Madhubala 27th May 2013 Written Episode Update


Madhubala 27th May 2013 Written Episode, Madhubala 27th May 2013 Written Update

Part 1

RK asks when will she trust that he is not the old shaqi RK . .n that he trusts her. .n their love n that she has forgiven him..! RK says.. he isnt saying just for the sake of saying but that he believes her from his heart! Madhu is in tears . .n RK wipes them n says.. tell them they will be in trouble if they shed again! RK says.. if Salman Khan was on phone.he would have reacted in same manner in that moment! RK says.. the new RK hates Madhus tears jsut as much as old RK ! Madhu says she has seen tears in his eyes for her.. n says..she was close to his heart so he cant hide them! RK says..cant n dun want to as she has right.. to see them! RK get love from him .. n that its only his HAQ to love her so much not even her friend Sultan! Madhu says..he is just a friend ..! RK says..

how weird.. if someone like him is so dashing n handu. .why has he gotten such a dumb wife..! Madhu tries to hit him n RK remidns of mehendi n runs off calling her.. meri Silly Billi ..! Madhu shouts .. STUIPID!

Radha asks RK ..why is he smiling so much..! RK says.. no secret.. can lauf normally! Radha says.. something is cooking in ur mind..! RK comes to his room n Madhu scares him n sees RAdah n feels shy1 She asks her to watch her mehendi..! Radha makes her ist. .n puts oil on Madhus hand..! Radha says.. jus twant Mehendi to color deep.. as its said.. hubby s love increases more..! RK comes after changing n says good nite.. now make love story to saas bahu ..! radha asks what Madhu wants as gift n RK says.. got ur diamond like son..need nothing more n Madhu n Radha says CHUP..! RK covers his face! Madhu says. .need all ur jewellery.. all real ones..! RK says. not bad. .Biwi.. big hand..! Madhu says..she will consider as Ashirwad n will tell rest next morning! RK tells Radha.. time over.. n asks Madhu to cry all at once n sleep! Radha says..he is sending her off. .but will see next day ..after haldi when they wont be able to see each other..! Radha leaves! RK asks Madhu .. if Radha is right. .?? Madhu says yes! RK says.. dun believe n Madhu says.. they are getting married with full rituals.. so wont see after haldi! RK walks to couch n says..saving myself from mehendi! Radha says.. rehearsing? RK says.. hate the smell of mehendi but love ur face.. which will see after haldi..! RK gives challenge.. that will apply haldi on Madhu .. n so she wont keep away n Madhu says.. n vice versa if he loses.. ! Both wish each other good luck!

Next day morning.. Paddo opens her door n sees headlines in paper about RK-Madhu mehendi..! Trsh asks her the matter n Paddo shows the newspaper.. n Trish smiles n says Madhu looks so pretty! Paddo panics and says.. they will feel pity ..seeing Madhus condition ..! She rues that she had hoped from Sultan.. but.. ! Right then phone rings and its Radha..! She says.. that she knows Paddo cant bless this wedding. .n that her fear is justified.. but if she could have seen Rishbala the MEhendi night her stroubles n doubts would have been addressed! Radha asks if a daughters mother will come to apply Mehendi on her daughter? Paddo says no! Radha says.. no probs n that she will keep Paddo apprised of every day developments..! Radha tells Paddo that there is no fights or revenge between Rishabla this time! Paddo is in tears n cuts the call ..! Trish asks Paddo not to worry and that all will be well..!

RK wakes up and is holding his neck..! He sees Madhu sleeping and kisses her hand.. Madhu asks him to see her as much as he wants as today he is gonna lose the bet..! RK gets down on his knees n removes Madhus blanket n says.. RK has lost only his heart..! Madhu tells RK that he did everything for her..what will he do today? RK says his agenda is to beat her..! RK says.. its for sure.. he will beat her n wont come near her her mehendi smell can send someone to coma! Madhu throws pillow at RK and he runs off.. !

The wedding card of Rishbala comes .. n Sikky smells and says. .so sweet.. n cute.. n says.. he only wants to offer the first card to God..! Sikky keeps the card in front of God..! Sikky rues that.. till date he has asked nothing more than for himself.. but today.. he wants.. blessing for RK-Madhus ghodi err jodi..! May their wedding be grand..! Sikky self thot that please ensure they dun have to leave home.! Sikky screams.. Ganpati Bappa Morya! Radha says thanks to Sikky …! There is ring on the landline..and Radha goes to receive..! She is talking to guest n informoing about Haldi .. of Rishbala! Madhu tells Radha that she must have done something good to get Radha.. n her love..! Radha says..she too must have done some good deed that she has come in RKs life! Radha checks Madhus mehendi and smiles..!

Part 2

Radha says.. mehendi is beautiful..! She says that no matter how much RK troubles Madhu he loves her deeply! Madhu blushes..! She asks Radha if she has not changed her mind to give her gift? Radha says .. not at all! Madhu asks Radha to come with her..!

Sultan is in th godown.. n fumes recollecting RKs invite to Rishbala wedding..! His cell rings ..its Paddo..! Paddo asks Sultan why he has not talked to Madhu yet? She says ..its Madhus haldi . .n then wedding..! Sultan says..he tried but ..! Paddo says.. he is her last hope n he has to do something or RK ..!! Sultan assures that he has committed so he will fulfill his promise n talk to Madhu at all cost..!

Part 3

Radha looks around and wonders where they are going? Madhu is about to answer when her cell rings ..its Sultan.. he says he need to meet her n talk about something urgently! Madhu tells Sultan she will talk in a while ..! Driver asks location n Madhu says Borivali west! Radha asks where? Madhu says..she is acting like a kid.. n she is taking her .. so shussh..! Sultan tells his assistant that a car has started from RK mansion .. n asks to track it..!

Precap —- Sikky tells Dips that Yellow is the theme.. n tells Yellow Yellow sweet Fellow! Dips says..she doesnt care..! Sikky does.. she does or she wont be trying her all to show it RED signal ..! Dips asks Sikky to shut up n let her think as to what to do to turn this bright yellow theme to dark black..!

Update Credit to: Armu4eva

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