK says.. dads life was price of my stardom .. so din want it anymore..!

Part 2

Bebe says … all is over.. ! My time has come..!

AK asks her to rest

Bebe tells AK to get married… ! All are shocked!

Part 3

AK agrees..! Pam is in shock ..!

Pam fumes on Nikhil – Annie …

AK goes to meet Pam ..

Precap —- Pam says have done drama all this while.. and now we need to stop this marriage drama.. .! She turns and finds AK standing glaring at her..!

Update Credit to: Armu4eva

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